A quest to fulfill hunger of the body and mind post-2015: Is genetically modified food a solution?
Julie Mardin, CALL Freedom of Information in the Genetically Modified Food Age
Freedom of Information in the Genetically Modified Age
Lack of transparency might be the worst problem of genetically modified foods
Issue#30 - 2014
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Is Genetically Modified Food A Solution?

65th Annual UN DPI/NGO Conference - Trusteeship Council, United Nations, August 28, 2014
Sponsored and Presented by: The Light Millennium

Co-sponsored by: Federation of World Peace and Love, Advancing Eco Agriculture and Stirring the Pot Productions

Sole Warranty for Eradicating Global Hunger: Article#19
Bircan Unver, UN Trusteeship Council, August 28, 2014

Presented by
Bircan UNVER
Permanent Representative of The Light Millennium to the United Nations

As first, we are very honor and privileged that you are with us, your patient with us, I am grateful for our extremely experience and esteem panelists, extreme information –sophisticated scientific and expertise base mount of–, extreme in a sense that we are not familiar with those, the language, the terminology. These are directly effecting us in everyday life – on a daily base– via each and every product that we consume whether in the U.S. or in different parts of the world.

We are part of it (part of that larger plan!). It is in us, (it is in our cells and circulating in our blood veins… perhaps changing/mutating our DNA’s…)
What we know about it?
Do we know what are we eating?
Do we know what is in it?
Do we know what is going to cause to us?

Now, I am certain that some of you have an annual flu vaccine!

In the past, I read about on a vaccine that 10 years after a shot, a side effect came out –some people paralyzed as a result of that–. As a result of that research and its findings, it was withdrawn from the market after being used on people during that period of time!

And, yesterday, I’ve made a quick research that flu vaccine don’t work!

But there are so much campaign, letters by hospitals to the homes to remind you to get your annual flue vaccine (of course, as long as insurance pays for it!), referral by doctors to get an annual flue-shot on an annual base without having a 10 years research on each annual base newly produced and circulated vaccine into the world-market!

According to some accounts, annual flu vaccine don’t work 3 out of 4 who got it! Regardless, they still continue to getting it on an annual base without it being a prevention from a flue despite of the shot!

It is indicated in one source that each year during the mutation of the virus, scientists are failing to figure out a come up with a vaccine that will be response/prevention to the newly mutated flue-virus that so far scientists have been able to figure out 3 out of 4 that there is always one element is left out in that vaccine that makes it not working! In this context and in a way that scientist cannot predicts in fully in a mutated virus’ contains that therefore, their annual-base vaccine product does not come out a full solution as a prevention from flue! As a result of that without having a long-term research on each annual base vaccine and despite of the annual vaccines, it does not prevent people from getting flue and sick…

In this process, scientists cannot get in fully all the required ingredients against to a mutated –as an ongoing mutation of a flu virus…

So, people are still getting it – and still getting sick despite their annual vaccines against to flue.

As a result of that it doesn’t work fully doesn’t prevent people from getting flue and sick despite all of money spent in that research, campaign and marketing that is tied in with the medical and health industry as well as insurance companies world-wide. Consequently, people are tied in with annual-flu vaccine on the ground of annually created massive campaigns world-wide and sustained a fear about a new flu virus that might kill millions! (For example; Avian Influenza (Bird Flu) and Avian Influenza A (H5N1))

On the other hand, there isn’t enough research out in our reach that is done based on a five-year or ten (or twenty years, perhaps it may require a duration of one full generation research). With that, we don’t know yet what causes and will be causing those annual vaccines to those people who are on it on an annual basis! For instance, some vaccine caused polio in the past that came out several years later.

Today, we don’t know how Genetically Modified Food (GMO) and agriculture have been-and-will affect our body, health, mind, water and environment as in the present time as well as its potential risks in the near and distant future! So, without having a multi-level and at least a decade duration of research, how could/will we trust in these genetically modified food and environment that we live in?

How this beyond our reach and access to information for too long and near to a quarter century modifying our seeds for everything that we rely on for life on the global level over the %80 percent of the world’s agro-culture areas, how could we certain that the genetically modified age won’t modified and mutation of our DNAs, cells and us as humans/as mankind? In this context, does the genetically modified agro-culture and food-chain is a solution for our own development as a humankind at large as well as how it could promote and extensively invade the world-market and tied-up national and governmental agro-culture policies as a solution for eradicating global hunger?

We are privileged to present you this issue because
ACCCESS TO INFORMATION are the key that once we know it, we can take necessary measures.

LABEL issue – we don’t know what is in a product that we buy and eat, which is one of the key concerns in this context that we even don’t know what we are paying for? We cannot even use our own RIGHT TO KNOW basic rights!
If it is not presented in fully and in transparency – while it has been invading the global markets with over pouring commercial-advertisements that are product base campaigns...

Anything we eat on a daily basis whether bread, meat, beans or milk whatever you name it, we don’t know about its full ingredients…

So from this point on, I’d like make a connection with the concept of annual base a flu vaccine and annual pesticide base agriculture. As the people at large has been encouraged – and based on created and sustained fear; millions of people have become – made in a way that dependable to annual flu vaccine without having for each year’s vaccine at least a five or ten or a generation research in order to see though all sort of its positive and negative effects in a diverse and intergenerational demographic on a national and international basis!

In this context, farmers have been forced to plant a new set of genetically modified seeds on their lands on an annual basis, which contains each year a different combination formula of pesticides in order to kill insects and wild plants, which might mutate and become resistant to the previous year’s GM seeds! With that farmers are completely tied in – made dependable to the GM seed provider companies that even if they chose to use previous year’s seed, they cannot! Then they face legal issues… They cannot go back to conventional or organic farming either because their land/soil is contaminated by the GM seeds’ pesticide.

So, the GM seeds producer/provider company(s) make the farmers world-wide that they MUST buy and plant newly modified seeds on an annual basis. This also means that the manufacturer of the GM seeds come up each year with more and new poison that will kill insects and wild plants in the agriculture area that also will go directly into our mouth, stomach, veins and cells of our body and mind/brain! In this context, also all the farmers’ who are tied in with GM seed agriculture, with this forceful and invading approach, their basic right what to plant each year and RIGHT TO CHOSE option has been taken away from them! So, how can/will this provide a sustainable healthy farming, harvest, food and eradicating hunger, in particular, in this case, if the %80 of the world-agriculture area is tied in with one or a few companies’ hands that are also forced and converted to GM based agriculture?

As a result of it, with further modified and more poisoned seeds based agriculture that directly goes into our body – our minds – to our water – our air – our soil – our environment that we live in that are also our common wealth and goods we all share that also is/will be determined our common destiny!

Certainly, GM based fruits – vegetable may appear more attractive with more shiny and in some cases, nicer/perfect shapes without concerning what it may contain, load up/build-up in your body and mind that what that eventually may cause to you/to us. So, without having as an ongoing full and independent research on every aspects of the GM based agro-culture and food production chain, then how we suppose to determine – know- and decide and choose what is healthier and safer for own our body and mind?

Top on that, as it is campaigned, it is not any cheaper or it did not serve to any level to eradicating hunger, which is one of the fundamental key issues of the world that we’ve been failing as of today despite the GM base agriculture has been invaded not only %80 percent of the world’s agro-culture area (Reference: A World According to Monsanto – documentary film) but also our body, mind, blood veins and cells!

So, have you seen during the last 5 or 10 years, if the food production went up, price went down and global hunger is eradicated?


I mean, if there is a research on this that indicates otherwise that we are not aware of it, and if you are aware of a research, certainly, we’d like to know and reflect it to you as well.

What I am trying to make a connection with the Vaccine and Pesticide is that as global campaigns, practices and somewhat in each essence has some similarities, which is both contains poison that is increased/changed/added/diversified on an annual base one against to a potential mutated flu virus and the other one is against to insects and wild plants which are mutating and becoming more resistant to previous years GM seeds… So, the similarities are almost very much the same and the destination in both humankind at large. In the vaccine case, it is directly to our vein – In the GM seed case, it is directly to our body, health, water, soil, environment and air! Perhaps, in both, one thing is common that on an ongoing and sustained basis, loading one form or another poison in our bodies, minds, water, environment and air, which cannot serve sustainable human development and as well as the planet’s Earth’s healthy sustainability unless at least from 5 to 10 to a generation long research on everything that is under effect directly or indirectly.

As it is now, we don’t know the full spectrum the information based on the research that even it is conducted by the manufacturers... As Dr. Hansen stated that it is also only done for 90 days that is under the company’s control, capacity, hired (scientist/research lab.)

So, how are we going to know if our lives and health are handed over to these companies since the food, health, water and environment core of living!

So, do we know and aware of what sorts of risks and consequences are waiting for us?

I mean, food and food security is the core off living.
But it is embedded with everything…

So, we aim that with this program, to create an awareness that its technology and terminology is hard to grasp but we should start somewhere to be aware of it (educate ourselves). Then we can demand from our government(s) that we need that information is the key that must be accessible to all that also GM seeds has to be prevented to be planted until it has been tested long-enough on multi-level and its full spectrum that we’re not going to be shock by its unseen risky outcomes that also we are not going to risk our lives – our generation but also NOT only this/our generation but also we must be able to prevent its potential risk of the future generations’ heath and environment either.

To that end, I’d like to point out two things that actually, once again, Dr. Hansen has brought them up:
“NO PATENT ON LIFE” that we have to claim it! We have to own this concept!

This will be only possible through having access to the information in full transparency. Then based on that information, consequently, we could take up necessary measures and required paths in order to demand a right path on this, right policies and processes to be implemented, and to be able to hold on our own basic rights, mainly that is LIVING…

The other one is, certainly, intellectual property that also goes in line with the

And, as a reminder, FREEDOM OF EXPRESSIN, FREEDOM OF INFORMATION, AND FREE FLOW OF INFORMATION, is also definition of the ARTICLE#19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

So, in this house, fundamental institution and the Article#19 of the fundamental document of the UDHR, still we are not able to access to full information on the GM seeds and its consequences!

So, that is why, we really like to get your attention and we are going to make these presentations available on our websites.

And, If you like to contribute to our website as your own responses to these questions and concept that we are really aiming to create a global dialogue on this concept that really aiming find out your responses to your question and to your general title as: A Quest to fulfill hunger of the body and mind post 2015: Is genetically modified food a solution?
And, we have the solution that John Kempf presented to us.

Also Deborah presented to us very hopeful future ideas...

And, Ambassador Garcia presented El Salvador’s case, which was once, it was agriculturally self-sustained that is not the case anymore since the GM seeds introduced and forced in El Salvador that is also the case in many parts of the world!

So, are we going to be more sustained human developments or are we more endangering it?

I leave it up to you for your own response and conclusion!

- . -

Pesticide: a substance used for destroying insects or other organisms harmful to cultivated plants or to animals.

DISCLOUSURE: This paper slightly has expanded by the author based on her initial oral presentation during the aforementioned workshop/panel during the 65th UN DPI-NGO Conference.

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