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Profile of the Light Millennium-2007
***Celebrating the 7th Anniversary with multi-participations from walks of life globally...***
*** This is a global multi-media alternative platform for ALL for Greatness in Humanity...***

Introduced on the Web in August 1999, accomplished its first e-publication in January 2000, incorporated on July 11, 2001, and granted "tax exempt" status effective on July 11, 2001.
8th Year since its Introductory Issue

The Light Millennium has become associated with the Department of Public Information of the United Nations effective as of December 12, 2005.


Light Millennium is built on the first article of the United States Bill of Rights: Freedom of Speech, in conjunction with the Universal Human Rights Article #19, on Freedom of Expression.  It invites citizens of the world to submit, in an appropriate artistic medium, ideas and experiences that will help foster better understanding and connections between people of different cultures and beliefs. Since January 2000, LM has been publishing and presenting a diversity of ideas without censorship through writings, images and music that promote the well-being of the world and its inhabitants. 


Light Millennium was introduced on the web in August 1999 by Bircan Unver as a global multi-media platform inviting individuals to represent themselves and their communities. In January 2000, LM brought in multi-volunteer participation, and was formally incorporated as a “not-for-profit” organization on July 17, 2001. Individuals or organizations that share the same objectives as LM are encouraged to participate in our platform as writers, researchers, editors, activity or event organizers, and fundraisers. Contributors range from 7 to 90 years old, come from all over the world, and have backgrounds in various disciplines. LM formally celebrated its 7ty Anniversary on June 8, 2007. However, LM is in its 8th year since its Introductory issue (1999), and has upheld the philosophy that all ideas can stand side by side as long as we respect and have tolerance for each other, and for other ideas, cultures, and religions.


LM is a Charitable & Public Benefit organization and has relied on 100% volunteer work and in-kind sponsorships gathered for public events. To this date, LM has been formed and developed with the voluntary efforts of its founder and supporters, supplemented by four fundraising efforts.


The organization has e-published 20 issues of Light Millennium in English, 14 issues of ISIK BINYILI in Turkish, 2 issues of Turkish-Greek Synergy in English and Turkish (a total of 36 original e-publications as of January 2007), and since 2000, has organized numerous events including panels, conferences, lectures, special screenings, literary readings, poetry events, story nights, and campaigns (for Fugen Gulertekin & Tsunami Aid/Sri Lanka). The Light Millennium TV series was launched at Queens Public Television by Bircan Unver under the umbrella of the Light Millennium in January 2000, as a monthly series (for ”LMTV” videography, please see> LMTV broadcasts independent programs on arts, culture, freedom of expression, peace and global issues.

The Light Millennium has become associated with the Department of Public Information of the United Nations, effective as of December 12, 2005.

The LM has participated in the 59th United Nations DPI/NGO Conference from 6-8 September, 2006, titled ”Unfinished Business: Effective Partnerships for Human Security and Sustainable Development.” LM Youth Representative Jeanene Mitchell (2006) was one of the panelists at the Multigenerational Workshop of the Conference on Turkey’s environmental NGO’s. Furthermore, LM sponsored a Special Poetry Event during the Conference, on 7 September 2006. Titled “UN Millennium Development Goals Speak Through The Arts,” the program addressed key themes of the Millennium Development Goals through original and anthologized poetry readings.

On behalf of the organization, Bircan Unver is a member of the 60th United Nations DPI/NGO Conference Planning Committee, and related two subcommittees for the conference  titled "Climate Change: How It Impacts Us All" which will be held in New York from Wednesday 5 September to Friday, 7 September 2007.

The Light Millennium web site has been visited in over 120 countries since April 14, 2005. As an open global alternative platform, the Light Millennium has been formed by over 700 volunteer content contributors since January 2000.

From January to December 2006, the number of total visitors of the LM web site is 953,252; annual average of the 2006 hits is 13,735,798.

For daily/monthly average visitors & hits of the LM web site for 2007, visit:


"What is especially interesting is that [the Light Millennium] publishes articles by people with great experience and provocative points of view," Professor and Former New York Times Foreign Correspondent Stephen Kinzer said to Queens Chronicle newspaper (March 25, 2004). "Many private web sites and blogs are filled with one person's ramblings. Light Millennium is the opposite of that. It's an increasingly sophisticated online magazine that provides insights that people won't find in many other places."

The Future:

The Internet is one of the main platforms for creating global connections. LM started with a core audience of Turks and Turkish-Americans and provided a link to a global community of thinkers interested in peace, humanitarian issues, dialogue and international cooperation. In recent editions, the audience has broadened and contributions are now received from all over the world.

Historically, Turkey has been a bridge between Europe and Asia; between Islam and Christianity; between Democracy and Religion. Bringing those old Turkish traditions to the Internet, LM has the potential to be a bridge for humanity, spreading the message of peace and tolerance to all cultures and all countries.

Please send your submissions for the current or upcoming issues to:

(Note: To avoid typographical errors, please remember MilleNNium is spelled with double N. Thank You.)

Please read the Publishing Policy>
And also Publishing Criteria of the Light Millennium:
before submitting your works to be published.

Governing Body of the Organization:

Founding President: Bircan Unver, Main Representative of the organization to the Department of Public Information of the United Nations.

Vice President: Dr. Samuel Paley
General Secretary: Figen Bingul    
Business Planner: Burak Alpaslan
Board Members: Edward Foster, Prof., Stevens Institute of Technology, and Akif Kirecci, Asst. Prof., Stevens Institute of Technology   

Advisory Board (in alphabetic order): 

Prof. Sultan Catto,CUNY-Graduate Center
Serpil Guran, PhD, Research Scientist, New Jersey State Department
Prof. Hayrettin Kilic, Green Tank for the Trunch Foundation
Stephen Kinzer, Former NY Times Foreign Correspondent & Lecturer in Journalism at Northwestern University.
Prof. Talat S. Halman, Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey

The Light Millennium representatives to the Department of Public Information of the United Nations (2007):

Bircan Unver, President
Tomris Azeri,
Main Representative
Figen Bingul
, Alternative Representative
Annelle Sheline,
Youth Representative

LM-Kids Corner Representative:
Irem Lara Unal, North Carolina

LM-Teen Representative:
Burcu Yilmaz, North Carolina

- Updated on July 6, 2007

Dedicated to:
For Unity within self, within country, within the globe.
7th Anniversary - Spring 2007

7th Anniversary Spring 2007, #20
Poetry Writing Event
April 2004
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The Light Millennium has become associated with the Department of Public Information of the United Nations effective December 12, 2005.

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7th Anniversary - Spring 2007, Issue#20
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