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Connecting The Dots,
Borrowed Time,
Cinnamon Thunder,
It's the heart he takes out tonight

Poems & Photo-digital arts by Ugur AKINCI


Connecting The Dots


I've met many people
Who never met each other.

I've been through many cities
That didn't know the other exists.

I've crossed many rivers
With waters far apart.

The universe connects through me
It's gone.

* * * * *

Borrowed Time

God is easy when raisins ripen on time
when bridges carry like a mother
lovers quiver
on cue
leaders trumpet
graphs that rise.

God is easy
when She's a xerox
of a copy
of something happened
so long ago
that we fall in awe
on knees
that carry
almost no one.

God is hard
when dripping darkness
glowing purple with hatred
sinks a fang
into every song
still beating human hearts.

Squinting at this painful light
every smile hides a cry
when children
OUR children!
are torn in quakes,
and battles

For a man with
too many pens in his shirt pocket
too many keys dangling from his belt
too many coupons
to clip and redeem at the supermarket
it's better
not to force
the lottery.

God's numbers explode
when measured with a tape
and gift-wrapped lovingly.

May you be blessed

(October 2002)

For Light Millennium: Eclipse on Bosphorus

Cinnamon Thunder

The battle is joined, hurray!
pound for pound
drop for drop
with a rose in each fist
I shoot up and hug the day
therefore I exist.

Sweet day
my darling cinnamon southern day
as long as you're in me
tussle my hair
shine my bones
mortgage my name.

Pull out the dipstick of my heart
and lick it
smell the honeysuckle
bite the whistling pine
this joy discriminates no one.

Who owns this day? Any day!
Who owns the wind?
This blood? This pulse?
Pride of a boat well carved?

The hours are emerald precious
at times laced with menace
a life spent in deterrence
is a leg left in a battle
while the dunes shift alive
I'm aware.

But I'm going out of my mind, friends!
in a bright blaze
of a single-act story.
Because mounting a memory
is the wrong ride back home.

Stand here and don't you say nothing.
The world will come.

Objects in life
are closer than they appear
somewhere next to the big mirror
we all exist.

(September, 2002)


Neuron Joy

It's the heart he takes out tonight

my son won't take out the trash tonight
or any night
he writes poems instead
an impatient lightning
pulled out of its sheath
he boils out  cascading through the canyons of his mind
a laughter mailed to itself spinning a trail of smoldering sparks
a hawk a colt nervous and sniffing the smoke in the fire of worlds sunken deep
staggers into endless night steaming black churning blue
stars above tender below crickets chirping
tears a verb shoots up my poet at thirteen
zipping whitehot  Shiva dances fleeting faces past future whispers and unseen
it's the heart he takes out tonight
not the trash that cash the train of flight

my son a poet at thirteen and proud
slam dunks the world like I won't at hundred fifteen.

(August, 2000)

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© Poems & Photo-Digital Art by Ugur Akinci, 2002

This issue is dedicated to the legendary author and scientist Sir ARTHUR C. CLARKE for his 85th Birthday...


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