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We have only one WORLD yet! If we destroy it, where else will we go?
Giving & Exhaled

by Asli OMUR
At night when this place has gone to bed
I stay awake with Enya in my ears
Time is the only thing that knows both sides
Time is the only thing that sees what will become of
The clown and her hopes
I want to see your living, before ours intertwined
Like the butter breezes of a July
A thick blow of music flooding
Staircases and alleys
Down a tired road somewhere
That says Welcome to Manhattan
Turning in to face a pillow
I let it absorb me
Loving someone else
Twisting and curving your body
To the form of a foreign lover
My beating breath
Stalls in the center of the night
When I try to guess of
Everything I never got to see you with
I trace your footsteps back into the
Dim-lit Ankara boulevards
Izmir parks green with the songs of
Our people
After my flight in desire to return
To the quiet parts of your loud and angry thinking
Tormenting the air with that lonely music
I have heard this all somewhere before
I have had this same sight for 18 years
And when I spread myself out for you
Like a blanket in the frigid months wind
And when I lingered around
Like empty slices of notebook paper
Then blew out your window
It was sacrifice that first led me there
To be strong enough to be solitare
To appease your empty glass
To be a single cherry in the bush
Somewhere inside the night
Waiting for you to consume me
Saving me from the invasion of a sunrise

For "you" and those memories
I had never felt the flesh of such a man
Fragmented by his miseries, abducted by his pleasures

Alone in his happiness
An empty laughter stifled
O! The jealousies of irreverent souls
To become invincible
Swallowed us whole

I had never seen peace
Until the day the windows were fogged
By the tears of Allah-on a Saturday afternoon; his grin shadowed
Shunning out the impurities of a dying day
His body rose from inhaling

Eyes shut with the blinds of thought
The presence in our topless solitude
United in the wetness of
our parted mouths

I returned
To my former self
And virgin

I wanted to recollect every turn
And record it in my brain for you
This is my territory
Nothing shall go cold here

Even though it storms northern confessions
Beside me he aligned our breath
So that even our blinking fell silent in respect
And we exhaled

© Asli Omur

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