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America's Century of Regime Change
From Hawaii to Iraq

by Stephen KINZER

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by Bircan ÜNVER

In Overthrow: America's Century of Regime Change From Hawaii to Iraq
, Stephen Kinzer explains how America, in over 100 years, decided to overthrow 14 foreign country leaders, and led people of those countries and the countries themselves in destruction, painful struggles, covert operations, mass killings, and continuous suppressions for several decades, in some cases a half or a century, and it has played a major role in leaving those countries undeveloped in the past and in the present as well.

I am still under the influence of Overthrow since I read it in the last week of April. From time to time, we come across articles here and there about the American Foreign Policy and its powerful, decisive role of changing or overthrowing foreign governments and operating overt or covert coups and invasions. Until I read the Overthrow, it has never occurred fully to me that America, with its great military, economic and politic power and role, formed not only the structure of a few countries but that of the entire world in the 20th Century. Its politic and business power is an ever increasing one and still continues invasions in the 21st Century too...

I cried while reading about the leaders such as Queen Lilliuokalani of Hawaii; Luis Murhoz Rivera of Puerto Rico; Emilio Aguinoldo of Philippines; President Jose Santos Zelaya of Nicaragua; Mossadegh of Iran; President Jacobo Arbenz of Guatemala; Salvodor Allende of Chili who were overthrown because of their love for their people and hope to help flourishing of their countries. Just for that very reason, they had to pay with their life and thousands and hundred thousands of their peoples' lives. In Overthrow, Kinzer makes it crystal-clear and helps his readers understand about many past and current manipulations are wrapped in America's preemptive war concept which mostly had begun with the "communist threat" regardless of its reality. The US used this concept as a reason to overthrow many leaders and destroy many countries for its own interest in terms of diplomatic and economic power which completely ignored and blocked the leaders and those countries' people to have an access to their own natural resources. It is clear in Overthrow that this caused destruction of those countries' growth and development. As Kinzer perfectly underlines, this pattern continues with other concepts such as "terrorism," "weapons of mass-destruction," and so on. Kinzer also refers to current Iran nuclear conflict emphasizing that if America, with England, hadn't overthrown Mossadegh, Iran wouldn't have to face these horrible results and today is an aftereffect of the US covert operations for overthrowing Iran's first and last democratic leader, Mossadegh in 1953.

I think that every American citizen, every citizen of these countries mentioned in the book, as well as every citizen of the World should read Overthrow. As first, to understand how this world has been structured, and also to understand today's existing global conflicts. Also with that knowledge, perhaps, each American and citizen of the world will be much more aware about the future similar attempts; then that awareness perhaps can be a starting point in order to prevent those outcomes from their home country as well as for the global safety.

Kinzer has moved from being a foreign journalist, and later national correspondent at New York Times to teaching at Northwestern University and to focusing in writing of his new books. Overthrow is also Kinzer's transition from journalism to teaching and writing his new books.

We greatly appreciate and are thankful to Stephen Kinzer for his time for the interview and for sharing his great knowledge, observations and experiences via Overthrow with the Light Millennium.
-- May 22, 2006, New York

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Summer 2006
Issue# 18
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