NO New Nuclear Weapons... NO New Nuclear Targets... NO New Pretexts For Nuclear War... NO Nuclear Testing...
NO Star Wars... NO Weapons In Space...
NO All Types Of Weapons, War & War Culture...
We have only one WORLD yet! If we destroy it, where else will we go?


by Ismail COMERT

We are born before sunshine,
Smell to nature, smell to green.
We grove up by it s rising.

Time embroideres us, and goes.
Years are clothed/covered by years.
We grove up, we rise up, we great up.

Life flows time flows.
It blows, it rains, or it snows.
Love impacts, late impacts, and fate impacts
But, we grove up, we rise up, we great up.

* * * * *

Third Eyes

third eyes can see all, record rules
in it is known as life is lived
in it is like a maze is believed.

third eyes in court rooms/or in bed rooms
third eyes look at hearts, look at minds.

* * * * *

Adam's Sons

A history God knows past to future
takes its colour from lifes' culture.

A whole life contains ethernal lifes
halves of in fight, halves to go to last.

A float on Magma, shapes by water and air
served to Adam, and serves to Adams' fair.

brothers fight, brothers war, brothers kill
common they cry, some of them enjoy/or lie.

brothers are in fight but for what,for why?
who care of that mind, God says life is right.

@ Ismail Comert, June 2002, New York

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