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Immediate Media Release
Light Millennium
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April 4, 2005, New York
- On Adalet AGAOGLU, by Prof. Sibel EROL
- For Adalet AGAOGLU's presentation
in English as translation
-- Türkçe Bülten için>

Light Millennium proudly presents...
BETWEEN 1970-80

Three Lectures by: Adalet AGAOGLU

Introduction by:
Prof. Sibel EROL
Hosted by: Stevens Institute of Technology and Light Millennium.
Dates: May 4, 5 and 7, 2005
Where: New Jersey, New York City, U.S.A. & Toronto, CANADA

Light Millennium is proud to host a series of lectures with the preeminent Turkish  author, Adalet AGAOGLU, for the 5th Anniversary Celebrations  of Light Millennium.

Information about the Lectures:

1) 4 May, 2005, Wednesday
Time: 7:30 PM
Venue: Stevens Institute of Technology,
Kidde Building (central campus)
Kidde lecture hall, 228 Kidde
Stevens Institute of Technology
Hoboken, New Jersey
For location information please see underneath of this page or call to: (201) 216-5399

Prior to this talk, there will be a panel session titled: "Cultural Diversity, Removing Prejudice & Fostering Global Connectivity"  @5 PM at the same venue organized by Light Millennium & Stevens Institute  of Technology.

There will be a reception after the panel and before Adalet Agaoglu's lecture.   

2) 5 May, 2005, Thursday
Time: 7:30 PM
Venue: Uris Hall, Room# 301
Columbia University,
New York City
Directions to Uris Hall: On 116 Street, between Broadway &
Amsterdam Avenues; walk 40-50 m. on College Walk; you’ll see a black sculpture in front of a domed building. Uris Hall is exactly behind that domed building.

3) 7 May, 2005, Saturday,
Time: 4:00 to 7:00 PM
Venue: Toronto University,
Toronto, Canada

All lectures are open to public.
-- Donations will be appreciated.

In her presentation, Adalet Agaoglu will talk about developments in the Turkish novel between 1970- '80, and delineate postmodern  and pre-postmodern connections in her novels, namely in the Summer's End and her trilogy titled The Narrow Times (Lying Down to Die/ A Wedding Night / No) She will review the new trends in the Turkish novel and will point out where her novels stand vis-a-vis these developments.

Through these lectures, we aim to bring Adalet Agaoglu, a leading Turkish  author, together with her readers, students of Turkish literature and academics  of Turkish studies and to make her valuable insights and thoughts available to greater audiences in the U.S. and in Toronto, Canada. We believe that, these lectures will illuminate Adalet Agaoglu's important place in Turkish literature and help those interested in expanding their knowledge of Turkey and Turkish literature.

The presentations will be both in English and Turkish. Mrs. Agaoglu's presentation will be distributed in English prior to the event. The introduction and the  session of Questions and Answers will be held in English, directed by Prof. Sibel Erol.

* * * * *

About Adalet AGAOGLU:

She was born in Nallihan, a small town near Ankara (Turkey) in 1929. Adalet  Agaoglu is a playwright, novelist and short story writer. She also writes  essays.

Agaoglu studied French literature at Ankara University and joined the radio  drama department of Turkish Radio TV Corporation. During the fifties, sixties  and seventies, she achieved prominence as a playwright, writing for various  theaters, especially for the State Theater during its heyday. In the early  seventies, she began writing novels. The first one, Lying Down to Die (1973), was heralded as a different kind of novel than the classical Turkish novel.  Agaoglu's first short story book, High Tension (1975) won the Story Award  of the year. Her novel, A Wedding Night (1979) won all the main novel awards  of the year 1979-80. Since then, she has established herself as one of Turkey's leading writers. Agaoglu firmly rejects the label of female or feminist writer, preferring

to be known as an author. "I'm a socialist and deeply interested in aesthetic and artistic investigation of arts and literature," she says. "I feel quite satisfied while I am prodding the taboos in morals or in forms."

One of her novels is published in Germany under the title: Die Zarte Rose Meiner Sehnsuch, Stuttgard: Ararat Verlag, 1979, (Original title: Fikrimin Ince Gülü, 1975). Another novel of hers Curfew (Original title: Üç Bes Kisi was published in the U.S.A. (1997). For her latest novel ROMANTIC /A Viennese Summer, was selected as the best among the 105 novels  which were published or written during a five year period between 1992-1997. Before this prize, in December 1995, Agaoglu received the Turkish Presidential Award of Merit for her services to art and culture. She also received the following titles: Hon. Ph.D. by the University Anatolia, Eskisehir, Turkey; Hon. Ph.D. by the OSU (Ohio State University) Humane Letters, U.S.A.1998.

She has translated into Turkish some French and English plays for the stage.

Adalet Agaoglu lives in Istanbul. She is married. She has no children.

-- On Adalet AGAOGLU, by Prof. Sibel EROL

* * * * *

For photo of Adalet Agaoglu or more information about the lectures:
E-mail: contact@lightmillennium.org
Web site: http://www.lightmillennium.org/
Phone: 1-718-441-8811
Co-Producers on behalf of the Light Millennium: Figen Bingül, Prof. Edward Foster, Erhan Berber, Bircan Ünver
The three lectures are organized by: The Light Millennium, Inc.
In collaboration with: Principally, Liberal Arts & Middle Eastern Studies at the Stevens Institute of Technology; Ankara Library of Toronto, Inc. and Columbia University.

Sponsors of the lectures:
* Erden ARKAN

Turkish Airlines (THY)
--We are greatfull to our sponsors...

About Light Millennium:

Light Millennium/Isik Binyili is an alternative multi-media platform that publishes ideas and experiences freely (without any censorship, within the publishing policy of the organization), and produces and broadcasts television programs as well as organizes events relating to arts, literature-poetry, media, music. It aims to foster a global positive energy and connection among all peoples by encouraging intellectual productivity and communication in each and every social layers globally.

Light Millennium is a charitable - public benefit organization, and was incorporated on July 17, 2001 with tax exempt status #501 ( c ) (3), and introduced on the web in 1999 based in New York.. For more information about Light Millennium: http://www.lightmillennium.org/about%20lm/list.html

The organization's web site: http://www.lightmillennium.org, which receives 24 thousand hits & over 1300 visitors from all over the world in 130 countries daily.

So far, our organization, based in New York, has been active and productive over 5 years . Until now, we've been relying on 100% volunteership and some in-kind donations. We have been able to produce a total of 24 Light Millennium and Isik Binyili e-publications, numerous cultural events/conferences (peace, media, poetry/literature, music), special screenings, art exhibitions. We have been producing Light Millennium TV programs since January 2000 at Queens Public Television (produced and aired over 45 programs under LMTV Series monthly) in addition to TurkishGreekSynergy.net (launched in October 2000). We launched Okuma Aksamlari/Acik Sinif (Open Class I (for 8 weeks), II (for 7 weeks) in Fall 2004 & Winter/Spring 2005, and organized many other individual projects (both in English and Turkish). For more information of the Light Millennium's events>

With limited resouces we have made progress toward our ultimate goal. We believe that with additional resources from sponsors, we can achieve a wider appeal globally with our projects in accordance with the mission and vision of the organization.

-- We are seeking your sponsorhsips for ongoing e-publications, documentary ("Peace Process of Sri Lanka & Tsunami") and television programs, scheduled and plan projects ("A Cultural Journey to Five City in Turkey") of the organization as well as based on your sponsorship, we plan to publish hard-copy books in Turkish and English. Overall, we'd like to invite you to be part of the organization in any way you may wish to take part. For more information, e-mail: contact@lightmillennium.org

-- Your donations or worth of sponsorships will be tax deductible.

HOW TO GO to the Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken ?

The lecture will be in 225 Kidde on the second floor of the Morton-Peirce-Kidde complex (northeast corner of 6th and River Streets) Bus: The Port Authority terminal in Manhattan is the most convenient.|

>From Port Authority, take a Hoboken bus to Washington and 6th Streets, two blocks east (northeast corner of 6th and River: Morton-Peirce-Kidde Building).

Subway: The subway line that serves Hoboken is the PATH, which stops in Manhattan at 6th Avenue and 33rd, 23rd, 14th, and 9th Streets. There is one final stop at Christopher near Hudson before the train crosses under the river into Hoboken. Make sure you take the Hoboken (not the Journal Square or Newark) train.

When you leave the PATH station in Hoboken, walk north on River Street seven blocks (one of them through a small park) to 6th and River (northeast corner: Morton-Peirce-Kidde building). It's a short taxi ride from the PATH station if you would prefer not to walk.

Car: Because Stevens is easy to reach from the Lincoln Tunnel, the Holland Tunnel, I-78, I-280, and other major routes. Take any one of these to Hoboken. The main street here is called Washington Street, which runsnorth-south. If you are traveling south on Washington, turn left onto 5th Street; if you are traveling north, turn right onto 5th. Go two blocks and
turn left. Morton-Peirce-Kidde is on the corner of the next block.

Special Thanks to:

David Cuthell, Stevens Institute of Technology, Ayfer Samancioglu, Ankara Library of Toronto, Inc.; and Etem Erol at Columbia University; also to TSA (Turkish Student Association), Turkish Initiative, Turkish Center @ MEALAC (Middle Eastern Asian Languages and Cultures); MEI (Middle East Institute) at Columbia University, and Murat Omeroglu, Vice Consul of New York Turkish Consulate.

"You are the soul of the Light Millennium. & We are for the greatness in Humanity."

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