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Selçuk M. PERIN
December 4, 2003

WHEN EU and TURKS meets head on...

There is a mood in the EU Commission and the mood is looking for some kind of respite from the Turkish side to alleviate the pressure put upon the EU Parliament, The Commission and The Council for the decision on the adhesion talks.

Yet, the informal MEDEA meeting seems to be only to confirm that the EU institutions are neither ready for the Turkish adhesion talks, nor the arrival of the 10 in May 1st.

A consensus is building on the issues that the European Union is neither Ideologically, Politically and Administratively ready to incorporate the new comers and let alone those who are knocking at its door.

The adhesion talks for those who would join and those who are aspiring to join the EU Club has pegs and every time Europe has a problem, those pegs are upped and changed. This shows that the Europeans are not really ready with their Constitution, their Administration, their Defense and most importantly their common Foreign Policies. Ancient Yugoslavia, Kosovo and Irak are prime examples in this disagreement Europe has lived in the past 10 years.

Yet, another aspect of Europe’s incapability is to fix their-own sovereignty problems. But asking the new comers to adhere higher rules and forfeit some of theirs is common practice. Again there you may see the two weights and two measures applied when one is talking of the 15 and the newcomers.

Some high placed administrators in the Commission admit that if they were to request any of what they ask the newcomers or those wanting to adhere to the EU, to any of the members governments who are already in the EU, they would be kicked out of the offices of the ministers! What does that means? It means hypocrisy to its limit. We will not do what we ask, but we will ask you to do it anyway. It also means that we are holding the upper hand and if you do step out of line you are out!

Doesn’t what the ECOFIN ministers have done in the recent weeks show that. The two big nations and steam machines of the European Policy and Advancement were in trouble with the Commission over the Stability Pact. They have agreed to second guess the Commission and do what they are pleased to do! My question would have been if those were smaller countries or some of the newcomers, would the decision be the same? I sincerely doubt it. Yet, it is so for the big shots.

Another point made during the MEDEA meeting in Brussels was that, it would have been a lot easier to incorporate Turkey into the EU today than the 10 on line for may 1st 2004. Hold on what is that supposed to mean? Well as I understood, the problems with the 10 are far from being resolved and other, bigger problems than those, which are spoken are still to be ironed out. It would have certainly cost the EU lot less in investment and would have been easier to iron out the differences.

Even with those arriving in May 1st Europe is still having a demography problem! It also has a growth problem! Where as in Turkey the demography issue would have been partially solved and the growth issue will ease itself out. 50% of the Turkish population is under 25 years of age and the Economic Growth is at 5.5% per year.

Europeans have a tendency of forgetting the past, the past they really do not want to talk about. Yet their ability to talk about their own past is incredibly easy. They tend to forget their promises made a short numbers of years ago. Agreements they have entered to get rid of a problem they have had. Examples; Irak, Syria, Cyprus to name some. Vietnam, which the French gave as a poisoned gift to the Americans…

Now a Cyprus issue haunts them and they want a solution that would confirm their hegemony in the Eastern Mediterranean and please their Greek partners. The adhesion of Cyprus.

Yet as they do not recognize the Northern Turkish Republic of Turkey in its existence, they invite the opposition members of its parliament to discuss in De Hague with European Parliamentarians, they adhere to their opinions and sell them the Annan plan which the Turkish Cypriot leader Rauf Denktas' refuses. They do not invite those from the majority… I wonder what kind of a devious political mind would and can plan this. And they can talk about it openly. Klerides announces in his own countries’ press, he would have vetoed the Annan plan, no-one talks about it. When he says even if Denktas' had agreed on it, I would have refused. No one pays attention. Again interests and power play.

Personally I do think that the only solution in Cyprus would be to let them simmer in their own sweat. Let both parties find the solution, but not an imposed solution. A solution we deem probably good for them, since we tend only to talk to those who would answer to our prayers. That does not hold the interests of the interested in high esteem. It is what we want and not how they want to solve the problem? Cut the funds and the promises and the solution would shortly be presenting it self.

Europe is to stop trembling in front of the Turkish adhesion talks! Europe should look at its balance of payments with the Turkish commerce and think twice! Europe should look at the demography and think!

And especially Europe should stop alienating the Turkish people with false pretexts.

 _ . _


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