NO New Nuclear Weapons... NO New Nuclear Targets... NO New Pretexts For Nuclear War... NO Nuclear Testing...
NO Star Wars... NO Weapons In Space...
NO All Types Of Weapons, War & War Culture...
We have only one WORLD yet! If we destroy it, where else will we go?



Never seems to be visible I,
at a mountain top
named it "UniSun",
imagining mankind
as all, towards uniting under the light
leaving the dark ages behind,
never seems to be heard
still... I sing
a song called "Hello"

Who knows where and how to start...
most commonly thought -Why,
be revealer of a clandestine?
To whom?


What do I care?
Do you care?
Do we care?
Who cares?
For whom?


Like You all, it glows
Bluish clouds radiant,
around the mountain top,
And left-over snow goes far, over
the one and only lasting land:
centuries froze while we die,
kill, loose, win… for our lands,
above constantly changing maps
from those remains
a handful of sparks I pick,
-enough lightning me inside,
-enough making me say:
Love O, Where do you belong,
like before the rainfall

I hide and breath in a crack
with you in me O Hope
unveiling a rainbow
What takes you for so long,
Peace O, where do you come from...

The countless hands are rising above
smiles to you new sky,
a longing land rouses...
mountain tips I line with sparks


Seven colors appear swirling us in
I care for a savory
And looking in everywhere,
over the same old frames,
the Stars, Moon, Sun,
when all the lines go invisible,
where we loose
the great dividers nameless,
the Empires, and the Gods,
facing a fall or a rose
Leaving the borders on Maps


When your vision surge
to the visible realms O love,
You may prove a touch to the world
I just know
You can and we all watch,
the particles of present falling
into remembrance
...it is not the past
we hold the ties from… to future

as we expand the present...
Time, as future becoming past
with all love, over those wounds
all is NOW for us,
to turn the Globe around

- . -

© Ulku Unsoy, September 2002

This issue is dedicated to Global Awareness

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