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Please send your comments and suggestions to below e-address
in order to publish them in this page.
E-mail: contact@lightmillennium.org

Thank you.

Re the summer article. We are humans of various disorders. The basic human is loving compassionate and cooperative. When the basic human is modified by variations in brin structure either genetically or by trauma to the brain the reaction is the humans we've seen through the past 10,000 years or more. ML's goals are positive and well founded, but it appears that we are overlooking the human brain structure and the basic problem with this structure in many humans. Enviormens have compounded the human problem and sipiruality has provided some relief. Science such as that being prposed by Dr. Daniel Amen, "Healing the Hardware of the Soul", seem to offer the beginning of a scientific soltion to our condition here on this planet.

Dr. Amen suggests that our political leaders should have their brains examined to ensure their brains are healthy.
My suggestion is for ML to examine Dr. Amen's work with respect to the conditions on our planet.  Words, prayer and good thoughts are nice but actionto correct the human problem are essential for human's continued existence.
My wife and I have started a small local group to study and implement Dr. Amen's suggestions contained in his book "Healing the Hardware of the Soul".
PO Box 3880, Salem, OR 97302
August 12, 2003

* * *

I love the new issue!! (Harika yaaa! Afferin! Bravo sana!!!) I am sooo impressed! This time we all really worked together. We really made an incredible issue. It is so much more colorful and full of new, exciting, fresh photographs. May I suggest that you screen photographs you recieve from now on. Try to only put the best, request only the best. I
hope we can all learn from this and be proud of the terrific accomplishment.

I am going to go read every single article and ponder every ones views and ideas about life and war and art. I am so amazed that I decided to send every one I know a mass email urging them to visit LM. And for them to tell their friends, I will do some more advertisment of it by phone and letter if you do not mind.

Also, my little section for siir and foto looks really sleek, (cok sirin) and every photo seems more modern and up to date. Everyone and everything looks famous! I am soo proud to be apart of LM, Bircan. (Gercekten!) Maybe I will cry from happiness...;-)

We have a purpose as humans first, then as women, then as Turks.

May your day be filled with peace, love and light!
Your friend,

Seattle, Washington
April 3, 2003

* * *


I was pleased to see your special dedication to Sir Arthur C. Clarke, but you have made a small mistake in the salutation at the top. You write:

Wishing you many millennia dear Sir Clarke...

In English, the proper form is:
Wishing you many millennia dear Sir Arthur...

This might seem overly familiar, if you have not met the gentleman, but it's not--it's the correct form of address.

Damien Broderick
January 5, 2003


* * *

Dear Mr. Peckham,

Thank you so much for your note and feedback on the Karen Armstrong article, and I'm so sorry it's taken us so long to respond. Dr. Amen's work does sound very interesting, although I'll have to confess I am suspicious of theories that are based entirely on biological structures. There are so many other factors that go into something like fundamentalism, it would seem. But who knows, perhaps things like cultural programming in turn affects our biology. I remember reading somewhere that taking up an activity outside of our normal routine, like learning how to play an instrument, can actually serve to rewire our brains... In any case, I look forward to reading more about it. If you have any inclination at all, we would welcome any writings you might want to submit, on this or any other topic that has to do with a positive outlook for our future. Thank you so much for reading The Light Millennium, and we look forward to any other thoughts you might have.
With all the best,

Julie Mardin

From: "Bob Peckham" <rfpeckham@attbi.com>
Date: Sun, 1 Dec 2002 20:37:28 -0600
To: contact@lightmillennium.org

Subject: Comment & Suggestion Having read most of Karen Armstrong's books during the past 15 years, I read with interest the article" Religion in Our Time' Will Our Faith Help Us to Unite or to Continue More Divided?". During the past two years I've read Dr. Daniel Amen's books, "Change Your Brain Change Your Life", "Healing ADD, the six types" and "Healing the Hardware of the Soul" In the later, Dr Amen concludes some interesting aspects of religious fundamentalist radicals and their brain structure which maybe the root of their unreasonable beliefs and actions. Given that Dr. Amen iscorrect, then reason may not resolve the human problems with one another, i.e. radical Christians, etc. Your organization and others with similar goals may want to review Dr. Amen's work. Your goals are good and correct, methods and information can help attain these goals.

E-mail: rfpeckahm@attbi.com

* * * * *

Subject: (no subject)
From: Omidvar@safineh.net
Date: Sat, December 14, 2002 12:33 am
To: "The Light Millennium" <contact@lightmillennium.org>

I am ready to participate in light millennium program.I have created some painting works since 2000 (an ouverture to the third milennium)which you can find them in my web site.
. -These painting works can be exposed in your site gallery .
-They can be exposed in print with free dimensions in all the world.
-They can be exposed from UN or.... to all the points of the world (squares ,parks,....) on Giant-Screens . -I have produced a film (What i have seen)relating to these painting works (an ouverture to the third milennium)that can be shown in multimedia. Art is a commun trade in human nature.Therefore all human -beings can potentially be artists.Art is the most fondemental element in the chain of relationships,and contacts between man and man ,man and nature and man and God.

Consequently we all hope that the third millennium will be a passage towards the attainment of this end and the ever closer ways of such contacts.

Dr.Ataollah Omidvar

* * * * *

From: Disiacik@aol.com
Date: Mon, December 9, 2002 12:52 pm
To: contact@lightmillennium.org

Dear Bircan and Mehmet Uca:

I would like to say that I really enjoyed every single bit of being a part of the night at St. Marx Cafe for the benefit of the Light Millennium. It was a very nice experience for me to perform before a crowd who really appreciated what we did. In that sense I thank both of you very much for inviting us.

I hope 2003 will be a tremendous year for both of you as well as Light Millennium Organization.
All the best.

A Sukunet Member

: The Bahai Faith
Date: Tue, 8 Oct 2002 00:07:16 EDT
From: Toombsma69@aol.com
To: contact@lightmillennium.org

I was looking for Karen Armstrong and came across your web site. I have read many of Karen's books and found them very helpful in my search for spiritual truth. I feel education of all the different religions is so important. Religion should unite us, not divide us. The more I learn about other religions the more I realize the basic principles are very similar. My job leads me to work with people all over the world. Through my travels and relationships I have come to the conclusion we are all very much the same. Our beliefs are what we are taught. I have discovered one religion that has the foundation to establish world peace. It is the Bahai Faith. This religion embraces all other religions. I suggest you visit their web site and see if this could be a way to help promote your cause. It is truly a concept that people from all religions could embrace.

http://www. bahai.org

Nancy TOOM

* * * * *

         Tue, 08 Oct 2002
From:         Babur Albayrak <baburalbayrak@hotmail.com>
Reply-To:   Babur Albayrak <baburalbayrak@hotmail.com>
To:    bircanunver@earthlink.net
Subject:     about...

It is definitely very nice to hear the good news all in all, one after the other chasing like a chain reaction which we all wish with crossed fingers will continue and all of us with the presence of our souls on our global platform which you have started with your high energy of dreams. Yes I have been transformed to a higher level as well. I was in Antalya for about 20 days and it was a spiritual vacation. It is very interesting that whatever I look for thousands of miles away is always right here right next to my left foot and all I had to do is pick it up and share it with the universe. We were about 15 people in  farm house in total silence because talking was not aloud. We were meditating for about 12 hours everday in different styles.

Everybody cleaned their souls for about 10 days. After leaving the farm house we went to a camp in Kemer and everyone shared their experiences with each other. It was a total bliss and felt great. I came to Istanbul about a few days ago and I got your wonderful news about the tax-exempt status and the pledges at the event in NUBLU which I am sure was also a great experience for all the people there but my heart was with you all.

How do you feel? I hope everything other than the project is working out fine for you! I am going to be published on a new web-site addressed www.fables.org I sent them a story my grandmother told me when I was a little kid, you know like an anectode and I add a little and took out a few.

I surf these kinds of web-sites once in a while look at their submission guidelines and have fun you know. So I have sent this story I named 'WRATH(3) because I was really inspired by the seven deadly sins of Christianity at that time I wrote seven stories about all of them. I decided to send one of them only. This was around month of May. Here we are in

October and I received a mail yesterday and the web site would like to know  how they can pay me for the story I sent to her. I was really surprised you know because they want to send me money for the story. I do not care how much and I really do not know but at first I was like no, this feels strange  because I am the type of person who cannot put a price tag on something I  created. Well trade and business is something else but this is something else and it is hard to explain. Then I said to myself I have a great idea why do not I send it to where I started. And thats www.lightmillennium.org  you will receive some amount of money from this web-site which would like to pay me and I am giving it to where I was born but of course if you find it suitable for me to do that. I have your bank information in one of the mails you sent recently. I can give them that information and they can directly put it into our account (I repeat our:)) for a better future for all the people taking place and for the people we reach through the net or any other media for the future to express our ideas and create a better world for the following generations which will keep them away from nuclear weapons and war. I am peaceful and I want everybody to be peaceful, to begin with every individual has to be peaceful with ownself. For that they have to be aware of that, this is what we are all working towards on our global platform. I hope to bring more peaceful ideas by other people who need to let it all out on the platform and be a part of something I believe in completely. So please let me be and accept this offer. I was going to give them the lightmillennium bank info directly but then I thought I should ask first.

Please let me know as soon as you can so that I do this for all the good reasons we have as birthright.

World, Domination, Power to peaceful people

Babur ALBAYRAK, Istanbul

- - - - - -

I am very happy to know that LM now is tax-exempt. It is going to open new doors at a time when Western culture badly needs to communicate with Islamic culture. These days war takes on a grim meaning knowing that innocent people are the only victims. It has already been a part of our world for so long. Will the new millennium offer hope for change? It has to or we are history. The next war really will be the last.
. . . .

Also, thanks for the encouragement to write.
Keep up the great work, Bircan and staff.

Robert J. BAUMANN, New York City

- - - - - -

Subject: Ararat

Date: Fri, 26 Apr 2002 14:30:00 -0400
From: "John Henry" <jchenry@ctinet.net>
To: <lightmillennium@yahoo.com>


I have just been on your web site and have a comment:
Why is there no reader response section to add opinions, challenge the editorials, etc.?
For example, after reading the condemnation of the upcoming 'Ararat' (obviously a Greek production),
I would point out that many films criticizing human tragedy have been made in the past, not necessarily by political foes. The Killing Fields was one that accurately depicted the Cambodian massacre. Political criticism in several movies such as against Latin American dictators, Soviet and German war horrors, etc. have been made in the past.

Midnight Express can be seen as a negative propaganda piece by Greeks against Turks with questionable moral issues, but the basis of the movie was essentially correct in depicting problems in Turkish jails and corrupt courts. I was living in Izmir and Ankara during the 70's and wealthy friends were able to bribe police to allow military duty to be less severe for their own sons and even light sentences passed on accidental traffic deaths. There is corruption and evil in all governments unfortunately. If Turkish authorities believe Ararat is going to be another slam on Turkey, then Turkish film producers can retaliate by creating a film depicting Greek atrocities. Why not? The Armenian tragedy, and that of the Kurds, similar to the American slavery of blacks, the existence of the KKK, and other political corruption that has existed in the US, etc. should likewise be open to artistic (and political) commentary. History will be the judge, but people should know what has happened, what has been covered up, etc. and allow individual assessment.
Thank you for your time,

John HENRY, Texas

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