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Subject:   20th World Congress on Dance Research
From:   "International Dance Council CID" <>
Date:   Wed, May 24, 2006

20th World Congress on Dance Research
"Promotion of diversity"

CID Circular - June 2006

Athens, Greece, 25-29 October 2006

This is the largest gathering of dance specialists world-wide, the best opportunity to showcase one's work to a wide audience of practitioners, dance teachers, choreographers, researchers, critics and organizers.

Average attendance is 400 specialists from 40 countries every year. This year we expect 1000 conferees for a grand celebration of the 20th anniversary, making it by far the largest dance congress ever. Performances will take place at a 3500-seat covered stadium by the sea built for the 2004 Olympic Games.

All forms of dance are represented. Strictly non-profit. Not to be confused with festivals, workshops, or open conferences.

Under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and the Municipalities of Athens and Palio Faliro.

The Congress is organized by IOFA Greece and the Dora Stratou Dance Theater, in collaboration with the International Dance Council CID, UNESCO.  Its theme is in accordance with the "Convention on the Protection and  Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions" adopted on 20 October 2005 by the UNESCO General Conference.

The program includes:

-  Presentation and discussion of original research reports.
-  Classes, lecture-demonstrations, video projections, discussions.
-  Performances by selected dance companies.
-  Exhibitions and sales of books, records, pictures, costumes, accessories etc.
-  Visits to places of special interest, such as dance schools, museums, sites etc.
-  Evenings where conferees can dance with music by local musicians.

While intended primarily for professionals, it is at the same time a participatory event, facilitating contacts with colleagues, informal discussions and individual initiative.

Presenting a contribution (research report, lecture-demonstration, class, performance, exhibition) is optional. Proposals must be sent before 15 September 2006.

To apply for a visa and/or financial assistance, registered participants receive an official letter of confirmation signed by the President of CID.

* * * * *

CID Circular - June 2006

1.  Call for contributions - 20th World Dance Congress

Papers, performances and other contributions to be presented at the 20th World Congress on Dance Research, Athens, Greece, 25-29 October 2006. Contributions can be: papers containing results of original research, performances, classes, presentations, videos, exhibitions. Registered conferees can apply for financial assistance to cover travel expenses.

2.  Festival in Punjab, India

Dates 26 October to 05 November 2006. The organizers invite ensembles from all countries; they cover accommodation and full board plus sightseeing.

3.  Festival in Malta

For folk groups up to 30 persons; 26 December 2006 to 02 January 2007. Cash prizes 3500, 2300 and 1000 euros.

4.  Festival in Algeria

Folk festival, 7-17 July 2006, invites groups urgently through agent. Groups of up to 30 persons, with live music.

5.  Mediterranean folk festival in Cyprus

Ensembles of up to 30 persons from all Mediterranean countries are invited to a festival-competition in Larnaca, 26-28 November 2006. Applications with a DVD or VHS. Prizes of 2000, 1500 and 1000 Cyprus pounds.

For more information:

Web site:;      

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