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Cycles of Lives Around Us
(A Reminder Essay)


When was the last time we all starved? How many times do we think of starvation when we are consuming more than we need? This essay is not give you a lesson or to teach you how to be and how to behave or how to think or else. I am just an informant at this point, between these lines. I am not willing to give you a lesson on global hunger either.

I think it is time that we become aware of events taking place around us. The Mother Nature will not be able to survive without human beings and vice a versa therefore we exist so that the Mother Nature exists. We help Mother Nature and we feed her so that she feeds us back. The circle of our lives continously cycles around us.

My father thought me when I was young boy that we should think about the people who cannot find food to eat when we are eating. Of course I forgot about it after a while, you know the rebel youth that takes over the generations and go their own way to get a balance of their own to live a happy life with everything cycling in the perfect motion around them.

Someday the mind of the rebel gets settled and types "GLOBAL HUNGER" to any search engine on the internet and guess what he gets............FACTS.....

For this good reason I am not going to tell you about those facts I came across with the results of that key word search. I will give the facts that come from the light within me. It is so simple and in front of our naked eyes. I will speak for myself because I am not about to say that I am perfect about food consumption but I have a formula that applies. In fact it is not really a formula but follow the lines you will understand clearly what I mean.

I am a happy person; I have a full time job working for myself. I over consume food from time to time. Even though I think about the starving people I do not take action about it. This was years ago, nowadays after typing the keywords and reading about those facts I found out that I could at least change the world all by myself. If I manage to change one person's life in this world he will lead to thousands and thousands to millions.

We all have supper in the morning, we have supper for lunch, and we consume and consume. Millions of people in Africa or different parts of the world are far from it because you and I consume their food as well. The cycle is not functioning properly and starvation and hunger takes place. We all are sorry about this but what can we do to help? We can do many things from clicking on one web site and every click leads to supper for one person. There are thousands of organizations taking act on many different ways. I do not know which one leads to where and how but I came to the solution that I should make the change in myself.

After you type in the keywords "GLOBAL HUNGER" you will read about the statistical information. This will lead you to the reality of global hunger. If we all take act towards this event the world will be a much better place to live. All we have to do is to be aware of this fact and take action; all of us should be involved only by being aware and settling down this reality of painful facts into our mind and live with it until those wasted minds are actively taking place fully functioning like us in OUR PERFECT WORLD.

_ . _

E-mail: babur@atlas.net.tr

This issue is dedicated to How To Decrease Global Hunger?
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