ASTANA Expo2017: Participating Countries in Sculptures

June 10 to September 10, 2017, Astana, Kazakhstan.


PARTICIPANTS, OR PARTICIPATING COUNTRIES, RELEVANT UN ENTITIES & INTERGOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATIONS together as each is presented in the form of a sculpture on the Nurzhol Blvd. that each one and all of them will force your imagination as if you are in a futuristic city!

Further, each presented sculpture is, although in one shape, which is, a man is holding a globe, which also could be interpreted that if each country is pregnant to give a birth into the world. But, this time, not a girl or boy, but to a full renewable and/or future energy. With that, you will notice that each county is holding the globe. Each one is designed in creativity with diverse cultural and each national theme related visual and rich colorful references.

Moreover, each sculpture is, and as a whole, presents a holistic solution and vision in connection with the SDG#7 and Future Energy. In conjunction with the member states of the United Nations, also numerous United Nations' Specialized Agencies and Intergovernmental Organizations have participated in the Expo2017Astana: Future Energy.

The Expo2017Astana was opened to the general public on June 10 and will be open until September 10, 2017.

If you haven't been in Astana, this may be a great opportunity to gather a rich experience by visiting there, in particular, during the #Expo2017Astana.

Even if you already had, regardless, the Expo2017 offers a unique and remarkable experience and in-depth information on both existing and the Future Energy.

Theme of the Expo2017 Astana: #FutureEnergy #RenewableEnergy & United Nations' 2030 Development Agenda, Sustainable Development Goals #SDG7
#Solar #Wind #GreenEnergy #Ocean

Presented countries and institutions in "Astana Expo2017: Participating Countries in Sculptures" photo album is:
Astana, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, AzerbaijanExpo2017, Benin, Bolivia, China, China Expo2017, Comoro Islands, Congo, Egypt, Ethiopia, Blvd., Fiji, FijiExpo2017, Greece, Guatemala, Haiti, Hungary, IAEA, India, Iran, IRENA, ISESCO, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Jordan, Kirgizstan, Kiribati, Lithuania, Korea, Malaysia, MalaysiaExpo2017, Netherlands, OCDE, OPEC, Uzbekistan, Palau, Romania, Russian Federation, RussiaExpo2017, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, TurkeyExpo2017, Turkic Council, Netherlands, NetherlandsExpo2017, Turkmenistan, UAE, UNDP, United Nations, SDG7, UNEP, UNESCO, UNICEF, UNIDO, UN-Women, United States, USExpo2017, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, World Bank.

Location: Each participated countries, UN Specialized Agencies and Intergovernmental Organizations can be seen in a symbolic form in sculptures on the Nurzhol Blvd., (also Bayterek Tower) in Astana, Kazakhstan as it is reflected in this album.

Photos and album by Bircan Unver, The Light Millennium |

Photos of Bircan were taken by very kind young peoples of Astana, whom I've met, one of the nicest people so far... Thank you to all…

More on #Expo2017Astana related news is available through the Turkish Library Museum website <>, which is under the umbrella of The Light Millennium Organization, a public-benefit multi-media organization, and associated NGO with the United Nations Department of Public Information.

Disclosure: This album may not represent all countries and/or entities, which are presented on the Nurzhol Blvd.

(c) Bircan Unver, The Light Millennium - June-July 2017, Kazakhstan-Istanbul |

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