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 I'm Voice Of The Walls...

by Bircan UNVER

Insprired by Burhan Dogancay's "The Walls of the World" project.

USA, 1996, "The Walls of the World"

I am voice of the whispering, quite screams, invisible tears and unexpressed loves...
The beauty of my voice via the pictures or words all over the walls...
No one will react, blame or angry me in person or judge in some way
To express my emotions, ambitions, ideas, hope or uncomfortable and oppositions....

I am a glance in your life as well as a part of your reflections...
Either you're walking, or in the car, bus, or train...
We may meet for a second as a glance in your daily life
It is only my existing when you recognize me
Which is only depends on at your glance...

I am, which you may call from mass, anonymous
But I am individual and unique as well as you are
Sometimes I am a symbol of hope or a drop of rain
Sometimes a light of your soul or seeing everything in a gray...
I am your mirror which takes a place on the walls
Which reflects an essence of you

If all the walls of the world images
Evolved a transparent layer which you can see each one dissolves to another
I might have become a representative of human being with a huge transparent layers...

In it, I convey your light, hope, desire, reactions, emotions, disappointments or hate...
In short good and bad side of you...
I am a 360 scale of colors, all nuances and contrast from white to black...

Hearts, Boycott Animal Circuses, 1999, mixed media, private collection.

In other words from Angel to Devil with all other differences...
I am voice of the walls and a reflection of you
At the same time,  a huge transparent layer of you

You will ever know or notice who I am, what I do...
I am aware of it...
Still, I have to communicate with you and share with my feelings....
Perhaps this is the only implement for me how to reach you...

If you have a question where I am coming from,
I am American, French, German, Turkish, Russian or Spanish...
From all over the city walls...

When I felt this world has to reach ultimately a peace rather than war...
I wrote: Peace at home, Peace on the World.... Wherever I can
When I had fearful danger of the nuclear weapon
With a high concern continuity of the human being,
I wrote: Make babies, not nuclear weapon...

I assume, we are not so much different than each other despite each of us differences...
Where you live, who you are I have no idea...
This should be one kind of equality which we don't mostly have in our lives...
When you have a glance at me once, I am exist at that very moment
Maybe this isn't a major issue but if we do know each other
There is a possibility we couldn't communicate or understand each other at all
I am happy being a voice of the walls perhaps my voice is yours, too.

This poem was written for "The Walls of the World" essayistic video documentary in
Spring 1998, New York.


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