MAHATMA GANDHI's 149th BIRTHDAY (Oct. 2, 1869);

The Light Millennium Television | LMTV
QPTV Studio A Shooting on Tuesday, October 2, 2018
– This photo album is produced based on the LMTV's 3 shootings

This photo album presents the set photos of The Light Millennium Television | LMTV Studio shooting at Queens Public Television (QPTV.Org) in Flushing, New York on October 2, 2018, which coincides with Mahatma Gandhi's 149th Birthday.

In dedication to Gandhi's 149th Birthday, LMTV shot back-to-back two programs.

The first one is a half-hour one-to-one interview with Dr. Amee Yajnic, Member, Parliament of India.
The one-to-one interview program is titled, "Gandhi's Legacy in Indian Policies Today and the UN Non-violence Day".

The second shooting is dedicated to Gandhi's 149th Birthday, which titled "The Ways of the Light". It consists of an international participation through poetry, brief statement, impromptu, and visions on Gandhi's Birthday and/or vision for a non-violence and peaceful world. In the second multi-participatory shooting, Dr. Yajnic is the Honorary Guest, and Cliff Jacobs, Programming & Access Services Manager of QPTV, made the Introduction of this program.

The third shooting in Turkish, which marked the producer Bircan Unver's Turkish poetry book titled, "Işık Yollarında", First Anniversary. The book was printed in Istanbul on Oct. 2, 2017 along with the Turkish program is dedicated to "In Legacy and Loving Memory" of the producer's late sister Olcay, and her 52nd Birthday (1966-2018).

These programs were shot in segments that each will be edited. Followed by, each will be scheduled in the local channels in November and December 2018, accordingly, each also will be available through online.

• The rest of the presenters in both English and Turkish shootings (according to the last names):
Abaynesh Asrat, Yuksel Basarir, Myrna Coffino, Mujgan Hedges, Bahar Karakus, Judy Lee, Gunay Menekse, Mine Takil, Ali Sarikaya, Bircan Unver and Arvind Vera

• The crew:
Gordon Kelly (Technical Director), Ashraf Ali (Audio), Claude Graham (main camera), Mario Paredes (camera), Rene Valdivia (Studio Manager & Lighting Director)
• Executive Producer & Director: Bircan Ünver

Set Photographer:
• ALI SARIKAYA, New York Ataturk Art & Cultural Center

Additional photos were taken by:
• BARIS ÜNVER, Realty Quest New York, Inc.
• RENE VALDIVIA, QPTV, Senior Studio Television Operator

©This photo album is created by Bircan Unver, The Light Millennium | on Oct. 4-7, 2018.

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