NO New Nuclear Weapons... NO New Nuclear Targets... NO New Pretexts For Nuclear War... NO Nuclear Testing...
NO Star Wars... NO Weapons In Space...
NO All Types Of Weapons, War & War Culture...
We have only one WORLD yet! If we destroy it, where else will we go?

Selected Poems

All the poems mentioned here are dedicated to my beloved friends all around the world and we shared a lot with each of them .. These are not love affairs...
Life is a long-lasting friendship ..

Dedicated to all new friends...  

Philosophical thought of the time
maybe hidden in Cigdems rhyme .
Throughout the recorded time
Thought has never been a crime .

To My Friends...

imaginary voyage to eternity
is possible with your sincerity .


All issues that arise during the life
is simply ; thought and action
Cigdem can write many fiction
About your emotion


I maybe or may not bea master of arts
Profound understanding of your hearts
Is a way from me at least thousand of yards
Its a long struggle between head sand hearts
I have seen all of your broken parts

Manifestation of Love

Oh Father
Would you ever return
To me
Or the days we had
Together .

Dedicated to my best Friend "Daddy".

Oh Sweet girl oh sweet heart
Just a piece of my part
The Autumn leaves in the Fall

Looking for a nice place to fall
And wondering about my call
For the new season in my heart

Your new house awaiting for
My Spanish lullabies and my art

Dedicated to my Friend
Aylin E.Berevoets lives in Netherland

* * *

Building Castles in the Air

We were on the air
And it was our first affair
Nothing has broken to repair
Having a trip miles and miles

With sincere and mischief smiles
Were just a brick ortiles,
Of unbuilt Temple on the air
On my dress.. found your hair ...

We were not single nor pair
I like building castles on the air

April 8, 2003

Back from New Zealand to Singapore

Mr. Khatu lives in India &New Zealand
Virtual destinies were in line or align
The temperature was increasing
Without any decline

Two faces were in a state of shine
Actually there was nothing to define
All seems marvelous and fine
Ten hours later may not be a deadline

Again we were in Singapore Airline
Find myself
Trying to wearing your shoes
Instead of mine ..

There was no line
Between our ...


* * *

Dedicated to friend live in NZ.

If the magic is in the name of beholder ,
I have names in my mind to order
The life is not framed and sure
There is no border

This a new Cigdems rhyme
To keep in your folder  

* * *

Flew Over Pacific

Almost at the end of March on Friday
Right after the time of one of the pray
There was day light
But it was an overnight flight
There may be two body or one, depending on
Any place they were flying over or on
Touching their elbows in a forbidden zone
Increasing diminished intensity
Who knows how comes virtual continuity
Without undertaking any responsibility
Two individual ,passenger or entity
Narrow passageways
Setting route followed by plane
Maybe called by narrow road or lane
There is no misfortune or bane
Seems nothing to lose or to gain
Initial intention may be to maintain
Self image corresponding entertain
There was an invisible chain
Between their naughty brain
They may even find each other
In Istanbul or Nanabhai Lane
Monitoring each other personal screens
Tray table or square plates
Both dislike shapeless
South-East Asian spaghettis
Exchanging biographies
Latest movies
audio/video facilities
Interactive Nintendo games
Super Mario World or other stories
All were spontaneous without regulation
Two hands under the blankets of
The mysterious plane
Wouldn't be detected with cabin crew
parents, smoke or fire detection .
There were some passion or affection

Not free from any assessment or evaluation
Actually worth's for recognition

Dedicated to my friend Alejenro lives in Venezuela  

* * *

Welcome to the airplane
Auckland to Singapore
Who is gonna act with sane
Who knows what was the altitude
With their attitude
Now its your turn to include
Your words to my lines
Jump out of the plane
Or flying at an altitude of about 10,000 ft.
Two hands are still under the blankets of
the mysterious plane
which is lubricating moisturizing hand lotion
with the current temperature and tension
On the air

.April 8, 2003

Before leaving the day light ...

Dedicated to my beloved
friendMr.Khatu lives in India & New Zealand.

Life is densely populated in my cappuccino cup
And clouds are made of milk
The weather is cold
But soft as silk

Dedicated to Frederic lives in Paris
Beyoglu,Schlotzky 2002

* * *

Joy is motion
And I am an emotion
Moving all sense of earth
With a new fashion
And what is the meaning of
Our creation
How is the health of our souls

* * *

Hi Prince life is echoing softly
With a shaking chaos
Silence told me thoughtfully
You need one of the room out of 4
In your heart

Dedicated to my friend "Prince" lives in Bangladesh.
September 11, 2002, Istanbul

* * *

Finished the coffee and start to navigate.....
My sweetheart ; I may or may not start to create .
It is time for writing to U , since the time is appropriate
We are timeless , But we are aware about the date
Some words may chilling ,some makes readers sweat .
Meeting is over and the result was quite perfect
After negotiating on several business project .
Lots of issues discussed ,each seems deserves respect
Not only business , but also other irrelevant subject
Kept us together around the round table ,with respect
I was smiling ,getting your smile was on my chest
Your existence in my life is a real valuable asset
For tomorrow afternoon ,another meeting has been set
Just called the hospital ,if there is something I should get
Daddy seems to stay in the hospital more than I expect ...

Actually life goes on here, but I cannot leave the city yet
There are instruments in the jungle and I am playing trumpet
There is a piece of my heart whom I will never forget
Touching with him via SMS ,phone or mails on the internet
My letters are written and printed with a printer with inkjet
All we need seems PC speakers and a microphone. a headset
Which I do wanna arrange these or make any attempt .
Just visualizing the time you hold my hand
And the time we had together in Madrid since we met
There are lots of joy we have not experienced yet
Unless we let ,our dreams can not be swept
All our wishes are in the box ,as gift you did present
There are instruments in the jungle and I am playing trumpet
There is a piece of my heart whom I will never forget 

Dedicated to my friend "Prince" live in Bangladesh

September 11, 2002, Istanbul

* * *

My Thoughts 

Dedicated to my friend Guido, lives in Germany

Descended with a slow motion from a mountain
What is the height of mountains in your mind
Flowing with a fast speed from a fountain
What is the weight of a water drop you can find
All is happen behind the curtain ...
With full clarity in your mind .

Dedicated to All.

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