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We need to recognize the chain of events...

Harvey Tordoff

I believe in unity and harmony.  In big ways: between nations and cultures, mankind and the environment; and in small ways: in communities, families, and in the patterns of an individual’s daily life.

My life has had distinct, if overlapping, phases.  For twenty years I lived in the back streets of an industrial city in the North of England, gaining an education that would provide choice in later life.  The next twenty years saw me moving towards a comfortable lifestyle and a successful business career whilst my wife and I brought up our son.  In my current phase, still married, I am living and sharing my beliefs.  Throughout, I have had an interest in different cultures, philosophy, religion, and spirituality.

I have participated in complex corporate deals in London, Amsterdam, Johannesburg, Washington. I have seen the natural monuments to power of the Alps, the Rockies, the Himalayas, and Niagra and Victoria Falls.  I have seen monuments to the power of mankind: the Forbidden City in Beijing, the office towers of Manhattan, the castles of Europe.  I have been in mankind’s monuments to God: the cathedrals of Europe, the temples of Asia.  I have experienced temporal dislocation standing in the ancient circles of Stonehenge and Castlerigg, the Ring of Brodgar, the Stones of Callanish.  And I have seen mankind’s attempts at division: apartheid in South Africa; the ruined Great Wall of China, the broken wall of Berlin, and the still-standing wall in Nicosia.  Thus has my writing been shaped.

I spent seven years researching and writing O Lanoo! ~ a book which describes our common origins and destiny, the evolution of matter and spirit, and the journey of the pilgrim soul.  Now I write articles and stories, poetry and drama, highlighting social injustice and offering ways of coping, ways of changing society.  When I am not writing, I use my old business skills in a wind farm co-operative, bringing people together to harness the power of the wind.  I want my legacy for future generations to be a peaceful, cleaner world.

Western society has lost its way, dominated by material and selfish values.  Now is the time to reclaim our spiritual nature, to remember the inter-dependency of all life-forms on Earth.  Living in the moment, we need to recognize the chain of events that led to this moment; we need to be aware that in the moment is the essence of the moment to come.  Then, when the next moment comes it will be imbued with our understanding, wisdom and compassion, and the world will move towards the peace and harmony that is our ultimate destiny.

O Lanoo! is a poetic work conveying the wisdom of the ancients to the modern reader, who is addressed as Lanoo (Sanskrit for ‘seeker after truth’).  The book ends with the following verses:

            The path is long
            But be not overawed,
            Nor feel insignificant or alone,

For whatever stage you have reached,
            Like all Pilgrim-Souls,
            You can do no more than take the next step.

            And with every step
            Know that you are truly sacred,

And that all sentient beings are your kin,

For you are part of God
And God is all of you.

For those who do not like the word ‘God’ ~ substitute the word ‘Universe’.  The point is, we are not outside; we are the components that make up the whole.  By inflicting pain and suffering on others we are inflicting it on the whole ~ of which we are part.

Much of today’s suffering stems from the way in which those with power exploit those who are more vulnerable.  We cannot prevent all civil wars and acts of terrorism and tyranny, but by changing our behaviour we can create a fairer world, one with better health care, less hunger, more education, less exploitation.  All we need are compassion, understanding and vision.

I urge all like-minded people to share their compassion, understanding and vision.

_ . _

Harvey Tordoff
West Sussex

November 2003
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