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Light Millennium's Annual Report
Prepared & presented during the first Annual Meeting

November 16, 2002

Dear Friends:


Thank you very much for serving on Light Millennium’s board of directors, correspondents, representatives and volunteer staff throughout the 2001-2002 calendar year. We wish you continue doing so in the next term.

2001 and 2002 were full of accomplishments (summarized below). We would like to present them and give you the opportunity to evaluate them under the following headlines: Web Publishing, Events, Organizational Accomplishements, Video Project, Financial Reporting, and Conclusion.

I.               Web Publishing: Light Millennium (“LM”) published 6 issues (three in English and three in Turkish) since its official foundation on July 17, 2001. In addition to that, the Turkish & Greek Synergy Special Issue that was updated in June 2002. All in all, LM has published 18 issues also an Introductory issue (in English and in Turkish) since its launch in 1999.

Dedications (since LM’s official foundation):
Fall 2001 Issue: Burhan Dogancay, Stephen Kinzer and Arif Mardin
Fall 2001 Isik Binyili (Turkish version): “Unforgotten Humanity”
Winter 2002 Issue: Nazim Hikmet and Ilhan Mimaroglu
Winter 2002 Isik Binyili: Nazim Hikmet and Ilhan Mimaroglu
Summer 2002 Issue: Karen Armstrong and Arms Trade Resource Center 
Summer 2002 Isik Binyili: “A Calling to  Awaking for Nuclear Danger & Lessening Prejudges against to Islam in America.”

Our global web platform was visited by over 125 thousand people from 97 different countries originating from the following countries (as of November 16, 2002

1) USA: a) Educational b) Commercial c) Network, d) Non-profit organizations
2) Europe: a) Germany b) United Kingdom c) Austria d) France
3) Turkey

Each issue had its special dedications as well as different subjects of literature, arts, poetry, global issues, book reviews etc.

II.              Events: LM in cooperation with the Federation of Turkish Association organized “A Breeze from the Shore of Turkey” on 5/2/2001 where poems by Turkish poets were read in both English and Turkish. The Nazim Hikmet Evening was also an important event as the worldly renown Turkish poet's hundredth birthday was celebrated by reading his work in both Turkish and English. LM presented its website, “A Support Campaign For Fugen Gulertekin” on May 18-19 2000 in corporation with the Federation of Turkish American Associations, and a following second panel on March 17, 2001. LM presented all the activities and updated news related with Fugen Gulertekin’s unfair imprisonment. (Visit: http://lightmillennium.org/fugen_gulertekin/fugen_list.html for more info) These were followed by “An Evening of Story Reading: Sait Faik,” one of the most original and free thinking Turkish story writer. “An Evening with Love Trio (Ilhan Ersahin)” was also a very exciting musical event (organized on 9/18/2002). It was also the first fundraising event, and for what it aimed it was quite successful.

All of the above activities were followed by a very enthusiastic group of people mostly but not totally Turkish.

III.        Organizational Accomplishments: LM applied for and was granted “not for profit organization,” status according to Section 501(c)(3). This enabled the organization to raise funds that are tax deductible by the donors, and allow the organization to collect revenues without being subject to income taxation. This is a-dream-come-true for any organization that wants to raise funds for its activities.

LM had four board of directors meetings since its official founding in July, 2001 (October 19, 2001, January 15, 2002, July 18, 2002, and October 29, 2002). Considering the short life of the organization, and its 100% volunteer-driven operation, LM's achievements are quite considerable.

IV. Video Project

Light Millennium also produced a video project based on "To Many More Millennia Dear Nazim" poetry night for the Light Millennium TV series at Queens Public Television.

V         Financial Report:

Donations via events          $   1,495.- (2nd Anniversary & Ilhan Ersahin’s Love Trio event)
Donations by the founder  $   2,152.63

Note: 1- Direct deposit to the LM Bank account by Bircan Unver.   Some of LM expenses paid directly from personal credit cards of B.Unver  --are not itemized below--, because limitation of the LM credit card and checking account funds (please see below).

Total income                                    $   3,647.63
From November 1st 2001 to
November 16, 2002        

Checks & Chase Banking
service fee paid

from LM Checking Account                       $   3,597.25

Checking Account
Current Balance                                     $      119.98

Cash spendings                              $ - 2,317.37
(January 1, 2002 to
November 16 2002 by BU.)

LM Credit Card Spendings           $   -  769.00
(as of November 16, 2002)
Capital One - Limit $1000 since
January 2000.   
Note-2: Service and office type of donations will be itemized the end of December 31, 2002, for the period of January 1 – December 31, 2002.


Television Programs, documentaries,
Artists profiles and interviews
(35 master tape)  $ 200.000.-
Photography &
Literature archives $   16,075.-
Computer Equipment $ 4,284.-
Software $ 600.-

Total assets   $ 220,959.-

Note-3: Above assets donated to the organization by Bircan Unver on July 17, 2001, and itemized in the LM’s Financial Statements and #990 & 497 Forms for the period of July 17, 2001 to December 31, 2001.

VI- Conclusion

LM is a free platform for humanitarian ideas to be developed. It has a free structure, and invites individuals from different backgrounds to produce intellectual products and creative thinking to live in a peaceful world. It hopes to establish a positive global energy and network, an enviromentally clean, non discrimantory global cultural mozaic which aims to embrace and represent all ideas.

Thank you for being part of the Light Millennium.

You are soul of this global platform."

Be in peace, love and light,

Bircan Unver
Founder & President
The Light Millennium

© Light Millennium, General Annual Report, November 16, 2002

This issue is dedicated to the legendary author and scientist Sir ARTHUR C. CLARKE for his 85th Birthday...


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