We have only one WORLD yet! If we destroy it, where else will we go?
Winter 2002: 8th issue - **2nd Anniversary**
- Don't Give Up -
Poems by Seçkin DERVIS, MD.

- Tribute to Liberty -
A September 11, 2001 remembrance

The days are short
Nights are long.
When you heart fills
With sorrow
Don't give up
Sing a happy song.

Remember the day in September
Things didn't seem to matter
It matters now and more
Don't give up
Someone will open a door.

Someday, Somehow, Somewhere
Who knows when
Nigtingales will sign again
Over the rainbow high
So long for now
Until we meet again
Don't give up.

New York, January 2002

* * * * *


You live majestically
In your isolation
Your inspiration focused
In your loneliness,
You are confused.

Searching for the perfect peace
You found, we all know
Life is not fair,
You are convinced.

In a sinking feeling
The world you live in
Is not the real world.

New York, January 13, 2002

I am Who I am.
I am The Statue Of Liberty
I live In the Land,
In the Land Of The Free.
For The Bravest of All
I Stand Proud,
Proud And Tall.

My Twins Are Gone
But I Keep Holding On
To The Light I Burn For You.
I am The Red, White And Blue.

We Unite Through The Days
As I watch Over The Haze,
And Each Day We Renew,
For The Red, White And Blue.

I Know Who I am.
I am The Statue of Libery.
I Live In The Land,
In The Land Of The Free,
In The Land Of The Free.

This poem was performed by The Mendelssohn Glee Club Orkestra and read by Dr. Seckin in New York City, on December 4th, 2002,

* * * * *

- Forever -

If you love him
And he loves you
If you don't feel alone
When you are together
And you will love him forever
I have nothing to say
What so ever...

Only stay high and tall
This is your way
The way after all
You will live it

New York, January 2002.

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