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A Thousand Years More...

Bircan UNVER

To an Extra Terrestrial…

In his poem called "Age Thirty-five", poet Cahit Sitki has come to rest in my heart like a statue in my way of looking age, life and time. I have interpreted "Age Thirty-five" as a starting point through the future from the point we have reached up to now. We are passing through serious changes in the means of life, place, space and time. The river of life flowed in New York instead of Istanbul. I had two perfect son and I have innumerable projects which I cannot control the borders.

On top of us always hanging a "when" question. What is our aim and what is the point to be reached? When will we start the projects accumulating in our brains?

I cannot stand this century most of the time and find the solution of thinking that I belong to a further century. I prefer the concept of "there is no specific time", as Russian Film Director Tarkovsky. Then we can start the Manifest of "YEAR THREE THOUSAND CLUB" by protesting the time scale of the earth.

Which one of knows exactly our limits and our time, where was it started and where will it end? Let us assume that we have a thousand year of life span. Then we don’t have to rush. There are lots of problems throughout the world and no country or society could solve it completely.

Neither the Politicians nor the systems have the eager and the power to solve these fundamental problems. So lets ignore the natural life span and continue our projects like we could live a thousand years. From now on I request a life, which lasts a thousand years. I never expect this kind of offer from someone. Many of my friends, including my eighteen year old son, asked me why I wanted to live for a thousand years, and told me that they wouldn’t want to live that long. A couple of years ago an actor friend of mine was even outraged with the idea, and had said, "What do you find in life, why do you want to live for a thousand years? Seventy years is more than enough!" He extended his anger through a mutual friend and did not call me again.

Yesterday upon hearing my desire my brother-in-law relieved me by saying, "Why are you in a hurry, you’ve got sixty million years to go"…ONE THOUSAND YEARS is not an improbable wish, then! Let’s analyze the THOUSAND YEARS first. First of all, I want to keep in touch with the things and people I love for a thousand years. I certainly respect those who find this scary, tiresome, or unworthy… I am planning to found the YEAR THREE THOUSAND CLUB with those who like the idea. In fact, this is a proposal of an alternative clan, in an age in which youth choose suicide at age eighteen…

We can make this happen. We can publish a magazine called YEAR THREE THOUSAND on the Internet, and express our expectations from and predictions about life. A new magazine that elaborates on future relationship between man and woman, mother and child, father and child, employer and employee, landlord and tenant, and all other aspects of life… Relationship between planet Earth and other planets. What kind of language will be used when aliens and earth inhabitants marry each other. For instance, at that point English can be a language spoken in a tiny village… We can treat the Internet as a ‘virtual planet’ and we can create planet YEAR THREE THOUSAND on it. Our point of meeting is the Internet.

So I invite all friends to daydream. Without seeking assistance from any substance or alcohol… One way or another, all societies undergo the process of brainwashing or becoming more insensitive. Lets switch to a different lane, a lane that we choose for ourselves, and reshape everything from scratch in this new phase… There is no doubt that the outcome will be much more efficient than those we achieve when we ‘sleep’ while awake.

This text can be regarded as an attempt to push the limits of bizarre thinking… Excuse me…

Now I am forty…

The reason why I question the concept of age is Cahit Sitki Taranci. I wrote an article about this matter five years ago and dedicated that work to him. This article, however, is dedicated to a creature called extra terrestrial, of which we know the existence but could not identify the secrets. I sense that these extra terrestrials will bring real biological and spiritual transformation on earth… This expectation has a practical aspect, too. That they have a life span of 500 years… I will turn to this issue.

Last summer in Istanbul, my escalating anger, vicious cycles in life, in the system, and the world in general, led the way of imaginary and reasonable escape… As the darkness intrudes the day, the cultures –including ours- have started to accept this phenomenon without any questioning at all. Then the fact that one cannot change this fact by herself, and the anger attached to this realization… At the same time, the desire to see and live in the year three thousand….

Still hesitating to join this club, which has the ideal of living in year three thousand? Wouldn’t you want to have the opportunity to compare the world in year three thousand and the world in today? A CALL TO DREAM THE FUTURE INSTEAD OF THE PAST… The past is a collection of redundancy. To see that future is not the summation of recurring past. In the year three thousand, atom bombs, nuclear weapons, guns, assaults, and other tools used for killing human beings will be regarded in the same way we see the prehistoric tools now… The Earth joining other planets, and macrocosmism/universalism replaces globalization. Protesting our unimportant roles in today’s world where political power/money dominates everything is not a passive reaction. Being on that stage, but differentiating your actions from other people on the stage… We will not leave the stage!

If we are the extension of all human existence on earth, we should not worry because we will somehow exist in the extension in year three thousand as well. There is a difference, though… Extra terrestrials will be members of our families… Other planets will be like other countries that we visit by space ships… Visiting our relatives in space or moving to another planet will be much easier than moving to another country in today’s world… We will experience significant biological and spiritual transformations. Life span won’t be a problem any more; five hundred or one thousand years. However, it is difficult to predict the transformation in genes, the format of changes in our spirits and our brains, and implied changes in behavioral patterns. We aim to dream and produce predictions about these issues.

I believe that nature has an extraordinary power, but I don’t understand why this extraordinary power facilitates the darkness and permits its success... History and politics looks like a contingency of conspiracies and intrigues. Why millions of peoples in he world worship most violent leaders in every age? Is darkness the common energy of humans?

Is it a coincidence that movies, television, computer games, and various other forms of entertainment promote the violence while organized violence in high and middle schools take off at the same time? While local wars are promoted on one side, there are democratic countries in which "one can kill another freely" by purchasing one of two hundred million guns traded without any restrictions. Unfortunately, "freedom to kill" is the common backbone of all systems…

If we live for a thousand years, we can initiate the efforts to stop the prevailing darkness. We can have enough time to work on and to see the outcomes of our efforts…

And let’s say this every second, in every occasion as if it is an ordinary wish. You know it is believed that if something were said forty times it would come true, depending on the belief that thus brings the unconscious to the conscious and as a result, the possibility of making this wish, this thought true might increase.

One of these sayings was on a night last summer when we were together with our dear friends, Emre and Emire Konuk. That night I said, "I want to live for a thousand years" because I’m worried that time will not be enough for the projects I want to do. Mr. Emre told me that the lifetime of an Extra Terrestrial is 500 years. Since then I am looking for an Extra Terrestrial.

I can accept even 500 years as a start. Then we started to develop a theory. As a result of an affair with an Extra Terrestrial, like the plants, we might be inoculated and

so that both our lifetime would be 500 years and we would become half human half alien. Just like the mermaids in the fairytales… Or like turning into a prince of a tortoise… And one day those weird creatures that are said to visit the universe, would turn into extraordinary talented, clever and beautiful prices and princesses.

And then, with this love and half-alien children, we and alien price-princesses could start the world-space marriage just like in the theory of creation by Eve and Adam.

We could carry the whole universe to a different period in the shape that there will no going back and no repetition.

These thoughts are not more surrealist than Salvador Sali’s paintings, yet. It is for sure that the ones we can not prove are more real than those we can. Also a very serious biologic and spiritual transformation is a must and inevitable. Otherwise the human tragedy that goes on for thirty thousand years would have completed its evolution. There is only one basic condition to be solved and that is; fulfilling basic needs should be idealized by all the systems in the universe, a global solution should be produced and applied. Because of not establishing this, humanity could not follow the principles of Classic Greek ‘ideal Human’ or Niethsche’s ‘Superior Human’ commonly . And Marx’s socialism theory fade away in the existing frame. The hope is in: the core of globalization - in the life that would be established on love basis of human-aliens…

It seems Stephen Hawking’s bio-human theory and the assumption that big love affair with aliens and the children of this big love would change the humanity meets on a common point. According to Hawking’s theory humanity will go through a very serious biologic-physical, mental-spiritual transformation. Maybe there will not be jealousy, revenge and hate feelings anymore... And this might mean that we will throw the burden of whole past and history out of our backs and cells. This will save our feet and mind from the past and let us make big steps through emptiness of space.

According to a thought, the difference of love concept between an alien and human is: human has expectations when she loves but alien loves without any expectations till the end. So humanity has to have love affair with aliens just even because of this reason. So that they learn to love without expectations and till the end.

Wouldn’t you like to join ‘Three Thousand Year’ celebrations? Don’t you wonder how universe will be or relations will be with other planets and creatures then? Even if you don’t there is a practical profit of thinking this way. If you look at the things that you can not bare from this dimension, our power to bare hem increases or you live in a dream world that maybe the escape or exit way..

In his documentary called ‘Stephan Hawking’s Universe", physicist Seth Shostak says "Today’s unthinkable is tomorrow’s tradition". Every thought of human have a response in the universe, those thoughts that are considered as surreal or very absurd today, will come to daylight with scientific formulas and explanations sooner or later. So following these thoughts, I believe that Egypt Civilization will reborn in three thousand because they have dreamed and planned about this so waxed their dead for this. Year three thousand will be the year in which Egypt Civilization and Antic Greek will reborn and at the same time universe will combine and unite with other planets.

Translated by Isitan Ozgur Gun


While I was writing above personel essay on my 40th birthday during the first week of May 1999 (New York),, the very first idea about the Third Millennium project was born. Then the magazine title has been changed to the Light Millennium since its Introductory issue August 1999. Thus, I have defined this essay as an Manifesto of the LIGHT MILLENNIUM magazine. A Turkish version of this essay has been presented in the Turkish links (ISIK BINYILI) since January 2000.
B.U. October 2000.

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