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[As part of the initial Invitation Letter to the Speakers.]

A Celebration for the 90th Anniversary
High Level Panel

Lausanne Peace Treaty - Article1 Lausanne Peace Treaty
Concept by

Bircan ÜNVER, Founding President and
Permanent Representative to the UN/DPI of
The Light Millennium

On Thursday, November 14, 2013
Thursday, November 14 at 6:00PM
Columbia University, Lerner Hall
Time: 6:00 to 9:00pm.

It is our utmost honor and privilege to jointly present to you a High Level Panel titled: The Impact of the Lausanne Peace Treaty in the World: A Celebration of the 90th Anniversary (1923) at the Columbia University campus on Thursday, November 14, 2013.

The concept of the proposed High Level Panel (HLP) is developed by The Light Millennium, a volunteer base Public Benefit Multi-Media and Culture organization, which has been associated with the Department of Public Information of the United Nations since December 2005, for its 14th Anniversary Celebration. It is jointly organized with and presented by the Columbia Turkish Students, an officially recognized undergraduate student organization that connects Turkish students and promotes Turkish culture at Columbia University.

Bircan Unver, Concept, The Impact of the Lausanne Peace Treaty, Columbia University, Nov. 14, 2013
Bircan Unver is presenting the concept: The Impact of the Lausanne Peace Treaty
and Global Partnerships for Peace
at Columbia University on November 14, 2013.

Concept and Intended Outcomes

The 90th Anniversary of the Lausanne Peace Treaty (LPT) is the inspiration and concept of this project. As a more inspiring coincidence, an “International Conference on the 90th Anniversary of the Lausanne Peace Treaty” will take place in Ankara on November 13-15, 2013.

The LPT has been a significant milestone in the world history. It has reshaped the world we live in today. The LPT has defined the borders and led to the formation of the very first secular, parliamentary and democratic regime of the Republic of Turkey (October 29th, 1923) in the Middle East, Africa and Asia, at large. Therefore, it needs to be further acknowledged and studied on an academic and global level.

Within our knowledge, there has not been a panel session or a conference held on the LPT in a similar approach that is open to academicians, students, non-governmental organizations, civil society and media at Columbia University nor the United Nations. Therefore, we’ve aimed to take the 90th Anniversary of the LPT as an opportunity for raising awareness on this very important treaty through having this event on the ‘highest level’ of representations. Further, we have also aimed to emphasize the significance of the LPT as a pioneering model for a Peace Treaty for World Peace within the general context and philosophy of “Peace at Home, Peace in the World." This is also very relevant to the 2000 UN-Millennium Development Goal #8: Global Partnerships for Development as well as with the Post-2015 Sustainable Millennium Development Goals.

With that, the panel will be providing all interested parties with a rare and very unique opportunity to listen to the various perspectives of a symbolic group of esteemed diplomats, academicians and experts on the importance and
impact of the LPT, and how it has shaped the current political dynamics in the world.

PROGRAM with Bios
WELCOMING Remarks by Erman H. Sener
CONCEPT by Bircan Ünver
The Importance of the Lausanne Peace Treaty by Ali Cinar
HIGHLIGHTS from the High Level Panel by Hande Subasilar
Photo ALBUM 1: Slides - Run Down
Photo ALBUM 2: Reception
Photo ALBUM 3: The Impact of the Lausanne Peace Treaty - The High Level Panel
Invite (Final)
Save the Date

Photograps by: Ali Sarikaya, Founder of the NY Ataturk Arts Compex Group
Videography: Richard Graziano on behalf of The Light Millennium TV
Volunteers: Columbia Turkish Students

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DISCLOSURE:1) Based on the Columbia University Student Organization' Event Policy, online Registration form and relevant information of this High Level Panel was only available to all interested parties and potential attendees only through the Columbia Turkish Student's (CTS) website and Ticket and Information Center (TIC). These images posted here for The Light Millennium's record as of November 18, 2013. 2) This proposed High Level Panel videotaped by The Light Millennium TV, and will be shared with The Light Millennium and Columbia Turkish Students.

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