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The Light Millennium
Towards Sustainable HUMAN Development Goals Beyond 2015:
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1st DRAFT - Date: Aug. 31, 2014 – 2nd Draft: Sept. 5, 2014 – 3rd Draft: Sept. 21, 2014 - WORK IN PROGRESS

Definition and Working Mechanism:

A New Initiative by The Light Millennium
Written and Proposed by Bircan Unver



The Light Millennium invites you to present your ideas, work, action plan, and visions for the UN's Sustainable HUMAN Development Goals in order to make them visible and available globally as well as seeking your collaboration and partnerships to it!

Below is our draft ideas and tentative plan which is currently a work in progress in terms of forming a TASK FORCE (TF) (in the previous draft as WORKING GROUP*) on an annual base for the 'WHAT IS MY ACTION PLAN PROJECT.'
We have officially launched this project during our UN panel/workshop entitled, A QUEST TO FULFILL HUNGER OF THE BODY AND MIND POST-2015: Is Genetically Modified Food A Solution? in the Trusteeship Council at the 65th Annual UN/NGO Conference in NYC on Thursday, the 28th of August.

WHAT IS MY ACTION PLAN? This project initially proposed and supported as the 'words of support' by the UN/DPI NGO Relations' Chief and strongly supported by the Chair of the Conference.

However, they couldn’t allocate man-power – sources that I’ve undertaken to launch it under The Light Millennium/my organization as the project's author/owner through their knowledge and once again, 'words of support.'

I have been working to form a TASK FORCE* (TF) for this project on an annual basis that will aim to have at least one organization’s/or individual from different parts of the world that it should be inclusive/diverse, and transparent. Each member of the TF will commit to act as a local/regional coordinator of the project along with bringing in/submitting his/her own organization’s Action Plan for the Post-2015 Sustainable HUMAN Development Goals.

With that said, if you would like to be a member of the TASK FORCE, below are our suggested ideas in order to create a workable-global online structure towards our general plan overall goal. If you like to join us, please email us the below required information as soon as you can:

1) Your full-name, age category (we aim to form an inter-generational and intercultural working group), geographical location;
2) Main focus area of your organization or your interest on an individual basis or academic or professional level;
3) A brief profile in 150-200 words of your organization and/or your (mission statement/a few selected programs, etc.) along with your website, if available, and logo or a head-shot of yourself to be posted under the MEMBERS OF THE TASK FORCE on the web;
4) Task Force will be formed/renewed on an annual basis;
5) Each member will act as a local and regional coordinator for the project so that we will be able to reach out and present diverse, rich, small, medium and big projects, which are included as an emerging idea or an innovative vision and solution for current and troublesome issues!
6) The TF will mainly be working on an online basis that each decided step and received submission will be visible online or shared through email prior selecting, processing and posting them.
7) The TF will read all the submissions, help to categorize and the first selected and most effective solution based projects based upon submissions at least from 3 to 5 submissions up to 10 submission/projects on a quarterly base, which will be posted on The Light Millennium's website under related sub-index as a new Initiative of the organization.
8) However, specific themes, various or targeted goals of the Sustainable HUMAN Development Goals, could/will be channeled to a second or third collaborative organization's website that also will be determined within the TF and based on capacity of the 2nd and 3rd organization as well as willingness and commitments to the utmost impact and ultimate success of the project in terms of global recognition of each project as well as within the UN system!
9) A one-year online commitment to actively and effectively serve on the TF via a letterhead of your organization to be sent electronically;
10) Age category from 18 to 32 is considered as 'YOUTH' according to the UN. Thus, Youth engagement/encouragement and involvement, posting their ideas, innovative project will be an important part of our task wherever we live in;
11) Communication with local college/universities while reaching out to faculty members and students and developing joint projects/papers will be sought;
12) Reaching out local/regional and nationwide organizations on behalf of the TF with the sole aim to engage those with project visions that will be a crucial part within the project.

Meeting in person and/or travelling won't be required. At the same time, based upon freewill members of the TF and each member’s own expense, an annual in person meeting along with on-line video and/or teleconference participation also will be considered.

PLEASE NOTE: There will be NO COMPENSATION or REIMBURSMENT at any level for potential costs by each member and/or organization towards the project. This project has launched on a VOLUNTARY BASIS and will be implemented in the same fashion.

Of course, if there is an interest to sponsor the project, we will welcome those within our terms. Also, if submissions are in abundance and we cannot handle those within our Task Force capacity, accordingly, we will seek sponsors in order to secure, sustain and deliver in full of the presented project's mission, goal and vision.

I plan to create a web page for the TF in order to introduce all the confirmed members of the TF of the project with their affiliated organization and/or brief bio and head shot photo or organization’s logo!

We will be acting as a global transparent Task Force for the project’s ultimate goal and success.

Once the initial TF is formed, we will delegate the responsibilities and further define our online working mechanism.

As it is now, MYACTION@LIGHTMILLENNIUM.ORG will be its main email address.
Main website:

As an ongoing process - 1st stage: Forming the initial Task Force - and making this document available to all interested individuals and organizations world-wide. (As of September 21, 2014, we've received four confirmations along with the required information.)
2nd stage: Creating a related webpage along with bios/profiles/photos of the TASK FORCE
3rd stage: Issuing a media release to announce the launching of the project along with introducing the members of the TASK FORCE along and their affiliated organizations and geographical locations.
4th Stage: REMINDER - OPEN CALL FOR Submissions - Deadline by October 20, 2014
5th Stage: Publishing in process and announce them globally (in November 2014) with a new deadline for the second quarter publishing period of the project.

Once we have all the required information and formed the TASK FORCE with members from different parts of the world, we will immediately work on a media release to announce the launching of the project along with its newly formed TASK FORCE.

We should act quick and NOT LOSE THE MOMENTUM that sooner is better in order to reach out and involve all interested people in the beginning stage. We should be able to issue our Media Release, during the first week of October, the latest. This will help us to spread the word and receive--hopefully a good amount--of submissions by Oct. 20th!

If you have questions or concerns based on the above points, I will be more than happy to reply to them.

Thank you very much for your further consideration and looking forward to your possible immediate reply.

Best regards,

Bircan Unver, Project General Director
What is My Action Plan? Project is an
A new initiative by The Light Millennium – Associated with the UN/DPI
Queens, NY.

SPECIAL THANKS to Yesim Ozel Dorian for her editing the first draft of this text.
SPECIAL THANKS to H.E. Ambassador Carlos Garcia Gonzales for his valuable advise to changing this document's name from the Working Group to the Task Force.

Twitter: #MYACTION2013

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