NO New Nuclear Weapons... NO New Nuclear Targets... NO New Pretexts For Nuclear War... NO Nuclear Testing...
NO Star Wars... NO Weapons In Space...
NO All Types Of Weapons, War & War Culture...
We have only one WORLD yet! If we destroy it, where else will we go?


The Light Millennium, global e-platform, in English

q      Isik Binyili, global e-platform, in Turkish

Light MIllennium TV Series: Programs higlighting individual issues such as art & artists' profiles, culture, peace, freedom of speech...

Turkish & Greek Synergy Web site: A contribution for the Global Peace Movement aiming to establish and create culturally and socially mutual understanding, cooperation and synergy between Turkish, Greek, US and other potential participants.  

q     The Light Millennium - Global Diversity School Project - 2004 ***new

Proposed projects until the year 2005

q      "On-line" discussion platform: The organization will be able to establish and create a newly interactive on-line platform under The Light Millennium, Inc. which will be an ongoing discussion platform/forum in order to keep the interactivity, the connection, to help participants think about given concepts and to propose, invite and persuade every generation, different cultural and ethnic groups to a diversity platform with their ideas and visions, depending upon the available language (since January 2000, we have been able to e-publish in English and Turkish). As allowed by the level of sponsorship support, we  projet to eventually compile the submissions in the form of a book every year or every other year including selections from the ON-LINE DISCUSSION group.

q      One of our future prospects includes "The Dawn of the Light Millennium"s book project in English, where selected English articles from our site's past issues will be published.

"Isik Binyili'nin Dogusu" Book Project. Subjects related to our organization's goals including significant previously published issues until this date will be chosen also for publication in book form in Turkish.

Regarding to publishing "The Dawn of the Light Millennium" & "Isik Binyili'nin Dogusu" book projects, we aim to accomplish them for our third anniversary in February or March of 2003, we hope to be successful in our endeavors with your support.

"On-line" discussion platform: This is an existing project, however, depending on the level of sponsorship and fundraising, we plan to compile the submissions in the form of a book every year or every other year as a selection from the ON-LINE DISCUSSIONS group and to  develop and improve with global participation....

Based on inreased financial  support and stability, and an increase of staff members, the Turkish-Greek Synergy project will take effect. Turks, Greeks and Americans will have the opportunity to join us on this platform. There will be continuous updated information regarding all subjects, projects, on-line discussion platforms and etc. on the Light Millennium's web site.

To produce feature documentary projects dealing with such topics as the Peace Process of Sri Lanka, Immigrant Woman Artists in New York, Turkish-Greek Synergy, Turkish Artists living in New York, Street Kids of Istanbul, Nesin Foundation: A Home For Orphan & Poor Children. Sponsors are needed in order to accomplish extensive and detailed documentaries on these subjects.

Currently, The Light Millennium & Isik Binyili have been publishing once every three or four months.   However, we intend to publish monthly, once the funds are introduced and potential sponsors support us.

Our aim is not only to gain support for our Turkish and English language issues, but to also introduce such languages as Greek, French, German, Spanish and Italian and many others to our platform to further enable a better understanding of different cultures.

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