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To Many More Millennia Dear Nazim...
A Celebration of 100th Birthday of Nazim Hikmet
The event and the video program produced and directed by
Bircan ÜNVER


Based on the poetry reading event on May 2, 2002;
"To Many More Millennia Dear Nazim...
also produced as two part of television program.

The Light Millennium TV Serisi;
@ Queens Public TV

Part I: April 10 & 11, 2003
Part II: April 17 & 18 2003

Previously shown on March 13, 14 (P.I), and March 20, 21, 2003 (P.II)

(1902 - 1963)

To think of you is a wonderful thing,
a hopeful thing,
something like listening to the most beautiful song
from the best voice in the world.
But hope is no longer enough for me,
I no longer want to listen –
I want to sing the songs...
Nazim HIKMET, 1945

Invitation of the event for May 2nd 2002:

The program will include Opening Reception with live music, Remarks and a brief speech on NAZIM Selections of Nazim's poems by readers in TURKISH and in ENGLISH Poems written in the honor of NAZIM, A solo and group play by two anticipating musicians.

By creation of this special event, we hope to share all ambitions & poetic passions of all ages by reading and/or listening of poems by Nazim (and for Nazim), one of the most important figures in the 20th century Turkish literature and one of the first Turkish poets who was a fervent nationalist patriot, a socialist whose humanistic views tran-scended barriers of race and country alongside of a universalism and compassion which finds its roots as much in Sufism as in ``socialist internationalism.''

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If you wish to obtain a full version of the program as 1:38 minutes, then please send to below address for VHS-NTSC format, $25, for DVD format $30.

Two Parts of "To Many More Millennia Dear Nazim" was shorten from the 1:38 minutes program in order to broadcast under the LMTV series at Queens Public Television. Full version represents 30 poetry readers of the event.

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