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Chocolate Sparklevision

by Jenn IFILL


The lost leg....a feeling of not working at complete capacity...this is how I felt after letting go of chocolate eyes and vision...sparkles were everywhere as I dropped the little packet. Tears rolled down the little gurl's face as she listened to the radio report. Informing people of their pain and the sorrow they felt as they let go and dropped items from between fingertips. It seemed to know when that person had dropped something meaningful. For it spoke only at those times. There was glitter everywhere. As the deer hunter discussed tearing the heart in two, it seemed to fit into what had happened when the gurl dropped the glitter and more importantly her chocolate vision. Snow-capped mountains reminded her of the glitter on the floor. She stooped down to look closer seeing the tiny skis gliding along in the wintertime. A chill ran through her as she remembered how her bones hurt from the cold of the van. Gray and rusting, she sat in the passenger seat taking in the wind and passing followed her creating memories. More tears fell as she realized she had given up a part of her body for the chocolate vision to return. Inspiring her, more parchment and ink ebbing and flowing like blood giving life force; energy. Repeating from other sources and creating a theme of remembered ideas accumulating into rosemary tea .

Part II: Nature vs. Memory Acoustic Guitar:

Six and twelve strings contorted fingers. Each one a joint connecting to the innermost feelings and pain that surrounds the heart. Serenading the soul with melody and voice. Soothing watching lips full and luscious moving. Voice connected with mechanism to tame the tears from the realization sparklevision was gone. A sparklevision consisted of narrowing the eyes into a blur to see the fuzzy outlines of the one you loved....till you could see through them to the core of existence...this was lost when she threw out the glasses needed with the instructions which she only half read or listened to for that matter. Causing the vision to malfunction leading her to throw out the crap and finding out she had actually thrown out her left arm to never use again completely. Six and twelve strings were of no use anymore. She could only hear the music and feel partial notes not complete ones like she use to. She took her other hand and wiped away the tears from the other side of her face as she realized the implications of throwing away her love and her sparklevision. She hollered and moaned praying that THEY would listen and give back the aforementioned limb. She carried on for hours hoping the arm would find its way back.....alas to no avail. THEY, the powers that had taken her arm had tricked her into accepting the glasses and foolishly throw it away, throwing out her left arm in the process. She took her bits and pieces of glitter and stuffed them in her pocket and went on her way back towards the snow-capped mountains to find her love.... Scared that she would not see him in the light that followed him around she hid and watched for his approach to the same mountain. She watched as he approached with no right leg below the knee. He too had lost his limb from throwing away his love. He didn't throw away his glasses but instead went out to a field and buried them without telling the guru. His vision was very clouded and she ran out to help him when he tumbled over trying to get into the doorway of the hut at the foot of the mountains. He recognized her laughter and they both made their way in to get his crutch. They came back out to the sound of violins playing in the distance.... the guru gasped. She was filled with emotion that the music caused reminding her of the new loss in her life. The boy had no passion or ideas about music and could not understand her response. Yet he knew her regret for now he can no longer ride his magical bike. Instead he relied of the two pronged crutch and the gurl if she was around and not hiding. They started their trek.


Part III: Nature 1, Love 0:

They walked up the mountain, a creation within Nature to see if they could get their limbs back. Fancy asking Nature to give back to humanity. They were sadly mistaken for they were lifted up in an energy vortex which were common in Nature if one looked for them. They were thrown down at the top of the mountain. It was there they contemplated their losses and made a plan to create a new Path. They set in motion a plan to make a new arm and leg for each other. At that moment of agreement, he pushed her over the ledge. A scream from her gut rose up causing the boy to cover his ears. He walked away showing no remorse. She fell fast. Thoughts were slowly passing through her head. White snow took over her vision and numbed her from making a decision about how she felt about her current situation. She realized that the boy was in no right mental state. He had left to become a film. His body and mouth were slowly transforming into silver gelatin. As he walked his balance and sense of being planted on the ground began to erode. She watched the show that he had become frame by frame at the end of her descent. She landed at the foot of the mountain where the snow lended itself as the background for the boy to have a showing. The gurl started eating it in clumps slowly destroying the natural screen. The boy was beginning to feel the affects and started reeling himself back into a canister. The gurl picked up the canister and left it by a frozen pond. It was the only place the boy felt comfortable pushing out each frame of the movie he had become. She left him there to show himself to who came by that cared more than she did.

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