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Understanding Myself, Blindness & One Wish

by Evrim SEL

Understanding Myself

Hardest thing
in the world
feeling like
the walls around
gnashing my teeth
and waiting
to take a bloody revenge
all the time
But right now
as I feel it
boiling under my skin
And thickening
in my blood,
to my brain
to reach out
and destroy
my logical thinking
I can understand
how easy it is
to crush a bug under my shoes
that I am disgusted with
and I'm afraid!

* * * * *


A little child is walking on the street.
She looks like five.
She takes tiny steps between the bright lights on this busy street.
My eyes wander around, she disappears.
I catch her again, right in the corner,
Begging to sell a napkin so she can eat a piece of bread.
Nobody stops,
Nobody ever stops!
She walks in the busy street with no shoes on,
Her clothes falling apart;
She falls apart
In the loud streets of the city,
Everybody looks,
Nobody sees.
She sits on the side way.
Two beautiful brown eyes
Wandering around in the danger of cold night,
Crying and pouring out the fear of helplessness
She is hungry,
Her family is hungry in this cold winter night.

One Wish

to be writing my name
on the foggy window of a car,
on a long travel
and adding his name
right next to mine
with the purity of snow-white
to be dancing on the coal cellar
on the back of the school,
all together
and crying on his graduation
without even knowing
how endless this goodbye isâ€|
my only problems are the foods
my mother is forcing me to eat
and tears to the absence of
watermelon and cartoons
I can even consent to have my endless allergies back,
all itching and hurting day after day
if only
my pink childhood
could run to me
behind the blues of today.
If I could only
call my mother's name out
as the moon rose
between the children designed wallpaper
to tell her about
the witch in my room
which was only a shadow on the wall
of the toys I had.
If I only could go back
to my three colored living room
my first love singing on television
and me falling into the beauty
of my garden
of willingness
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