We have only one WORLD yet! If we destroy it, where else will we go?
Winter 2002: 8th issue - **2nd Anniversary**

The Sweetest Condition



I could test your language with the supple movement of a January evening I am 18 and I have nothing to claim except the sweet red apple of my people I would count out the beats that swallowed your tongue and learn to communicate by fingers nothing shall deprive the heart of blood to carry on and grant warmth to my chest that stays concave with a dying bird in the center and the universe is staring at my shoulders bruised red with the bluntness of wrongful lovers and they gaze at my lips parted by wrongful killers murdered by those that I have released myself to and if I could change one tip of a moment where I was in between your arms and mouth it would when the morning arose as a

little girls hair in the wind

And the rain dripped from clouds that look as my grandmother with wings and I was washed away from your wrists in the center of such a down pour

Now apart from my photographs that somehow were meant to prove to me that at some time I had such emotions hanging from my sleeve

But I tore the ligaments of such a pride and that was the pinnacle of the sweetest condition to crawl from beneath my lungs

                                                   I am nearly falling off the cliff of a childhood

And I hold a lover in my pocket near my waist beside my thigh that bears every word that protrude from your ears and then I can hear what you heard when you were as me

The sweetest condition is sliding off my tongue that knows only a sunset hovering amidst the water raging with confession and if I could write it all down that way that my eyes receive then there would be no use to search for ones self because our selves are in the waves of nations and their struggles to comprehend how the sweetest condition that the being of a human can overtake is the condition in which every soul aligns to conviction

                                                          then we are no longer human

January 22, 2002

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