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rumi_clarke_logoRUMI & CLARKE: Inspirational Writing Awards Project

LM BROCHURE - 2010 (jpg)
Brochure (inside)
LMTV's Upcoming Studio Town-Hall Meeting at QPTV
Scheduled on Wednesday, March 14, 2012
Time: 6:30-8:30p.m.
Project Title:

For Immediate Media Release - S U R V E Y

Brief Bios of the Confirmed Panelists for the Studio Town Hall Meeting

Ambassador Anwarul K. Chowdhury
H. E. Ambassador Anwarul K. Chowdhury has devoted many years as an inspirational champion for sustainable peace and development and ardently advancing the cause of the global movement for the culture of peace that has energized civil society all over the world.

H.E. Ambassador Chowdhury’s legacy and leadership in advancing the best interest of the global community are boldly imprinted in his pioneering initiatives at the United Nations General Assembly in 1999 for adoption of the landmark Declaration and Programme of Action on a Culture of Peace and in 1998 for the proclamation of the “International Decade for Culture of Peace and Nonviolence for the Children of the World (2001-2010)” as well as in his initiative in March 2000 as the President of the Security Council made the conceptual breakthrough that made it possible to adopt the groundbreaking UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on women and peace & security.
He served from 2002 to 2007 as the Under-Secretary-General and High Representative of the United Nations, responsible for the most vulnerable countries of the world.
A career diplomat, he served as Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Bangladesh to the United Nations in New York from 1996 to 2001. 
He served as President of the Security Council, President of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) Executive Board and Vice-President of the Economic and Social Council of the UN.
He is the chair of the International Drafting Committee on the Human Right to Peace, an initiative based in Barcelona, Spain.
He is the recipient of the U Thant Peace Award, UNESCO Gandhi Gold Medal for Culture of Peace and Spirit of the UN Award. In March 2003, the Soka University of Tokyo, Japan conferred to Ambassador Chowdhury an Honorary Doctorate for his work on women's issues, child rights and culture of peace as well as for the strengthening of the United Nations. He is the Chair of the International Day of Peace NGO Committee at the UN, New York and Chairman of the Global Forum on Human Settlements, both since 2008.
Public speaking and advocacy for sustainable peace keep him engaged at the present time. 
Nejmeddine Lakhal
Honorable Nejmeddine Lakhal, Deputy Permanent Representative, Mission of Tunisia to the United Nations
Deputy Permanent Representative of the Republic of Tunisia to the United Nations.
Prior to joining the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1992, he worked for the Ministry of National Economy as Assistant to the Legal Adviser.
In 1995 he was assigned to the Embassy of Tunisia to the United Sates in Washington as Press Officer until 2001. He returns to Tunis in 2001 and was appointed Desk Officer for Canada. In 2007 he joins the Embassy of Tunisian Ottawa (Canada) as Political, and Press Officer.
Prior to joining the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Tunisia to the United Nations in July 2011, Mr. Lakhal was assuming the position of Deputy Chief of Mission at the Embassy of Tunisia in Ottawa since 2008.
He graduated from “La Faculté de Droit et des Sciences Administratives” of Algiers (Algeria)
John Burroughs, J.D., Ph.D.
John Burroughs, J.D., Ph.D., is Executive Director of the New York-based Lawyers Committee on Nuclear Policy (LCNP), the UN office of the International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms (IALANA). Dr. Burroughs is co-editor and contributor, Nuclear Disorder or Cooperative Security? U.S. Weapons of Terror, the Global Proliferation Crisis, and Paths to Peace (2007); co-editor and contributor, Rule of Power or Rule of Law? An Assessment of U.S. Policies and Actions Regarding Security-Related Treaties (2003), to which he contributed the chapter on the NPT; and author of The Legality of Threat or Use of Nuclear Weapons: A Guide to the Historic Opinion of the International Court of Justice (1997). His articles and op-eds have appeared in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, the World Policy Journal, the Harvard International Review, Newsday, and other publications. Dr. Burroughs is also an adjunct professor of international law at Rutgers Law School, Newark.
Blance Foster
Blanche Foster - Acting Executive Director, Darfur Rehabilitation Project, Inc.
Blanche Foster brings management experience from the consumer products industry to her role as Executive Director of DRP. She was also the founder/editor of The Chariot, a music industry newsletter, circulated worldwide. A life-long community activist, Ms. Foster has held positions that brought about long-term positive change: Included is her tenure as the Board President of the Interfaith Hospitality Network of Essex County, a program that helps the homeless and as Community Outreach Coordinator for the United Nations Assn.-NJ, in its Global Economy Project with Rutgers University. She has received the United Nations Millennium Development Goal: "Women’s Rights and Empowerment" award, proclamations by the City of Newark, NJ in conjunction with the African Commission, also with the Black Nurses of Newark, NJ. Ms. Foster considers herself privileged to use her multifaceted skills set in service of the Darfurians as they attempt to bring an end to their plight in Darfur while seeking reconciliation in all of Sudan.
Sally Kader
Mrs. Sally (Salwa) Kader is President and the Founder of the United States Federation for Middle East Peace (USFMEP), a non-profit organization promoting the United Nations' Principle and commitment to Human Rights and to international peace and justice. Mrs. Kader is well known and respected as public speaker in interfaith Dialogue; she has spoken at the UN headquarters and across the continental US, in Europe and throughout the Middle East to a wide variety of audiences.
Mrs. Kader regularly lectures around the world and participated in panels for Interfaith Dialogue with Christian, Muslim, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists. She hosted and lectured at UNHQ to unprecedented delegation of 30 Rabbis and Imams from 11 European countries first ever at the United Nations to bridge the gap between religions. She has appeared on numerous media. She is a recipient of numerous international awards from many governments and organizations worldwide for promoting Peace and Interfaith Understanding, her work with Empowerment of Women and Human Rights her latest were the United Nations Millennium Development Goal (MDG) awards recognition in 2010. She traveled internationally to lead Peace conferences and Forum focusing on mutual respect and better understanding the religious philosophies, cultures, history and affairs of the Middle East and the West.
Youth empowerment is a priority for Mrs. Kader, and she has led and participated in programs for leadership, peace, and cross-cultural understanding among young people.
Randy Rydell is Senior Political Affairs Officer in the Office of Mr. Sergio Duarte, the High Representative for Disarmament Affairs at the United Nations. He served from January 2005 to June 2006 as Senior Counsellor and Report Director of the Weapons of Mass Destruction Commission (Blix Commission) and Senior Fellow at the Arms Control Association in Washington, D.C.
Randy Rydell, Ph. D.
Mr. Rydell joined the UN secretariat in 1998, where has served as an adviser to Under-Secretary-General Jayantha Dhanapala and his successors, Ambassadors Nobuyasu Abe and Nobuaki Tanaka. He has also served as Secretary of the Secretary-General’s Advisory Board on Disarmament Matters (2001) and as a Visiting Lecturer at Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School (September 1998 to February 1999, and September 2009 to January 2010). Recipient of “Unsung Heroes” award, Center for Non-Proliferation Studies, Monterey Institute for International Studies, 2009.
Rydell worked for Senator John Glenn between 1987 and 1998 as a member of the Professional Staff of the Committee on Governmental Affairs of the United States Senate. He assisted in the drafting and subsequent enactment of the Nuclear Proliferation Prevention Act of 1994 and other legislation. He also served as a staff member of the Senate’s Arms Control Observer Group.
He was an international political analyst at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory from 1980 to 1986, where he studied the problem of the global spread of nuclear weapons.
He worked as a post-doctoral fellow at the Center for Science and International Affairs at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University from 1979 to 1980.
He received a B.A. in Government and Foreign Affairs from the University of Virginia (1973), an M.Sc. in International Relations at the London School of Economics and Political Science (1974), an M.A. in Political Science from Princeton University (1977), and a Ph. D. in Political Science from Princeton (1980).
Adam Reiley
Mr. Adam REIELY - Darfur Rehabilitation Project, Inc. and UN DPI-NGO Rep.
Adam Reilly is a volunteer at Darfur Rehabilitation Project, Inc. working under Ms. Blanche Foster, the organization's Acting Executive Director, as her administrative assistant. He is currently writing a series of scholarship essays in application to university to pursue an
academic career in sociological theory and research. Mr. Reilly has a background in clinical laboratory procedures and applications and was compelled toward social scientific academics upon navigating the intricacies of the current US healthcare system during his tenure in an
urgent care facility. He found the disparities existing within the system a galvanizing force moving him toward the study and exploration of society and its sundry parts. He is deeply honored to be associated with Darfur Rehabilitation Project and believes wholeheartedly its
vision of a secure Darfur with a revitalized economy, an abundance of basic human services and a rising level of education in Darfur and in all of Sudan.
Jill Strauss
Dr. Jill Strauss
Dr. Strauss completed her PhD from the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland in 2010. Jill went to Northern Ireland for her PhD because it is at a hopeful if challenging time in its history and for its future. She has a background in art and a Master of Education in International Educational Development with a specialization in Peace Education and Conflict Resolution from Teachers College. She has worked as an educator and facilitator on interreligious/ interethnic relations, human rights and non-violence for many years. Currently Jill is an Adjunct Assistant Professor teaching Sociology of Conflict and in the Interdisciplinary Studies Program at John Jay College of Criminal Justice CUNY. Her research focus is on the capacities of the arts to address conflict and create peace. She is also exploring ways to teach students how to do oral history because it is through hearing 'the other's' story that we can understand and lessen conflict.
Kausha Srivardana
Kaushalya Siriwardana a native of Sri Lanka never forgot what she saw during her early years; she is the daughter of Sujatha Nadarajah (Maha Upasikawa) who wrote the book “ THE LIGHT OF THE TEN THOUSAND FOLD WORLD SYSTEM” (Life Of The Buddha) and the father the late Mr R. M. N. Nadarajah. Kaushalya has studied in India and is a citizen of the United States of America. She has left her management position with American Airlines to dedicate her time and efforts to the homeless and destitute children the world around. She has work tirelessly to bring attention to the needs of impoverished children through-out the world. Ms Siriwardana saw firsthand disastrous conditions of poverty and manner in which it can harm the lives of the children who are exposed to it. As a child she would freely share all she had with and the needy within her young grasp.
Bircan Ünver
Producer and Co-host:
Bircan Ünver, Founding President, The Light Millennium-NGO, and Executive Producer & Director, The Light Millennium Television/LMTV
Ms. Ünver is a Turkish native, is Originator (1999) and Founding President of The Light Millennium (LM, 2001), which is a public benefit, multi-media and culture organization, and is the permanent representative of the organization to the UN DPI since 2006. As an advocate for “freedom of expression” and “public benefit media,” she has compiled and e-published over 50 e-issues and produced near to 80 original television programs, garnering several awards. She is also the founder of the ISIKBINYILI.ORG based in Istanbul, Turkey (January 2010), as a sister organization to the LM. Bircan holds a Master’s Degree in Media Studies of the New School University. Her thesis was a half-hour video documentary titled “ALL IDEAS: Freedom of Expression in Turkey” (1999).
Cem Zorlular
Youth Rep. - Co-host
Cem Zorlular is currently a student in Columbia College studying Economics and Sociology. He has focused in Non-Profit projects in the areas of Speech, Debate and Education. His projects include various debate workshops around Turkey, High School Admission test prep classes, extracurricular summer camps for children and formation of the Turkey’s National Debate Association. He is the Youth Representative of the LM organization to the UN in 2012.
About The Light Millennium & LMTV: LMTV is under the umbrella of The Light Millennium organization, which is a public benefit multi-media and culture organization. It is built on the first article of the United States Bill of Rights: Freedom of Speech, in conjunction with the Universal Human Rights Article #19, on Freedom of Expression. It invites citizens of the world to submit, in an appropriate artistic medium, ideas and experiences that will help foster better understanding between people of different cultures and beliefs. The organization frequently presents ideas on its multi-media platforms, also public spheres on the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations and UN-NGO Briefings, UN-Women as well as human interests and culture at large. The organization obtained 501c3 status effective on July 17, 2001, and associated itself with the Department of Public Information of the United Nations on December 12, 2005. In 2011, LMTV presented a monthly series along with Special programs at QPTV. Since the first week of January 2012, LMTV has moved up to a weekly series at QPTV on Mondays, channel#56 at 11:30a.m. & on Fridays, channel#56 at 10:00p.m.
About QPTV: QPTV (Queens Public Communications Corporation) is a not-for-profit private corporation serving the residents of Queens. QPTV manages four community television channels specifically for Queens, under the Franchise Agreement between the City of New York and the Cable Operators in the Borough of Queens.
QPTV cablecasts the most diverse programming to the most diverse community in the world reaching over 440,000 subscribers 24 hours a day, everyday on channels 34, 35, 56, 57 on Time Warner Cable and on 82, 83, 84, and 85 on RCN and channels 34, 35, 36, 37 with Community Bulletin Board on channels 33 & 38 on Verizon FiOS.
WELCOME to local representatives from non-profits and scholar, researcher as well as students to join us as "discussant" for the Interactive Session at Queens Public Television on Wednesday, March 14, 2012 at 6:00p.m. in Flushing.
If you are interested to be part of it, please e-mail to by March 13, 2012. Thank you.

-Posted on March 5, updated on March 8, 2012.

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