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The 5th Anniversary Celebrations of Light Millennium, Part II:
"Cultural Diversity, Removing Prejudice &
Fostering Global Connectivity"

Moderator & Participant:
David CUTHELL, Director of Middle Eastern Studies,  Stevens Institute of Technology

Tirlok MALIK, Founder & President of the NRI TV Film Club, NY;
Etem EROL, Columbia University &
Hossein KAMALY, Columbia University

Date: Wednesday, May 4, 2005; Time: 5:00 PM
Concept by: Bircan Ünver
Organization: Light Millennium
Co-producers: Bircan ÜNVER, David CUTHELL & Prof. Edward FOSTER
Cosponsored by: Stevens Institute of Technology
Venue: Kidde Building (central campus)
Kidde lecture hall, 228 Kidde
Stevens Institute of Technology
Hoboken, New Jersey
From Manhattan: Please take the PATH Trains to
Hoboken (15 minutes)
For detailed location information please see underneath of this page or call to: (201) 216-5399
Language: English

-- Open to ALL. -- Donations will be appreciated.
-- There will be a reception after the panel, and prior to Adalet Agaoglu's lecture.

You are cordially invited to the second program of the Light Millennium's Fifth Anniversary Celebration event series: A panel titled "Cultural Diversity, Removing Prejudice & Fostering Global Connectivity." The moderator of the panel is David CUTHELL (American), who is wellversed on the Middle East, will also act as a participant. The panelists are Tirlok MALIK, (Indian), Etem EROL, (Turkish), and Hossein KAMALY (Iranian). Please see the below information about the moderator and panelists.

Through this panel:

1) We aim to reflect different cultures by experts who have faced prejudices for being from a different culture while living in a diverse environment in the U.S.

2) The existing prejudices will be defined by each speaker from their own perspectives, giving examples of what were the most annoying experiences they had to face. The panelists, including the moderator who had lived outside of the U.S. for more than 10 years, will share with the audience their own experiences.

3) Each speaker will talk about how to lessen --or if it is possible to remove-- existing prejudices on each culture and country from their own perspectives in order to foster global connections to serve for global peace.

Light Millennium aims to create an open platform to all cultures since its inception. It embraces and represents "cultural diversity" as a model for serving its mission and vision as well as being a step for removing prejudice. By doing so, the organization believes that it will help fostering global connections greatly towards global peace.

This panel will act as a cornerstone for the organization's mission in terms of bringing these issues to light.

To all potential attendees of the panel: We'd like you to be part of the discussion session following the panel, and to bring in your own experiences and ideas regardless of which country you are from. This will enhance the general concept of the panel.

About the moderator and the panelists:

David CUTHELL, was born in Manilla and lived in Turkey during the 1950's and 1960's. He attended Yale and Columbia Business School. Worked on Wall Street for 20 years before returning to Columbia where he completed his PhD in 2004. Currently, Cuthell is Director of the Turkish and Middle East Studies Program at Stevens Institute of Technology and a professor at Columbia's School of International Affairs.

Tirlok MALIK, Founder/CEO of the NRI TV Film Club Club (Non Indian Residents in America). Malik has been part of show business for the past 15 years. In 1989, Malik founded Apple Productions and became a pioneer in making films on Indian immigrant experiences. He has produced 3 features films including the award winning, "Lonely in America," and 4 documentaries. His film, "Lonely in America" has been shown in 74 countries, many times on HBO, appeared in 36 film festivals and won many awards. His work has been acclaimed in international and national media (more than 500 articles worldwide) including New York Times, Hollywood Reporter, Variety, Entertainment etc. His second film, "Love, Lust and Marriage", deals with the effects of American dream and workaholics in a marriage. His coming movies are "Little Magician 3D" and "Arya." He is the recipient of the Pride of India Gold Medal from the Indian Ambassador to the U.S. and in 1991 received the Glory of India International award for promoting cultural understanding between East and West. For the NRI TV Film Club web site: http://nritvfilmclub.com)

Hossein KAMALY, Columbia University, Middle East and Jewish Studies Librarian. Prior to that, Kamaly served on the faculty as adjunct instructor and teaching assistant for a wide range of courses on Islam and Middle East related topics at Columbia, Hunter College and Brooklyn College. He received his Ph.D. in History from Columbia in 2004, and holds an M.A. in History from Columbia and an M.S. in Mathematics from NYU.Kamaly's professional experiences include serving as a simultaneous translator at the United Nations, assistant editor of Encyclopedia Iranica, and computer network administrator at the Iranian Mission to the United Nations.

Etem EROL, BA, Business Administration, Bogazici University; MBA, Finance, CSU, Hayward; Ph.D. (candidate); Ottoman History, Washington University; St. Louis taught Ottoman History and Ottoman Turkish Paleography at Sarah Lawrence College and Columbia University; Modern Turkish Lecturer at MEALAC, Columbia University; works on the registers of the kadi courts and the imperial court on the subject of "Conflict resolution among the artisans of Istanbul in the 18th century." Erol presented papers on "Futuvvetname literature," "Transitions in artisanal production during the 18th century and the struggles to capture the gains."

-- Light Millennium seeks your sponsorships for ongoing e-publications, documentary ("Peace Process of Sri Lanka & Tsunami") and television programs, scheduled and planned projects ("A Cultural Journey to Five City in Turkey") of the organization. Based on your sponsorship, the organization plans to publish hard-copy books in Turkish and English. Overall, Light Millennium invites you to be part of the organization in any way you may wish.

Detailed information for sponsorship:
E-mail: contact@lightmillennium.org

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HOW TO GO to the Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken ?

The lecture will be in 225 Kidde on the second floor of the Morton-Peirce-Kidde complex (northeast corner of 6th and River Streets) Bus: The Port Authority terminal in Manhattan is the most convenient.|

>From Port Authority, take a Hoboken bus to Washington and 6th Streets, two blocks east (northeast corner of 6th and River: Morton-Peirce-Kidde Building). Subway: The subway line that serves Hoboken is the PATH, which stops in Manhattan at 6th Avenue and 33rd, 23rd, 14th, and 9th Streets. There is one final stop at Christopher near Hudson before the train crosses under the river into Hoboken. Make sure you take the Hoboken (not the Journal Square or Newark) train.

When you leave the PATH station in Hoboken, walk north on River Street seven blocks (one of them through a small park) to 6th and River (northeast corner: Morton-Peirce-Kidde building). It's a short taxi ride from the PATH station if you would prefer not to walk.

Car: Because Stevens is easy to reach from the Lincoln Tunnel, the Holland Tunnel, I-78, I-280, and other major routes. Take any one of these to Hoboken. The main street here is called Washington Street, which runsnorth-south. If you are traveling south on Washington, turn left onto 5th Street; if you are traveling north, turn right onto 5th. Go two blocks and turn left. Morton-Peirce-Kidde is on the corner of the next block.

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