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Our material world is only a small part of reality

A message, an art statement and paintings
by Marat ZAHARIN

"marat zaharin" zms@hotmail.co.il
Date: Fri Aug 01, 2003  08:28:39 HJKM US/Eastern
To: bircanunver@earthlink.net
Subject: from artist

Hi.. Maybe my topic will be interesting for you. I am an artist, I am 28 and I live in Israel. For some years I have been studying psychology, esoteric and theosophy, and all this is expressed in my pictures. As I paint pictures I'd like to show and to sell them. All my efforts even to show my pictures come to an obstacle, that is: the problem is that my pictures are not for ordinary person. My pictures have great power potential and make people to think about world, life and other dimensions, it's not only my opinion: some people feel headache and dizziness, watching them; on the other hand some people feel relief, having some pains.

My intuition says me, that in the fine art as in other fields of life, will come some other evolution period, when people will look at pictures more with soul than with eyes and do it deliberately. I want to be a participant in this process. I'd like to hear your opinion and your advise because of your experience and knowledge. I had a courage to send you some examples of my works.

I understand that millions of people write you and if you don't have a chance to answer me. Thank you for your attention.


* * *

Art statement of Marat Zaharin:

When we are separated inside ourselves and one part of us is in conflict with another - we are weak, at the beginning in the Soul and later in the body.


In order to explain my paintings and their influence on people I'd like, first of all, to tell some words about me, because I and my paintings are two parts of the whole.

I was born in Belorussia in 21/08/1974 in the family of a military man and a doctor. As my farther was in the army and we had to change the place of living all the time I lived in many parts of Russia. In 1992 I came to Israel where I live now.

Since my childhood I have painted and always wanted to be a great painter, studied many years fine art in Russia. When we came to Israel my parents persuaded me to study at technical college, as they told me to get a normal profession and take painting as a hobby. Along side with a studying at a college, I went into sport - boxing. I took part in the competitions and in some time I was taken into a team of Israel, but after that immediately went to the army where I served two and a half years. After finishing serving in the army my parents asked me to study at a college together with working at a plant. At that time I didn't think about a carrier in the field of art. During the following years I finished the course in graphic design, web design, programming. I worked for a period of time in these specialties, but the economy in Israel now is very hard. I left the work without even receiving money for the last months. I tried to find the work in my occupation, but everything was in vain. At this period of time I was fond of esoteric and met with different kinds of people from this field - extrasensory individuals, clairvoyants, magicians. I was interested in everything in this field. I found the job. I worked as a guard at a small plant for more than a year. The plant was absolutely empty, there was nobody beside me, only foxes and jackals. The place was far from the town, near a cemetery. I had been working there for many hours, mainly nights. It was the most suitable place for contemplation and comprehension of myself and the world around me. Spending much time in loneliness I learned to listen to the silence, and I loved it. I felt some kind of a relative connection with this place and it told me much about me myself.

My working place suited me more than enough at that period of time. Solitude and nature - what can be better for a person who wants to look into himself and to understand what he wants from his life and for what he came here. Just in that place I glanced over my past, beginning from my childhood and saw many problems and obstacles that gave me my parents and the society and also my strong sides. Earlier I constantly led a fight with myself trying to change myself, sometimes by very cruel methods, but as a rule I came back to the point where I started with, but in a vague form. When I realized it I came to the conclusion that this world is dual and we get to know it through extremeness. Experiencing the black one passes to the white in order to plunge into the whole scale of colors that are between them. I adopt myself as I am at this moment with all my fears and doubts. Any failure or fear can serve as a reason of falling down, so, as a step up. Slowly I realized that the last ten years I lead nonstop search of myself and all these doubts and hesitations only lead me to myself. After leaving my last place of job I went to Thailand, a great country. Being there I had a lot of impressions and understood that I came to the edge where I must define. Sureness in the chosen way began to come as going on it. Now, I really believe in my idea and in its realization, I simply don't have any way, only forward.

My main aim in the life is to perceive God and myself. Creation helps me in it very much. I feel other worlds and dimensions and all these are reflected in my paintings. Our material world is only a small part of reality and if a person begins to think that it is the whole, he starts to relate to the life too seriously and as a result touching unconsciously the extremes. This world is duel. To understand it (the world) we have to go through extremes, but do it deliberately. One ought to understand what is this the whole - God and from this point to look at the details (His creations), but not on the contrary. Similarity with God is expressed in unity. When we are separated inside ourselves and one part of us is in conflict with another - we are weak, at the beginning in the Soul and later in the body.


How do my paintings effect people and how to get from them the peak of effect?

The picture is a window to another dimension, entrance into the sphere of invisible and its alive. These things are very important to aware if somebody wants after talking with paintings to feel oneself as better as it is possible. To realize it doesn't mean to keep these things, that I talked about, in your head, it means to relate to the pictures as to something sacred, very delicate and lovely. Only then they (paintings) will answer you in the same way and will open before you glorious worlds of delicate dimensions. It is very important to observe the pictures without thinking in the state of meditation. Any thought is always limitation. The very thoughts make people seek physically and spiritually.

Something that is verily has lack of thought.  

Paintings create a channel among the audience and gentle worlds and the energy of purity of these worlds cleans and purify the audience rising it on the level of divine vibrations. But I want to underline that all this happens then the spectator doesn't think - only observe. Only when he (the spectator) is passive, then he will be able to penetrate into another world. Passivity is not weakness, it means - not violence, and the similar attracts the similar.

My images help the person to feel himself as an integral and make him to touch to other dimensions, unifying them with our material world inside himself. Drawing out viewer from the illusion's fog that it's only world and after death is only darkness, they (my pictures) present the gift of sureness and strength and heal the people spiritually.

Heal your spirit and your body will be healed itself!

E-mail to Marat Zaharin:zms218@yahoo.com

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