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We have only one WORLD yet! If we destroy it, where else will we go?

Welcome to the Summer 2003, #12 Issue of the Light Millennium
This is an open platform for greatness in humanity...
August 3, 2003, New York

In this issue we see an analysis by Stephen KINZER in his new book, All The Shah's Men and understand better the intricacies of the world politics and power the way they have been centered mostly on oil and in particular played by Great Britain and the USA - since 1953.

The old communism as a pretense now seems to have been replaced by "terrorism or weapons of mass destruction".

Mehmet UCA focuses in his article, On a new version of the "Strategy of Preemptive Strike" that, "If we are serious about pre-emption, we should understand the probable causes of "what makes an individual" a terrorist, and then try to change them. This is much more effective and long lasting than any military solution."

It is very obvious that there is an URGENT need to increase and sustain "Global Awareness" in every corner of the world. Then work very hard with all people and NGO's hand in hand nationally and globally in order to decrease all existing global military spending, and channel resources into all humanitarians needs globally... This to us seems as the way that we can save our world and all humanity!!!

With this general and abstract approach, we dedicated the Summer-2003 issue to GLOBAL AWARENESS hoping to contribute to the rise and sustenance of it as well as to make it an effective tool for good deed for all people.

Content of the Summer 2003 Issue

Dedication to Global Awareness:
New Book- July 2003
- All The Shah's Men
An American Coup and The Roots of
Middle East Terror

by Stephen KINZER

On A New Version of The
"Strategy of Preemptive Strive"

by Mehmet UCA

Arts & Photography
- The Museum of Modern Art in Queens Presents
Last Chance
To View Ansel Adams Centennial Exhibition

- Max Beckmann Retrospective:
Modern Masterworks of Symbolism and Allegory

- As Times Go by...
A Photo Essay by Ayhan M. DUMAN
With Peace Drops

- Reflections on Photography, Painting and Film:
A conversation with Chicago-based multimedia artist
Tom Palazzolo

Article by Marianne A. KINZER
Phographs by Tom PALAZZOLO

- Omer MUZ: Painting, Music, Poetry and
My Daughter Elif Maya..
Interview by Sabati KARAKURT

Blue Series: 1, 2, 3 & 4
by Christina SOTO

- Yakup CEM: The arts of Western,
Eastern and the Ottoman can stand together...

Bircan ÜNVER

- 50th International Art Exhibition
Open until November 2003
The Pavilion of Turkey

On 50th Venice Biennale
Artwork Makes The Everyday Life of the Viewer Easy
by Beral MADRA


- Book Signing
by m. Çelik ARIKAN

- You should eat a little something
Part I
by Robert J. BAUMANN

- Flip & Dombitz
Part: V
by Robert J. BAUMANN 

- The  Home  and the Garden
Shridhar KAMBLI

- A Few Thoughts About The True
International Language

by Philip MADDEN

- The Problem of Turkish Toothpaste
by Philip MADDEN

Global Issues:

- U.S. Weapons Aid Repression in Aceh

- Rotary International's First African
President Takes Office

- Freedom for the Prisoners

- Kraan - Through-Bassball Recordings
[BAS 20032]
by Robert J. BAUMANN

New Book:

Living History: Hillary Rodham Clinton
took command and told her own story in 528 pages...

Yonca Poyraz DOGAN

Letter of the Summer-03 Issue:
Who will we be? Who are we? & A Will
by Bircan UNVER

A Multi-Facet Poetry Event Proposal

- A Call for Poetry Writing and Reading
When Peace Comes...
A Proposal for multi-facet and venues
poetry reading events in 2004
- How To Enter?

New Quests:

- After the Extraterrestrial War

by Barbara PARKER

- The Power of Thought or How I Became
a Contactee

by Barbara PARKER

- He Should Have Stayed With His Body
by Barbara PARKER

- Making A Place In The World For
The Female Mystic

by Dr. Jodi Shams PRINZIVALLI

- How To Be A Mystic In A Traffic Jam
by Dr. Jodi Shams PRINZIVALLI

- Religion & Spirituality in Alcoholism Assessment

by Sharon J. TURNER

- The Pledge
by Alberto O. CAPPAS
- Clear. Natural. Poignant: These words accurately
Alberto O.  Cappas and his work and

by Jaira PLACIDE, New York University

- Arabesk
by Asli OMUR

- "Daydream"
- Behind The Clouds
- Together

by Seckin DERVIS, M.D.

- En Kutsali Yaratmak (To Create Is Most Sacred)
- "On The Road To Ruin"
- Everyone Knows Who You Are!

by Jerry Lee MILLER

- Girl

- Full Moon In Jerusalem
by Dr. Jodi Shams PRINZIVALLI

-Cycle Of Survival, -The World Itself,
- Bad Merchantilist & Harmonized Din

New poems & Photos by Ugur AKINCI

- Tops


- Dark Rapture
directed by Darly BLING


- Dr. Jodi Shams PRINZIVALLI


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- How to Sponsor? - Brand Name & Categories
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- Our Sponsors

- Projects

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This issue is dedicated to Global Awareness: All The Shah's Men & "Strategy of Preemptive Strive"

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