A Report on the Midday Workshop - Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Wild Cards in Climate Change:
Weather Warfare, Geo-engineering and ENMOD

A Report by Keyvan AARABI, For the Department of Public Information

Sponsored by: The Light Millennium, NY

Co-sponsored by: The Campaign for the Earth, The Ribbon International, Peace Action, Peace Caucus, and The Turkish Cultural Center, NY.

Moderated by Joanne Fleming Valin, Campaign for the Earth, Canadian

Guest speakers are:
Rosalind Peterson, President & Co-Founder of the Agriculture Defense Coalition
Pauline Cantwell, Peace Action
Allan Buckmann, California State Fish and Game Department, Retired & President, Microbe Tech, Inc.
Prof. Zafer Ayvaz, Ege University (Izmir/Turkey), Editor, Ecology Magazine, and President of the Environmental Research and Protection Agency, Turkey

Approximately attendees: 150 (United Nations Venue: Conference Room#1)

This workshop discussed military weapons designed to intentionally modify the climate and weather, earth systems, and/or trigger seismic events as part of a strategic or tactical war. Environmental warfare is almost always a violation of the 1978 UN Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques (ENMOD). Geoengineering projects, such as dumping iron in the oceans to stimulate algae growth, sequestration of carbon, or creating man-made clouds with persistent jet contrails to increase the albedo (reflectivity) of the planet, have far-reaching negative impacts on humans, agricultural crops, trees, animals, and plants. And this workshop presented information on how organic microbes may be our best pollution solution.

Prof. Zafer Ayvaz: Wartime Environmental Degradation & International Laws on Environment.

Our first speaker, Prof. Zafer Ayvaz, Professor at the Ege University (Izmir/Turkey, the Editor of Ecology Magazine and the President of the Environmental Research & Protection Agency in Turkey, spoke on current issues in Iraq. More specifically, Prof. Ayvaz spoke about customary law of war and its relationship to wartime environmental degradation. Citing many examples of customary law that prohibit war, Prof. Ayvaz mentioned the Hague Convention, Geneva Convention, ENMOD, Rio Declaration, and the United Nations Compensation Commission (UNCC). The strengths and weaknesses of these laws were revealed and examples were given to overcome any existing drawbacks.
The Geneva and Hague Conventions were cited, as examples, to prohibit destruction of environment by occupying forces. In another example, the Protocol of the Geneva Convention was cited for its use of “environmental language”, to draw attention to relevant victims of destruction. Furthermore, the development of “soft “ law in international law was cited for its development and success in enabling the protection of the environment under warfare conditions. However, Prof. Ayvaz pointed out that the drawback of a few of these “soft” laws were their non-binding requirements.

One solution presented by Prof. Ayvaz was to make the ICJ & the ICC use deterrents to discourage environmental harm done by the perpetrators and/or use the Security Council organ of the United Nations to enforce those deterrents. Another body which has come up short in its duties are the UNCC which is not adapted to future conflicts, lacks funding, and has poor timing in filing claims. Overall in his concluding thoughts, Prof. Ayvaz praised the UNCC as the best option in filling the gap between existing international law and the present potential for using civil liabilities to address environmental destruction. Additionally, the UNCC must be funded to pursue the task of placing civil liability on those perpetrators who harm the environment.

Pauline Cantwell: “Weather Warfare-Never Take A Knife To A Gunfight”

Our second speaker, Pauline Cantwell who works at Peace Action, spoke on the new weapons used in warfare that are aimed specifically to alter the environment. Mrs. Cantwell stated that the first rule of modern warfare is “never bring a knife to a gunfight”. As military technology evolves, new weapons will become the dominant weapons.”

Examples of Weapons Systems

1. Directed energy traveling at the speed of light that can destroy any airplane, tank, or nuclear weapon in an instant.
2. Virological and bacteriological weapons designed to target specific population groups
3. Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV’s)
4. Weather As A Weapon

Mrs. Cantwell, our second speaker, emphasized that weather is a powerful weapon that allows governments to “hide behind Mother Nature’s skirts,” giving plausible deniability and allowing countries to act as rescuer and to reshape rebuilding. A new growth industry is “disaster capitalism” whereby corporations benefit from the aftermath of weather manipulation. According to Mrs. Cantwell, “the use of weather as a weapon is well documented. She quoted from the United States Secretary of Defense William Cohen, dated on April 28, 1997: “…Others are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes or volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves…”

Mrs. Cantwell referred to a long history of intention to undertake environmental engineering that includes New Zealand’s Project Seal 1944 (tidal wave), U. S. Project Cirrus 1947 (hurricane control), U. S. Artificial Cloud Nucleation Project (AEN) 1951-53, U.S. Project Skyfire 1960-61 (lightning suppression), Soviet Project Woodpecker 1976-present, U.S. Project Storm Fury 1962-83, U.S. Project Whitetop 1960-64, U.S. Project Faultless 1968 (create earthquakes with nuclear explosions), U.S. Vietnam Operation Popeye 1967-72 (cloud seeding), U.S. Project Cloverleaf mid 1990s, U. S. H.A.A.R.P. and HIPAS, and other ionospheric heater sites in Puerto Rica, northern Norway, Peru, Russia, Ukraine and Tadzhikistan.

When ENMOD went into force in October 1978 all weather modification programs either went “black” (secret), or were disguised as “research programs”. Other legislation concerning weather modification and other “exotic weapons” is the United States Space Preservation Act of 2001, which was not passed by Congress. Examples of military documents concerning weather control include the 1996, United States Air Force “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025,” which can be accessed at (

Mrs. Cantwell concluded as follows: “Disease as a weapon combined with weather as a weapon creates a powerful tool for the military. Lab-designed diseases specific to biological markers of populations can be placed on weather fronts that can be moved at will. Droughts and floods make people more prone to be susceptible to these diseases; so the potential impact on humanity is profound.”

Rosalind Peterson: “Many States are Targets of Weather Modification and Other Experiments.”

Our third speaker, Rosalind Peterson, who is the President and Co-Founder of the Agriculture Defense Coalition, spoke of the negative impacts of weather modification, atmospheric heating and testing programs, chemicals, and man-made clouds on agriculture. Many states are the targets of over fifty weather modification programs and Ms. Peterson asserted that the repercussion from these programs causes microclimate changes which negatively affects agriculture. These programs may induce drought or flooding in surrounding areas. Furthermore, there is no public, agriculture, or government oversight over most of these programs.

NASA noted in an October 2005 report that increasingly persistent jet contrails, and the man-made clouds they create are “…trapping warmth in the atmosphere and exacerbating global warming…” NASA goes on to state that “…Any change in global could cover may contribute to long-term changes in Earth’s climate. Contrails, especially persistent jet contrails, represent a human-caused increase in the Earth’s cloudiness, and are likely to be affecting climate and ultimately our natural resources…” When you combine atmospheric heating and testing programs and weather modification programs with man-made clouds the synergistic effect is enormous on human and crop health.

Since the late 1980s, persistent jet contrails and other atmospheric programs (NASA CRRES & TMA experiments), have reduced the amount of direct sunlight reaching the earth which is believed to be one of the causes in the rise of rickets, (lack of Vitamin D which causes bone disease in children), and a reduction in photosynthesis that lowers crop production and impairs the heath of all tree and plant life on earth. The chemicals used in these programs, along with jet fuel emissions, that pollute like automobiles, and also release nitric acid (which depletes beneficial atmospheric ozone), also have negative affects on tree, human, and crop heath. Many areas are already seeing the affects of these programs.
Private companies, states, counties, universities, our U.S. military, NASA, and H.A.A.R.P. programs are all engaged atmospheric experimentation. Where the experiments are in our atmosphere, completed by various types of airplanes, or ground based, we have no controls or oversight to access the synergistic affects of these programs on earth’s environment upon which we depend for food and water. With an increasing drumbeat about the threat of global warming many new geoengineering schemes to reduce more sunlight from reaching the earth are now on the horizon and may be implemented at any time without public notification or any consideration of their negative consequences on crop production, human health, or drinking water supplies.

The visible effects of these experiments are being felt in countries around the world. These effects can be seen in the form persistent jet contrails that make man-made clouds and white haze that leading to higher humidity. A lack of direct sunlight and higher humidity could result in a rise in pandemics, flu, molds, mildews, and viruses all directing affecting human health. Direct sunlight acts as a disinfectant for the prevention of these problems and also supplies the very energy needed for all plants and trees to grow and produce crops. Direct sunlight also powers solar panels. Without direct sunlight our oceans will not remain healthy. This is why all of us have to join together to make sure that we are not rushed into unproven geoengineering and other schemes that will add more polluting chemicals to our air and water while reducing more sunlight from reaching our earth. And this is why we have to initiate oversight on those programs that are artificially changing our climate and reducing the amount of sunlight reaching the earth.

Allan Buckmann: “Dying Trees & Plants, Man-made Clouds, and the Bio-Restoration Alternative.”

Our last workshop speaker was Allan Buckmann who discussed our polluted earth, the dying of the trees, environmental stress from pollution, and bio-restoration using natural organic beneficial microbes. He was a trained Weather Observer (United States Air Force), and trained as an ecologist and wildlife biologist and manager, recently retired from the California Department of Fish & Game (38+ years). He shared his field findings, environmental concerns, and offered solutions during his workshop presentation.

Mr. Buckmann: “How many of you know that the ecosystems of the Earth are dying from pollution? How many of you know that we have the tools to clean up pollution and reverse the climate trends using natural organic processes? How many of you know that we do not have to resort to geoengineering schemes that not only do not solve our problems but make them worse?”


DYING TREES & PLANTS - Throughout California, and other states, Mr. Buckmann has been following an accelerating stress and plant death problem. It is environmental stress that allows pathogens to invade (they are opportunistic to stress), and this stress is being caused by shifting climate patterns and pollution from man’s activities that have killed off beneficial soil microbes and stopped the natural cleaning process and atmosphere restoration they once provided.

Atmospheric thinning and depletion of beneficial atmospheric ozone combine with increases in UV radiation (11+ Random Patterns), are causing sunburn on trees, grapes, roses (looks identical to freeze burn). Rapid high evaporation and water losses stress wet coastal habitats (no drought), promote water loss to terrestrial ecosystems. Stress lowers immunity and increases disease and insect invasions. Dying trees and plants use less C02 and produce less oxygen. Global dimming causes solar energy losses and retards plant growth and crop production.

MAN-MADE CLOUDS – Mr. Buckmann became aware of “man-made clouds” and soon realized that they are the result of a massive, intentional weather modification program that stresses trees and plants. The climate alternates between man-made cloud cover and haze, and rapid evaporation to make artificial clouds that steal water from rivers, soil, trees and plants…no plants or tree can live long under these conditions. Rainwater virtually disappears overnight after moderate rainfall. There has been no drought, but extremely fast water loss. Rapid evaporation is common with man-made clouds forming and ionized air. This unnatural cloud cover exacerbates global warming and creates stressful climate changes.

GEO-ENGINEERING SCHEMES – Mr. Buckmann noted that there are many schemes that would artificially alter our weather and atmosphere. One is the addition of toxic sulfur to our atmosphere for light reduction. Since man-made cloud cover, white haze, and air pollution are already dimming the sun and creating a greenhouse effect, this solution would only exacerbate our problems. Another solution allowing companies like Planktos to add iron dust to our oceans. This will not “fix” our problems it only allows companies like this one to make a profit selling pollution credits to those that want to pollute more…a “cap and trade money market corporate scheme”. These programs have unknown consequences for human and crop health and all marine life. One recent plan was to load a fleet of jets with black carbon dust to create weather disturbances across the U.S. to control hurricanes. What will these weather disturbances to do our environment and normal weather patterns?

The role of organic microbes is to consume and remove pollution, remove toxins, improve plant growth and health, provide disease protection, recycle or immobilize minerals, improve water and soil quality, decompose organic material, and restore our atmosphere and native ecosystems. Ample evidence was provided during this presentation demonstrating how organic microbes knocked out pollution problems and restored water and soil to make them good habitats for fish and wildlife. Mr. Buckman: “Let the trees, the plants, the animals, the birds and bees, combined with organic microbes be our army to fight pollution in the future…we are one people, one miraculous planet. Let us work together using nature to heal nature.”


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