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 The International Atatürk Congress is organized every four years by the Atatürk Research Center, which is one of the four organizations of the Atatürk Supreme Council of Culture, Language and History with the objective of researching all aspects of the life of the great leader Atatürk who has set an example to one and all with his ability and qualities as a leader and who has played the leading role in founding the Republic of Turkey and guiding Turkey’s progress to her present state through his principles and reforms, as well as studying what He described as to be “My greatest accomplishment,” the Republic of Turkey. The Congress will try to fully and accurately clarify the subject, to scientifically explain the possible import of events which transpired during the foundation and the formative years of the Republic in shaping the future, as well as their effects today. Furthermore every information, document, comment and synthesis will -at the end of the Congress- be presented to the Turkish and World public.
In this framework, the 7th International Atatürk Congress will be held in October 2011 in Macedonia (Skopje and Manastir), under the high patronage of our President Abdullah GÜL and the President of Macedonia Gjorge IVANOV with the collaboration of our Center and the Macedonian Academy of Sciences.

As is already known, we share a historical, cultural and social bond with the Balkan countries which, as of today continues to grow in importance. The Seventh Atatürk Congress will put forth an academic understanding of the nature of the historical, social, cultural and economic relationship between Turkey and the Balkans in the context of the past, present and future.

The papers to be presented during the Congress are gathered under subject headings below:

1. Atatürk’s family, the political, economic, social and cultural status of the Balkans from the time of Atatürk’s birth to his teenage years,
2. The Balkans–Ottoman State and Atatürk during the Second Constitutional Era,
3. The Balkans during the Turkish National Struggle and the Transition Process into the Republic,
4. Atatürk, Ali Fethi Okyar and Macedonia,
5. The political, economic, social and cultural relationship between Turkey and the Balkan countries during the Republic Era,
6. The Effect, Reflection and Perception of Atatürk and the Turkish Republic in the World.

We would like to welcome all scientists and researchers who wish to participate in the Congress with their academic papers concerning one of the above-mentioned main headings, objectively studying Atatürk-Turkey and the Balkans from a theoretical and methodical angle based on new data and documents.

In order to participate in the Congress a paper is required. The conditions of participation, the application form and further information can be obtained from the web pages of our Center and the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts: and Scientists who wish to partake in the conference need to fill out the application form provided in our web page, and send it to the E-mail address along with their CV, a list of publications and 400-word research paper proposal by close of business on April 15, 2011. Participants from Macedonia must mail the required proposals and documents to the e-mail address Turkish, Macedonian and English will be the languages of the Congress. Admissions will be announced following evaluation of the detailed summaries by the Congress Organizing Committee.

The travel and accommodation expenses of participants will be covered by our Center.

We hope to see your participation in the Congress,

Best regards,
Prof.Dr. Cezmi ERASLAN
Head of Atatürk Research Center



The Congress is open to all native and foreign academicians and researchers involved with the subject matter. Participants should send 400-word research paper proposals, which should detail goal, method, sources used and possible findings, as an e-mail attachment to no later than April 15, 2011. Participants from Macedonia should send the required proposals to the e-mail These proposals will be evaluated by the Organizing Committee Members taking into account the terms of the Congress, compliance with scientific conditions and the originality of the study. Committee members will conclude their evaluation as: approved / to be revised / rejected. The authors of the selected papers will be notified and will be required to submit the full paper by August 1, 2011 in order that it be included in the final program of the Congress. A booklet of summaries will be published before the Congress and will be distributed to participants. Papers presented at the Congress will later be published in the Congress Proceedings and/or the Journal of Atatürk Research Center. The Language of the Congress will be Turkish, Macedonian and English. Simultaneous translations will be made available.


The full version of the selected work must be proofread and submitted to the address or for participants from Macedonia submitted to the address as an attachment in Word format by August 1, 2011. The full paper will be examined by the Organizing Committee for compliance with the abstract and scientific conditions, and be included within the Congress Program.


The sessions will consist of 100 minutes involving the presentation of 4 papers as well as a discussion, for which laptops and projectors will be provided. The panels will constitute papers presented in Turkish, Macedonian and English. There will be a simultaneous translation service.

The papers presented will be evaluated initially by panelists at the end of each session. A summary report prepared relating to the questions and answers of the panel based on the reports of the Panelists and the Panel Chair will be accepted as referee evaluation reports for each paper. Each presentation will be published with the condition that the deficiencies pointed out in the evaluation report are corrected and the necessary changes made.


1. The heading of the study must be written in bold, using capital letters; the text-alignment should be central and the name of the author should be placed just below, to the right. The academic title, institute and e-mail should be given in an unnumbered footnote at the bottom of the page.

2. Following the heading and name, the Turkish and English summaries/abstracts should be written in size 10pt, each consisting of 200 words. The English summary should also include the English-language heading.

3. The typeface should be Times New Roman, in size 12pt. Tables, footnote and references should be relayed in size 10pt.
4. The study should be written in M. Word program, blocked according to an A4 paper size. Margins should consist of 2,5cm while the header and footer should be 1,25cm.
5. There must be spacing between paragraphs. The indent: 0 cm, 6pt space-before: 6pt space-after, using single line spacing.
6. Concerning references, the surname of the author, date of publication and page number should be given in this order in brackets as in the following example: (Çaycı, 2002:520). If referenced in a footnote, however, it should be expressed in a sequence following the name and surname of the author, the book title (in bold, articles expressed in quotation marks and italic), the publishing house, place of publication and page number. The sources used should be presented as mentioned in the footnote, in alphabetical order according to surname at the end of the article.
7. Tables and graphics need to be individually numbered, giving their source directly beneath the table or graphic in size 10pt.
8. Original documents, pictures (photos, images, etc.), maps which are not directly relevant to the study should not be presented within the article body but should be numbered and attached at the end of it. High-resolution images should be saved on a CD and submitted separately.
9. The paper is to be from 8 up to a maximum of 16 pages.

- For the full version of the invitation and contact information, please click> (pdf)

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