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The Impact of the Lausanne Peace Treaty
A Celebration for the 90th Anniversary - High Level Panel
Columbia University, Nov. 14, 2013

The Importance of the Lausanne Peace Treaty
Ali Cinar, The Impact of the Lausanne Peace Treaty - Ataturk's quote Ali Cinar, The Impact of the Lausanne Peace Treaty
By Ali CINAR, Panelist
President of Federation of Turkish American Associations
Member of the Turkish Prime Ministry's Turk Abroad and Relative Commmnities Advisory Board

Dear Honorable Guests,

First of all ,I would like to thank you The Light Millennium and Columbia Turkish Student Association to organize this outstanding event. It is very important to remember the Treaty of Lausanne and recognize what happened in
the past.

I will start my speech giving the Founder of Turkey Ataturk’s statement on Lausanne “*Gentlemen, I don't think it is necessary any further to compare the principles underlying the Lausanne Peace Treaty with other proposals for peace. * *This treaty, is a document declaring that all efforts, prepared over centuries, and thought to have been accomplished through the Sevres Treaty to crush the Turkish nation have been in vain. It is a diplomatic victory unheard of in the Ottoman history! “*

This year, we are celebrating one of the foundation stones of modern Turkey: The 90th Anniversary of the Treaty of Lausanne.

The Treaty of Lausanne was a peace treaty signed in Lausanne, Switzerland on July 24, 1923. It officially ended the state of war between Turkey and the Allied British Empire, France, Italy, Japan, Greece, Romania and the Serb-Croat-Slovene state since the onset of World War I.

It was the second attempt at peace after the failed Treaty of Sevres (1920) which was later rejected by the Turkish National Movement. The Treaty of Lausanne both ended the conflict and delineated the borders of the modern Turkish Republic.

The Turkish War of National Liberation, fought against the most powerful imperial states of the time, culminated in a military and diplomatic victory for the Turkish people who achieved full independence and sovereignty at Lausanne. It served as a source of inspiration for several nations in their struggles against Western imperialism and independence for many years to come.

Ali Cinar, The Importance of the Lausanne Peace Treaty, Columbia University, Nov. 14, 2013 Ali Cinar

The treaty was composed of 143 articles with major sections including [6]
Convention on the Turkish Straits
Trade (abolition of capitulations)
Agreements Binding letters.

When we looked at the Political Outcomes:

-Turkey gains back most of the territories that were wanted.

-With guaranteeing the rights of the minorities within the country, political justice was served

-The Treaty of Lausanne in general caused a settling down in the Asia Minor

Turkish government reached its peak of power

When we looked at the Economical Outcomes:

-In the Treaty, Western leading by British power renounces any controls over Turkey's economy,

-No controls, meant freedom of Turkey to do as it wished

-With the Aegean Sea and the Black Sea are open for fair transportation,
this was also plus for the economical growth.

-As far as Turkey is concerned, the capitulations were abolished by the Treaty of Lausanne (1923), specifically by Article 28. Each of the High Contracting Parties hereby accepts, in so far as it is concerned, the complete abolition of the
Capitulations in Turkey in every respect

When we looked at the Military outcomes:

-Western Countries renounces any control over Ottoman Land

-Only area where no Turkish army is allowed in is the International Zone of the Dardanelles

-Lands recovered by the Treaty included Eastern Thrace, several Aegean islands, a strip along the Syrian border, and the Smyrna district

-Turkish Military influence has expanded

It was a diplomatic victory despite all the negative conditions of the time despite those who considered Turkey as a country losing World War 1.

Upon the foundation of this treaty rose the Republic of Turkey, a democratic, secular and social law state.

Behind this treaty is Turkey struggle for independence that the nation self-sacrificially carried into victory with its blood, souls and determination.

This Treaty which crowned the national challenge is also one of the milestones of the diplomatic history. Turkey, on the one hand, made historic attempts towards development right after the signing of the Treaty of Lausanne, while on the other hand it began to pursue a peaceful foreign policy well beyond its time on the basis of the great leader Atatürk’ principle of “Peace at home, peace in the world”.

Turkey have made great progress on the basis of this understanding and on the path of getting beyond the level of the modern states throughout the 90-year history of the Republic of Turkey with its great developments has become one of the esteemed members of the international community..

This Treaty is a historical document that shows Turkey’s wish to live in security, peace and prosperity in the multi-dimensional geography where it is located. Turkey established peace thanks to this treaty with the powers against which it had displayed its determination during the national challenge of independence and has become an ally of the western countries as well as being an integral part of the West on the foundation of their
common values.

Today, Turkey’s stance and resoluteness towards its membership of the EU should be evaluated within the framework of this historic orientation.

Turkey keeps the spirit of Treaty of Lausanne alive with its realistic contributions to the regional and global peace.

Turkey has no choice other than looking towards the future by rejecting every sort of disintegration no matter what the source of each may be, being in the spirit of tolerance and solidarity and avoiding getting stuck in the darkness of history all the while learning from these.

When we look at the Treaty of Lausanne from the Turkish Citizens abroad prospect, We are proud of our history.

We are proud of our Country that has strong roots over 700 years.

Strong Turkey makes us stronger and stronger globally.

As long as we make efforts to raise our future generations better and to hand down our land and state in an improved fashion to them, the path and future in front of our country will be bright and open.

Thank You

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