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Below COMMENTS are posted on the Armenian-Blog for the
"The TRUTH is SACRIFICED" Part 1 and Part 2 programs alone with the
"Concerned People To Set The RECORD Straight".

These programs also are available in the below link:


Comment on No.3307

Dear Ms. Bircan Ünver,
Dear Mr. Sevgin Oktay,

As a retired Turkish ambassador who suffered the loss of over forty of his colleagues, all of which were murdered by ASALA, and who is dismayed by the lies continuosly fabricated by the Armenians, who nevertheless don’t stop to accuse us for a crime our ancestors did not commit, and by the stand displayed by the silent majority in many countries who for political reasons prefers to take the side of the Armenian diaspora
without having the minimum information on the tragic events of 1915, I was for once gratified to watch the three videos on Light Millennium.

Like almost all of my citizens I too am fed up of being accused for a crime which our ancestors did not commit, i.e., the so called “Armenian Genocide”. Therefore, I was deeply satisfied that for once a learned, senior Turkish citizen spoke with clarity and unveiled the truth by citing only foreign documents.

I wonder whether after learning the figures of the Near East Relief fund the Armenian diaspora will still continue to tell their stories....

It gave me also great pleasure that the truth was presented by a Turkish gentleman who has no ties with the government and who does not receive any help from it. I am saying so, because when we the Turkish diplomats would make similar statements (similar, because for any Turk who has stutied the subject, the statements have to be very close to each other, because so is the Truth!) we were either openly or in absentia discredited simply for being under the payroll of the government.

So a big Hip, Hip Hurray! for Mr. S:S. Aya! Also many thanks for Mr. Sevgin Oktay for assisting Mr. Aya in his presentations. My thanks also to Mrs. Bircan Ünver for the role she played gracefully as moderator. To conclude, I would say that the record could not be put straight in a better way!

Erdil K. Akay

* * * * *

2 comments: Silverdale, Washington, United States said...

I am very pleased with the amount of interesting background information about Sukru Aya and seeing him in person, I can now relate to him and his articles better.

This kind of compliments his books and articles and make me see him in a fuller picture

* * * * *

18 August, 2011 - Front Royal, Virginia, United States said...

You say that that you have received no invitation, no approach, no encouragement, no support, no sponsorship from anybody, any office, institutions especially the Turkish Government and most of the job is unknown by them, if they knew, they would have used some of it

That's what I like the most for two reasons:

If you can produce such collection, So can some others, but they have chosen to be eternal gaze watchers who are just lazy parasites who have no excuse and they deserve nothing and they have to stop complaining about why Armenians are ahead of manufactured propaganda

Second reason why I like that is no one can label you as a "Turkish Government Paid agent" since they cannot even use the info you serve on a silver plate

well done mr Aya, God bless you

down with the bull-dust talkers

* * * * *

From: Sukru Server AYA
Subject: LIGHT MILLENIUM TV Shows in New York April 2011
Date: August 15, 2011 8:04:11 AM EDT

OPEN Thank You Letter:

Dear Bircan Hanim,

a- Thank you very much for your hospitality in New York as well as your providing the links and access to the TV programs.

b- Indeed, I was able to watch the programs, each about 30 minutes, by first downloading the interview on my computer and watching it later as a video. IT WORKED perfectly!

c- I am sharing this message with my internet friends as well as the blog of "" so that the whole world can learn what we did talk about... If we get lucky, may be a few from our AUTHORITIES may watch and learn what an old citizen thinks about the matter...

d- As I have expressed in the interviews, my books and sources stay open to the whole world for any refutation by any person or association.

All they have to do is to write to "" and "give their counter comments supported by stronger authentic documents".

e- I do believe that you will be pleased if these TV shows are shared by other web-blog etc. in particular "", in and out of Turkey.

Thank you again for your excellent cooperation.



Part 1 of 2 - TV Show: Bircan Unver Hosting Sukru Server Aya:
Part 2 of 2 - TV Show : Bircan Unver Hosting Sukru Server Aya:

TV Show: CPTRS Interview - Sevgin Oktay & Sukru S. Aya Hosted by Bircan Unver :

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