I am pleased to see your magazine (March - April issue). Thank you for publishing my work on Usul-al-Fiqh (Summer 2000 issue). Please keep me informed about the magazine from time to time.

Shah Abdul Hannan, Director of IBBL Ex. Secretary, Bangladesh

I am a published poet. I've been writing since 1941. I've been composing my poems in Turkish, French, Spanish. My epic poem in French entitled : "Si Pierre Loti Retournait Chez sa bien-aimee La Turquie" and its translation to Turkish were published in Nancy, France in 1995. My newest epic poem in full length book form,again in French, "Une Page D'Histoire A Galatasaray." It is being printed this summer by the Olusum/Genese literary Magazine, publishers in the same city. I could send sample copies of my work for your scrutiny. I also have poems in Turkish.

The most prominent one is slated to be placed at the "Anit Kabir" in Ankara. It is called :"Ozledim Seni Atam" a 6 page long epic poem. Others are some in English and some in Spanish, ready to be evaluated by your committee. My question is : How does one get in on this project whose participants you have enumerated on your list? (July 12, 2000)

Mahmut Esat Ozan, Poet

Your online magazine is very interesting!
I would love to be part of your truly unique online magazine, and would be very happy to contribute pieces. I'll be in touch with you later on to let you know what I have or am considering.

Ayse Sahin, Washington D.C.

* * *

A comment on Suzan Batu's art :
I saw Suzan's paintings on the Light Millenium. I just love them very much. The colors are unusually lively and uncharateristically matched into a burning harmony. I must say that they bring out your stenght and beauty in the cultures you have innately had. Beautiful deep flame red and Siberian green give rise to a turkic even Islamic composition of weaves in textile, interior design that exist in every folk life in Anatolia. Congratulations and good luck! (Erol Mucen)
I have just reviewed your Light Millennium again. I think that you have done a tremendous job. I like it very much. Nazim, Cahit Sitki, other contemporary artists and authors that are wonderful choices and very meaningful selections on your part. It's an excellent work. Congratulations! I wish to write and contribute in it sometime. Keep up good work. (For January issue)

Erol Mucen-Lawyer, New York


A comment on the "Are we reflections of Black Holes?":
There are lots of theories about the origin of evil. It started all the way back in the garden of Eden, when Eve defied God's order not to taste from the tree of temptation. But , of course, we'll never really know. The main thing is that we must strive to be better human beings and to be kind to and considerate of our fellow humans, and to always think and act positively, even under adverse conditions, hard as it may be. There is something real special and divine about you, dear Bircan. I am happy our paths have crossed. (Angela Dogancay)

One of the issues that greatly concerns me, if you humanity is to survive on this globe, is the problem of overpopulation. An organization called, Zero Population Growth, P.O. Box 97129, Washington, DC 20077-705, can give you more scientific insights into this issue. You may want to contact them and find out what course of action is necessary to improve the fate and chances of survival of life on earth. That's my thought for today.

Angela Dogancay, New York



Light Millenium looks really good. I liked the layout. The alignment problem did not persist. I hope the magazine will have a future. I like the idea of an intellectual forum. My pages look really good. Thank you. I would love to contribute to the magazine in the future. I could send you some more images but maybe not for the next issue. I could try to write something about the Turkish art scene as I perceived it as a foreigner.

Marianne Angersbach-Artist, Istanbul

I did get a chance to look at the magazine and particularly liked the Cocoon piece by Banu Grote. The images were most interesting and it would be good to see them in person. I wondered about size and thought it would be helpful to put dimensions and media as part of the information provided. I was also interested in the images of Ipek Duben as seen in Turkey. The combination of image and site was quite arresting and very strong. I am most interested in putting my work and statements on your magazine

Rosalind S.-Artist, New York


This is such an eclectic mix of poetry, history, and the arts - a chrysalis, a haven where writers and thinkers can exchange ideas in this brand-new globe-spanning language-barrier-eradicating medium while still conversing on and singing the song of the soul, which 'hasn't changed since Socrates...' We are who Andre Gregory called the frequenters of the hidden outposts...and this is such a glorious 'outpost' at the close of the shameful and glorious 20th century and the dawn of the new millenium.

Brian Felsen-Producer & Elif Savas-Director, New York


Light Millennium is a nice mix of prose, poetry and art -- definitely a "find" for culture-lovers and a good way for other nationalities to become aware of Turkish arts.

Joanne Preziosi-Public Relations
, New York

Light Millennium is going to be unique as a magazine to promote artistic creativity and enhance scientific curiosity in readers. Please welcome to quote my this or pror comments. I am delighted to see your internet magazine "LIGTH MILLENNIUM" which is a pure success in your short professional carreer in New York. CONGRATULATIONS! Thank you very much for your invitation to write and or exhibit in the magazine. I wish you and your collegues best of luck. I hope to contribute into this beautiful enterprise one day. (For the introductory issue)

Erol Mucen-Lawyer
, New York

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