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Date: November 20, 2003
From: lightmillennium@lightmillennium.org

Istanbul: Grief, Share & Call
How to unite and create a synergy between all people!

"Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow" titled triptic exhibited during the "Timeless City Istanbul,
A Watercolor Exhibition by Omer Muz" at the Turkish Center in New York City.
This triptic was also presented to the New York City Commission as a gift from the artist on November 12, 2003.

Hello Dear Friends,


Today, dear friends Nehla and Haluk Velidedeoglu wrote in their "grief" message that "GOOD PEOPLE, TOO, SHOULD BE ENCOURAGED AS MUCH AS BAD ONES."

We definitely need much more courage than bad people as well as we need much more participation and unification against any kind of bad intentions, divisions and practices in every level of life.

* * *

CNN covers much more about Michael Jackson than what have happened to our beloved city Istanbul in the last five days. CNN only seeks for or comes up with a potential connection with El-Queda. Therefore, the next potential stage might be more attacks or another war based on newly written pre-texts before having an evidence or proving it!!!

We all MUST claim related true evidence before any attacks or war in any country...

I have been questioning myself frequently since September 11: Do we have any power or function to change this existing direction in favor of man? And how can we be ourselves? Or as Harvey Tordoff puts it: how can we re-claim "our spiritual nature, to remember the inter-dependency of all life-forms on Earth"?

Harvey Tordoff states in his profile for the upcoming issue of the Light Millennium ("LM"):

Living in the moment, we need to recognize the chain of events that led to this moment; we need to be aware that in the moment is the essence of the moment to come.  Then, when the next moment comes it will be imbued with our understanding, wisdom and compassion, and the world will move towards the peace and harmony that is our ultimate destiny.

As Tordoff highlights, "we need to recognize the chain of events that led to this moment." This may help us to understand better what led to this result, and what has been formed and reflected to us by the US media so far!

Harvey Tordoff is the author of O Lanoo
(a seeker after truth), which is a poetic work conveying the wisdom of the ancients to the modern reader. The book ends with the following verses which convey a spiritual positive energy and an encouraging approach to activate our place in the big chain or on the Earth. Thus, I would like to share it with you now, before publishing it:

The path is long
But be not overawed,
Nor feel insignificant or alone,
For whatever stage you have reached,
Like all Pilgrim-Souls,
You can do no more than take the next step.

And with every step
Know that you are truly sacred,
And that all sentient beings are your kin,
For you are part of God
And God is all of you.

Harvey Tordoff
E-mail: harve@bigger-picture.co.uk

* * *

We can also interpret Tordoff's last 2 lines as:

For you are part of Universe
And Universe is all of you

* * *

Tordoff's approach and his verses above gave me some strength and hope that if we all realize that each of us is a part of the big chain or the Universe, then things will start to change accordingly...

With this effect and as a transformation of my grief, I would like to invite you to write for the LM's upcoming issue about your feelings/reactions, ideas or hypotheses on "what sort of emerging power can stop this insane bombings," or "how to unite and create a synergy between all people".

The length of your writing can be various from one sentence to one page. If you like to write more than one page, then I will consider publishing it as an independent article. Based on your submissions, I will compile all YOUR VOICES in ONE web page...

This is the moment to take our place in the BIG CHAIN in order to complete the WHOLE, or to recognize our place in the WHOLE...

With peace, light and love,

Bircan Unver
The Light Millennium
E-mail: contact@lightmillennium.org

November 28, 2003
_ . _

Many Voices for Hole...

Note: I sent out the above e-call to a limited e-addresses and two yahoogroups on November 20, 2003 evening. The very next day, on November 21, 2003; Light Millennium's free STATS service was REMOVED from the entire website, which has been allowing me to monitor total daily visitors, their domain names and countries. I did not receive any warnings or any notes regarding this matter. I sent an e-mail to the related company but didn't get any response yet. Now we have the WEBALIZER which only gives us the average number of daily and monthly visitors but not their domains or country names! B.Ü.

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