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Media Release
October 2, 2002

The Light Millennium's tax-exempt status is granted...

On September 18, 2002, the Light Millennium ("LM") has received the IRS, "Determination Letter" conveying that LM's application for a "charitable organization" status has been approved under the Code 501 (c) (3). The IRS also determined July 17, 2001 to be the effective date of LM's Tax-Exempt status.

This recognition by the IRS is a major accomplishment by LM so much so that LM can now carry out its mission as a publicly supported and funded organization.

For the record, LM was incorporated on July 17, 2001 as a not-for-profit and public interest alternative multi-media platform.  As acknowledged in the Determination Letter, LM is qualified for a "publicly supported" organization and thereby contributions, donations, sponsorships, any services or technical assistance, professional or maintenance types of supports are all tax deductible. This special status, accompanied by the public support, will enable LM to further strengthen its activities and reach to a global audience.

Those donations and contributions, which were made since July 17, 2001, are now all tax deductible.

Until Ilhan Ersahin's "Love Trio" fund raising event on September 18, 2002, LM had received only a $500 donation from a loyal supporter who pledged the amount early in the year. Prior to this donation, Ms. Bircan Unver, President and founder of LM covered all the operational expenses.

During Love Trio fund raising event, LM has received $995 in donations. In addition to this monetary support, LM is also indebted to Ilhan Ersahin for his priceless performance during the event.

The Light Millennium's current multi-media platforms include:

* The Light Millennium e-platform  (in English)
* Isik Binyili, e-platform (in Turkish)
* Turkish and Greek Synergy (in English and Turkish)
* The Light Millennium TV Series @Queens Public TV in NY

As soon as LM receives sufficient grants, funds, sponsorship and donations,
the following projects will be activated promptly:

*Monthly E-publication by Light Millennium;
*Monthly E-publication by Isik Isik Binyili;
*Quarterly Turkish and English, also depends on available sponsorships or volunteer translators & editors in Greek, e-publication on Turkish & Greek Synergy;
* Publications in minimum three languages on these existing platforms:
* Dawn of the Light Millennium (a book project, based on first published   original works);
* The birth of Isik Binyili (a Turkish book project);
* Turkish & Greek Synergy, a feature documentary project; and
* Light Millennium, an online-interactive discussion platform

For the book projects, initial selection will be made among the first published visual and written works by the LM's platform and the board members. LM's the selections will be announced on its web site.

LM is proud to announce that since its inception, over 104 thousand readers in 96 countries have visited its web site. LM's goal is to reach over a million people within five years through representing their ideas, create harmony and foster a global peace among all people.

LM will accomplish all of this with your generous support and encouragement.  LM's goal is to expand on a national & international level to be followed by the global platform through which it will be able to reach every corner of the world. Such goal also means achieving your own individual targets in terms of creating a powerful alternative platform, being your own voice, creating a global network between all participants and readers.   Your contributions, regardless of the amount, even $1.00, will help to achieve our goal.

Once we understand and support each other and unite against the wrongdoers, we can make the necessary changes so that the conflict lovers become human lovers, too.

We thank you for being part of the Light Millennium organization and supporting it with your donations and ideas, as well as spreading its mission.

LM also acknowledges the invaluable assistance and guidance extended by the Volunteer Lawyers of Art and the attornees who helped LM to incorporate and receive its tax-exempt status.

LM is a transparent  "Charitable-Public Interest and Publicly Supported" multi-media and alternative global platform. All of the above referenced documents, such as LM’s 1023 Tax-Exempt Status Application, the IRS' Questions, LM’s Responses to the IRS, the Charities Register Form and the  "Determination Letter" are all available to the public on the Light Millennium's web site http://lightmillennium.org/501_c_3/list.html

Be in peace, love, and light...

Bircan Unver
Founding President
The Light Millennium, Inc.
A Not-For-Profit Organization

For further information:
E-mails: contact@lightmillennium.org /or

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(LM’s Annual Meeting will be held on November 16, 2002 in New York.
Guests and observers are welcome. Venue will be posted on the web site
at a later)

* Birth of the LM Project: Manifesto

For your charitable, tax-exempt donations:

Please m ake checks payable to "The Light Millennium, Inc."
87-82 115th Street, Richmond Hill, NY, 11418

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"You are the soul of this global platform."

This issue dedicated to such distinguished author Karen ARMSTRONG &
The Arms Trade Resource Center for its essential role and mission.
This e-magazine is under the umbrella of The Light Millennium, Inc.,
which granted a NOT-FOR-PROFIT organization
status based in New York since July 17, 2001.

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