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Light Millennium presents...

An Evening of Joy and Harmony

Date: Wednesday, December 4, 2002
Time: 8:00 PM
Place: St. Marx Café, 37 St. Marks Place Second Fl. NYC 10003
For more info: contact@lightmillennium.org - Tel: (718) 846-5776

As Light Millennium/Isik Binyili, we would like to invite you for a very special evening from two different music worlds and celebration. Over the course of almost last three years, our circle of contributors, staff and friends has tremendously increased. We have attempted to reach beyond our limits through imagination, creativity, exploration, and compassion. While Light Millennium is growing exponentially, we need more technical assistance, better and efficient promotion tools, creative input by a dedicated team to improve this platform and activate other projects. This reason, we ask all of you to come and support the Light Millennium on Wednesday evening, December 4, 2002 for our second musical event, even if it is only with your presence. "You are the soul of this global platform" and we encourage you continue being so.

On this special event of "Joy and Harmony", we will be introducing an American drummer Mike Culkin and also Turkish Folk & Protest music group SUKUNET. Mike Culkin will improvise a solo performance about 15-20 minutes, and SUKUNET will play Turkish instruments, sing Turkish Folk and protest songs.

To add another aspect to the event, we would like to ask attendees to send us their favorite quote(s) on "peace" (to above e-mail) or there will be an open microphone for this purpose. Thus, please bring in your quote on peace. Because, first half-hour of the program, we will be reading "peace" quotes as the LM members as well as participants of the event. We have aimed to create a positive energy and peaceful atmosphere between the musicians, LM members and participants throughout the night. Come with your free spirit and add your color to the "Joy and Harmony" event.

PROGRAM (in order to apperance):

* Selected "PEACE" quotes read by LM members & guests
(Please join us with your PEACE quotes for the first part of the program)

* An Improvisational Drum Solo by Mike Culkin

* SUKUNET ( Turkish Folk & Protest Music)

Name of Group members: Gokalp Disiacik (Soloist and Saz), Adam Good (Ud, Cumbus and Tambura),
Bridget Robbins (Nay), Timothy Quigley (Percussionist).
Organized: Bircan Unver & Mehmet Uca
Selected peace quotes will be read by LM members as well as guests.
No Cover Charge - Cash Bar - $25 Donation suggested.
LM is under 501 (c) (3) status and donations will be tax deductible.

Turkçe ozet bilgi:

"An Event of Joy and Harmony" adiyla Amerikali davulcu Mike Culkin'in emprovize solo performansi
ile SUKUNET adli yeni bir grubun; Turk Halk Muzigi, ozgun muzik ve Turk sanat muziginden repertuariyla; Turk,
Amerikali - Yunanli muzikcilerin adigecen bu grupta bir araya gelmesiyle, Light Millennium ("LM"); 4 Aralik, Carsamba gunu, saat 8:00'de; St. Marx Café, 37 St. Marks Place, Second Fl. NYC'de, "Nese ve Uyum" cercevesinde muzikli ikinci bir etkinlik duzenleyecektir.

Bu etkinlikte; tamamen farkli iki muzik turuyle; nese, cosku, uyum, baris ve sevgiyi isleyen temalar etkinligin icerigini olusturacak. Ayrica, acilista LM ve dileyen konuklar, baris uzerine soylenmis guzel sozlerden sectiklerini okuyacaklar. SUKUNET'in uyeleri: Gokalp Disiacik (Solist ve Saz), Adam Good (Ud, Cumbus and Tambur), Bridge Robbins (Ney), Timothy Quigley (Perrcussionist ).
Giris ucretsizdir.
LM; 501 (c) (3) statusunde oldugundan, bagislariniz vergiden muaf olacaktir.

* * * * *

About the musicians

Members of the SUKUNET Group

Gokalp Disiacik (Solist ve Saz):
Born in Istanbul in 1971, Gokalp Disiacik has been living in NYC since 1999. He grew up listening to Turkish Folk and Turkish Classical songs sung by his parents who were initially his biggest influence. His first endeavors to discover Turkish folklore began with studying and performing folk dances of over 20 regions of Turkey and culminated in learning songs and playing baglama (saz). For the past 15 years his interest in Turku (Turkish folk songs) and Sarki (Turkish classical songs) singing and accompanying himself on saz has led to performances in Boston at Harvard University, New York City with renowned Turkish comedian BEYAZ, and his participation in the group SUKUNET. For years Gokalp performed casually for friends and family. Now through the encouragement of many he has been exploring a career as a singer of Turkish folk and classical music.

Adam Good (Ud, Cumbus and Tambur):
A graduate of the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Adam Good has lived in New York City since 1996. With a foundation in jazz guitar, Adam's interest in the music of Turkey and Eastern Europe began around '94 and by the time he joined TITO'S REVENGE (Electric Balkan Music), he was hooked. His talent on ud, cumbus, tambura and guitar playing Macedonian and Bulgarian folk music as well as the music of Greece, Albania, Turkey, etc. has made Adam a fixture of New York's Balkan music scene. He plays for the touring ensembles HARMONIA and SHEQER, has played with the Bulgarian group KOLEVI 6, the Macedonian Izvorno ensemble IZGORI and SIDESHOW, a band dedicated to an improvisatory approach of the music of visionary American composer Charles Ives. "SIDESHOW: Songs of Charles Ives" was recently released as their debut CD on Blueshift records. Adam's first CD as a leader "Dances of Macedonia and the Balkans" on Folksounds Records is an in-depth exploration of the possibilities of the Macedonian tambura. Adam also enjoys teaching private lessons in the New York City area and has taught Macedonian tambura at the East Coast Eastern European Folklife Center's Balkan Music and Dance Camp.

Bridge Robbins (Ney):
While studying Western Classical flute performance at the University of California, Santa Barbara, Bridget Robbins was introduced to Middle Eastern music primarily through the end-blown flute, or nay. Her involvement and love for this music eventually took over and she went on to do a Master's Degree in Ethnomusicology, with an emphasis in Middle Eastern music. Since completing her
studies, Bridget has continued to play music and travel to different countries in the Middle East. While living in San Francisco she performed in many clubs and festivals. Presently, Bridget lives in New York where she teaches flute and recorder. She continues her studies on both the nay and flute with Bassam Saba.

Timothy Quigley (Perrcussionist ):
After touring and recording with various contemporary and traditional West African ensembles, percussionist Timothy Quigley looked to expand his knowledge of world music. Lured by the unusual rhythms found in Balkan music he began playing with Bulgarian accordionist Christina Crowder and saxophonist . He went on to perform with the group Sherefe which focused on the music of Turkey, Macedonia, Greece and Albania. Currently residing the New York area, Timothy composes music for film, dance and television and performs in a wide variety of ensembles including SUKUNET, SHEQER, HAZMAT and PECTOPAH.

* * * * *


About the drummer Mike Culkin

Mike was born the youngest in a family of drummers .He was taught by his father and his 2 brothers. He started out in marching bands playing Colonial Style rudimental drumming. In High school he played percussion in orchestra, and since has played and recorded with various rock, blues, country, punk, fusion and funk bands. In 1997 he was picked as a top ten finalist for the Thoroughbred Music up and coming drummer competition. Residing in the New York area, Mike does mostly sessions and independent recordings. He is currently on 12 releases.

This issue is dedicated to the legendary author and scientist Sir ARTHUR C. CLARKE for his 85th Birthday...


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