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Comments on Global Awareness - Preemptive Strikes


From: "Baumann, Robert (NTM)" RBaumann@ntmllc.com
Date: Tue Sep 09, 2003  LLL US/Eastern
To: "'mehmetuca1@cs.com'" mehmetuca1@cs.com
Cc: 'Bircan Unver' bircanunver@earthlink.net
Subject: Your article

We both contribute to Light Millennium due to the overwhelming influence of Bircan. I rarely get a chance to read the other content, but given Bircan's recent assignment I got around today to read your article on preemptive strikes.

The outset of your article describes someone like myself as a "war loving Bush reactionary conservative". I think that is perhaps a bit of hyperbole. I am not aware of anyone "loving" the destruction of human life. Wars do result in that, of course. Given the nature and science of modern warfare the amount of casualties were far more limited than they might have been were this kind of battle fought with the available technology of WW2. This is not to say that there was not then, nor is now, an unfortunate loss of life.

War is always a lamentable thing. Sadly both sides of a war, were they to realize this, should be open to negotiate, but they do not. Terrorists see weakness as something to exploit. Every effort by Israel to give ground results in their enemies being given time to regroup. It has just happened again recently. Is cessation of hostility to be only one sided?

To get back to the point about conservatives, Democrats now who are running for office want power. If getting power means exploiting an issue, they'll exploit it. It is very easy for them to whistle about Bush's leadership.

When give a choice, they stuck their finger in the wind and supported Bush because they feared looking weak. This is not, of course, leadership or integrity. Howard Dean excepted, all the others gave support to a war in Iraq.

How else would you unseat a tyrant like Saddam who tortured his own people and also gassed a large number of Kurds? Are the lives of those Kurds of less value than those lost by the unseating of Saddam? Is Iraq worse off today for this action?

My own reaction will eventually be placed in the LM as an interview with Satan. I myself prefer not to be political on the matter. At heart, the battle is a spiritual one as I see it, and I have tried to present it as such.

While it is very nice to want to understand the probable causes for terrorism and address them you cannot do so while standing on the train tracks of history as the train moves faster towards you. There is a time and place for "understanding"... but that will come when threats are eliminated.

If your way is a longer lasting solution, please point to the annals of history and show me where it has successfully worked in the past. Written sincerely and with the deepest respect for your point of view,

Robert J. Baumann

* * *

From: mehmetuca1@cs.com
Date: Sun, 28 Sep 2003
To: Rbaumann@ntmllc.com
Subject: Re: Your article

Hi Bob,

Thank you for your reaction. I was born not more than 100 Miles from the border of Iraq to Turkey,

I have suffered through all non-humanitarian actions, and thank god never have lived under a regime like Saddam's.

I perfectly understand that suffering the Iraqi people went through during Saddam's reign.

I find it quite noble if the act was to liberate the Iraqi's. But the truth is far from it.

You want to liberate? Why not the Saudi's, and the Syrians, and many other African nations those are also devastated with infectious diseases?

The decision to invade Iraq was made before Sept 11.

We are very unfortunately, and I pray that I am totally wrong, at the very beginning of long lasting bloodshed of poor American boys who wanted a college scholarship that they'd otherwise not be able to attend, and found themselves in a quagmire, in Iraq.

George W., and Rumsfeld, and Mr. Chenney do not belong to that poor class, and will never understand what they or their families go through.

War is start, and with today American Military might, easy to win. The question is what comes after. Israel is winning everyday. But cannot stop the bloodshed to its own people.

You must make peace with " reason". And it must be just. And if you are of that nature war is not necessary.

We must find better ways of dealing with the terrorist. Mine are few suggestions. But I know, and day after day it is shown, brutal force is not the choice. It makes things only worse.

Dialogue, tolerance, and just policies are.


Mehmet Uca

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