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Immediate Media Release:
February 19, 2012
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The Light Millennium TV - LMTV, WEEKLY Series Proudly Present - February 2012
LM Logo Ambassador Profiles - QPTV Studio - Sept. 9, 2011
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We are privileged and honored to present you the Light Millennium TV Weekly Series' new program entitled:

Millennium Development Goals of Turkey

Featuring with:
Permanent Representative of Turkey to the United Nations.

Host: Bircan Unver, Founding President of
The Light Millennium & Permanent Rep. to the UN DPI

Cablecast Dates at QPTV:

Ambassador Profiles - Opening Title, LMTV
Date: Monday,
February 20, 2012
On Friday,
February 24, 2012
Time Warner
Channel #56
Time: 11:30a.m.
Time Warner
Time: 10:00p.m.
RCN Queens
Time: 11:30 a.m.
RCN Queens
Time: 10:00p.m.
Verizon Fios
Time: 11:30a.m.
Verizon Fios
Time: 10:00p.m.

Duration: 28:35 (inc. 5sc slade)

The Light Millennium TV-LMTV is honored to launch and present "Ambassador Profiles: Millennium Developments of Turkey" program. The first program in this new series features H.E. Ambassador Ertugrul Apakan, Permanent Representative of Turkey to the United Nations.

In this program, we have profiled Millennium Development Goals of Turkey along with highlights of H.E. Ambassador Apakan's diplomatic career .

The program, particularly, is focused on the four goals of the Millennium Development Goals, which are: Eradicate Poverty and Hunger, Universal Education, Gender Equality and Empowering Women and Eliminate Child Mortality.

In addition, we would like to inform you that LMTV has moved up to a WEEKLY Series at QPTV starting the first week of January 2012.

H.E. Amb. Ertugrul Apakan Bircan Unver, The Light Millennium TV

CREW & Credits: William Brown (Studio Director); Cameras: Le-Nora Jones McBeth, ED.D.; Richard Graziano and Jarell Barrister (Intern, QPTV); Audio: Tom Gavin; Lighting: Rene Valdivia and William Brown; Set Design: Bircan Unver and the Crew; Floor Managers: Richard Cunnigham and JoAnne Brown; Set Videographer: Vernon Gravdal - Production Assistant: Joyce McKinney.Studio Manager: Rene Valdivia. QPTV Receptionist: Donna DeSantis
Set Photographers: SandiLue and Luchia Dragosh (Intern, QPTV).
LMTV Executive Producer-Director: Bircan Unver

- QPTV's Blog: H.E. Ambassador Ertugrul Apakan & Bircan Ünver in the QPTV Studio:
- Photos from the studio (Sept. 9, 2011):

Special Thanks To: Mr. Adnan Altay ALTINÖRS for the provided ground materials.

Also: Special Thanks To: Roz Nieves, Community Development Director, QPTV & Daniel L. Leone, Executive Director, QPTV.

H.E. Ambassador Ertugrul Apakan

This program was initially shot at Queens Public TV Studio on Friday, September 9, 2011, and completed on February 10, 2012.

LMTV Special & Series are produced as volunteer base and not-funded.

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The Light Millennium TV is a series of independent programs including themes of literature, poetry, art & artists, culture, peace, United Nations, UNNGO Profiles, MDGs, LCDs, Ambassador Profiles, freedom of expression, and global issues.

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"Fostering Global Connectivity","Promoting 'Freedom of Expression' from all walks of life in every corner of the world," "Removing prejudices," and "Working towards to cultural globalization and global peace."

The Light Millennium/LMTV was launched at Queens Public TV ( on January 13, 2000 by Bircan Ünver. LMTV programs are produced under/for The Light Millennium organization, which holds a tax exempt status #501-c-3 effective on July 17, 2001, and is associated with the Department of Public Information of the United Nations (December 2005).
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