Language and music could open up a new world vision and
expand imaginations on the ground of the MDGs.

Presenters of the Light Millennium's "2015 & Beyond in Science and Arts II" program.
May 7, 2010, Baruch College, NYC.

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by Janet EKSTRACT, Lightmillennium.Org

The U.N. affiliated nonprofit, Light Millennium, celebrated their 10th Anniversary by hosting a lively multicultural music/poetry event, "2015 and Beyond In Science and Arts II." This global gathering at Baruch College last Friday (May 10, 2010), featured a diverse group of participants that included a Turkish musical duet Nedim Katgi and Cenap Turk who played wonderful traditional Turkish music.

Nedim Katgi & Cenap Türk (left) Lhia and Lorea Hernandez (right)

The goal of the event was defined within the initial OPEN CALL for participation to the program by the Light Millennium as follow: "AIM OF THE PROGRAM:
It has been four years since we organized the first “2015 & Beyond in Science & Arts” program in 2006, and there is 5 years left for the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. It has been one of the greatest challenges of humanity to achieve the 8 prominent MDG until 2015? Therefore, the program aims to contribute to the public’s awareness of the MDG globally, and to inspire, motivate, encourage all from walks of life, and moreover, force our imaginations and collective consciousness to activate MDG effectively, and reform our collective energy for achieving the MDG as well as envisioning it BEYOND 2015! So far, we haven’t made any major progress towards 2015; instead we have taken steps mostly backwards since 2000. Therefore, the next 5 years is a very short term in human development to achieve such NOBLE goals. For this reason, we urgently need to activate all our common potentials, visions, and energy towards prompting this process as well as being able to visualize it BEYOND 2015. We should think of 2020, 2030, and 2050, which will be our inheritance to our children and grandchildren!" (April 19, 2010).

Therefore, the program presented ideas from various cultures and as bilingual and in four languages that brought together a culturally diverse group to celebrate cultures, giving participants an opportunity to experience an evening where language and music could open up a new world vision and expand imaginations on the ground of the MDGs.

noema_chaplin sultan_catto
Noema Chaplin (left) Sultan Catto (right)

The evening which was hosted by Professor Sultan Catto and LM Founder, Bircan Ünver was fun and educational in a myriad of ways: participants learned that women in Haiti are forced to make and sell dirt cookies to survive, that the prospect of true global security can't be achieved without total U.S. involvement in eliminating nuclear arsenal.

Participants also heard about the scourge of malaria, empowering women and poetry from three different cultures.

Light Millennium's 10th Anniversary was opened with a tribute to Bircan Ünver by Mr. Angus-Clark Kalman who praised her efforts and unwavering commitment to the organization and its major goal of multicultural understanding and cooperation on a global level. Both Professor Sultan Catto and Bircan Ünver hosted the event which began with the Turkish duet
playing the song "Yesterday" from the Beatles.

kalman_angus_clark habibeh_rahim hayri_kilic
(left) Kalman Angus-Clarke, (center) Habibeh Rahim (right) Hayrettin Kilic

Highlights of the 10th anniversary celebration included a timely talk by Dr. Hayrettin Kilic, LM Advisory Board Member and nuclear scientist, who contributed to the LIght Millennium's dedication theme: Global Peace & Security For All & A World Without Nuclear Weapons.

Dr. Hayrettin Kilic shared his views on global security, mentioning that President Barak Obama's goal is ending nuclear proliferation but Dr. Kilic pointed out, quite logically, that the U.S., while attempting to decrease nuclear weapons in other countries, remains the holder of the largest nuclear arsenal in the world.

Sharon J. Turner shared a different view of Haiti when she presented a short film of Haitian women baking and selling dirt cookies: the women were interviewed and it was a striking to realize that these women despite international aid - are forced to survive like this.

Azime Aydogmus, a LM board member enlightened everyone about the continuing scourge of malaria in the continents of South America and Africa. Major inroads in a vaccine for malaria are being made but it still claims lives and causes disease. Another highlight was Noema Chaplin's timely presentation on empowering women and what the UN is doing. Since Ms. Chaplin works on women's issues with the UN and has a diverse cultural background and professional experiences, her presentation was certainly interesting.

madeline_pilar sharon_j_turner
(Left) Pilar Bilanco and Madeline Millan (Right) Sharon J. Turner

The evening would not have been the same without the moving and unique poetry presentations from three contingents: Turkey, The Hispanic World and Pakistan. Professor Sultan Catto read two original poems which were about life and Turkey while Luisa Pina, Lhia and Lorea Hernandez, Pilar Blanco and Madeline Millan presented their poetry about life, peace and love. The program rounded out with Professor Habibeh Rahim of St. John's University reading two poems from the famous Allama Iqbal in both English and Urdu. The Spanish poetry was also read in English which made it a wonderful cultural experience.

The founder of Light Millennium, Bircan Unver closed the celebrations by thanking the speakers, proposed to organize "2015 & Beyond in Science and Arts" program on an annual base including the United Nations. Further, she expressed that Light Millennium owes a debt of gratitude to Professor Sultan Catto, whose assistance was invaluable in securing a space at Baruch College, who is also board member of the organization.

Light Millennium would like to extend their great appreciation and thanks once again to all the participants for the 10th Anniversary celebration:

Angus-Clark Kalman
Azime Aydogmus
Pilar Blanco
Noema Chaplin
Lhia Hernandez
Lorea Hernandez
Hayrettin Kilic
Madeline Millan
Luisa Pina
Habibeh Rahim
Sharon J. Turner

Let's not forget our amazing musicians Nedim Katgi and Cenap Turk and again, our Professor Sultan Catto for his committment to the Light Millennium.

As last, Light Millennium provided a light reception to the presenters and guests of the program for its 10th Anniversary Celebration.

PHOTOS by Selçuk ACAR, Board Member of the Light Millennium & Editor of the Turkish Journal

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Presenters and some guests of the Light Millennium's "2015 & Beyond in Science and Arts II"
program came together for the above picture at the end of the program at the Baruch College, NYC.
on May 7, 2010.

For the PHOTO ALBUM from the "2015 & Beyond" II program on the ISIKBINYILI.ORG>

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