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A Call for Poetry Writing and Reading

A Proposal for multi-facet and venues poetry reading events in 2004

Design by Ayhan M. DUMAN


When Peace Comes...

Project Producer & Director: Bircan Unver
The Light Millennium
Partner Organizations
: Amity School, Ataturk Elementary School, HAFTR High School
(subject to be changed): Turkish House, #821 United Nations Plaza, NYC.
English & Turkish
Deadline for Submissions:
March 31, 2004 (extended)
Proposed event date:
April 23, 2004
Proposed publishing date:
4th week of April 2004
Video Project:
Based on events and activities.Each event will be edited and scheduled to broadcast from September 2004 on.
(Also based on available equipment and crew sponsorships/grants)

For More Information: contact@lightmillennium.org /
bircanunver@earthlink.net or / figenbingul@lightmillennium.org

Aim - Concept:

This is a multi-faceted project to encourage all ways of life  (elementary and on) to write up to 3 poems each. The project will aim to reach the widest and most diverse group of people in the state New York.Via this project, we aim to stir up positive thinking towards poetry writing as well as question the soul and mind about tomorrow with a hope for a better future.  At the same time, to create a record of our times in terms of ideas,  expressions, expectations, hopes, struggles, weaknesses or strengths in a way to blend all these into poetry, based on below given concepts.

Theme Words for Poetry Writing and Participation in the event:














How will we operate this project?

a) We will seek one or more organizations which focuses on peace, women, gender, security, or disarmament issues as well as literature/poetry  division of colleges for partnership of the event.

b) We will send out e-announcements and invitations to a (possible) list requesting the participation of others by writing up to 3 poems on above given subjects.

c) We will repeat the announcements every other week or every month with its deadline.

d) We will organize an (or multiple based on submissions) event which will represent the best 30 poems during the event accompanied by musical performances.

e) We hope to publish a book based on the submitted poems --the poems must  be unpulished works-- . If there is any grant available for this purpose, then all submitted poems will be published on the Light Millennium's e-platform.

f) We will produce a video project based on the event/s.

Other aspects of the p

1) To present a placket or certificate to the participants of the event during the event.

2) If a poem selected out of state and its author cannot attend the event, we will select a reader for that poem for the event, and placket or certificate will be sent to the writer by mail.

3) Organizers of the event won't be responsible for transportation or hotel expenses etc. of the participants or poetry readers of the program.

4) There will be a reception --where the book(!)-- as well as the event will be promoted to media and related group of people.

5) To aim and plan multi events in school auditoriums (around 500 sit) •as well as Turkish audience at Turkish House in New York City.

6) If there is great interest and attention submitting poems, then spread out this project to 3 - 4 major cities such Washington DC, LA, San Francisco or Seattle by incorporating one or more organizations from these great cities.

7) To seek grants/funds for each poetry event, book publishing, and video-taping + production based on the event as well as a placket for all the participants, which will be given during the event.

Our Criteria for to be selected for the event and book

Each poem should be focused on above given concepts or any combinations of  all or any selected combinations of these themes or to blend all subjects into:

- 1 page (for single submission maximum, 3 different poems as each of them one page)

- Each submission should be on A4 size and written in size 12 fonts

- Submission may be one stanza or a full page... but each submission shouldn't exceed more than 1 page...

- Each participant can submit up to 3 different poems on above issues if he/she wishes.

- Never published it before and should be focused on one of above issues and should be received by November 30, 2003.

- All submitted poems will be read, evaluated and selected by LM and other partner organizations board members to be read during the event and for the book. If there is insufficient participants, then it will be first come, first read.


If we are not able to realize the book project, then The Light Millennium will consider dedicating a special issue to this project/event combination, and will be published in English and Turkish on the LM platform, and those won't have any selective criteria to be published except given issues and LM's Publishing Policy.

3 Main Dimensions of the project and its summary:

1) Inviting and encouraging everyone to write, in every level of life - and obtaining poems on the above concepts accompaning a narrative biography (up  to 300 words) and a portrait photo of the participant.

2) To organize an event based on selected 30 best poems which should reflect above issues and will be read during the event.

3) To publish a book based on these poems via obtaining grants or sponsorship by Light Millennium, and incorporating with other organizations/schools, and universities or all...

* * *

Important note:
We seek available sponsorship/grants/funds as well as partnership/incorporation
possibilities in order to realize this project in multi-venues as well as with its all dimensions.

For more information:
bircanunver@earthlink.net or contact@lightmillennium.org /or
Phone: 718-846-5776


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