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Manifesto – Part 4: WORKING PAPER
- For Part 1; Part 2 & Part 3


by Bircan ÜNVER, New York

PURPOSES of the Turkish-Armenian Synergy Initiative

Dedicated to Devrim/Revolution

The below draft was written to initiate a dialogue for better understanding in order to jointly define the concept and the mission.

Entry note: This text is presented as a working paper, and will only become a final document when the envisioned parties have come together and decided, in a full consensus, about how the initiative will officially form.

1. Light Millennium’s Turkish & Armenian Synergy Initiative aims to develop and apply rehabilitation, development, cultural exchange, and jointly-developed projects with understanding and compassion in order to heal and elevate relationships around the world.

2.  Light Millennium’s Turkish & Armenian Synergy Initiative aims to obtain support from and enter into collaboration with the United Nations in order to create a platform to bring Turkey and Armenia together in a dialogue.  This will potentially open new avenues for non-governmental and civil society organizations based on Turkish-Armenian relations.  These organizations can be based in both countries as well as in the U.S.

3. Light Millennium’s Turkish & Armenian Synergy Initiative aims to engender harmony and synergy among the nations of the world, including but not limited to Turkey and Armenia.

4. Light Millennium’s Turkish & Armenian Synergy Initiative strives to promote social welfare for the people of Turkey, Armenia, and the United States.

5. Light Millennium’s Turkish & Armenian Synergy Initiative exists to develop, collaborate on, support, and expand all positive ideas related to these two countries through newly designed projects, art exhibitions, festivals, and dance performances.  In particular, these activities will function to exemplify healing and to change long-standing conflicts in countries and communities around the world.

6. Light Millennium’s Turkish & Armenian Synergy Initiative supports a trusting and reliable environment in which these countries might re-embrace each other, the United States, and other nations.

7. Light Millennium’s Turkish & Armenian Synergy Initiative will invest in the education system, starting with the first grade in both countries.  It will work, throughout the U.S. and E.U., to challenge prejudice and remove multi-layered negativity.  The results will resonate throughout other communities and countries, providing a replicable model.

8. Light Millennium’s Turkish & Armenian Synergy Initiative will involve a range of media executives and reporters, starting in Turkey and Armenia.  The organization will take a constructive, educational approach with the media, and will encourage the two countries’ media representatives to be professional in covering each other’s news in a transparent, candid, and responsible manner.

9. Light Millennium’s Turkish & Armenian Synergy Initiative will invest in the U.S. and E.U. media to bring about unique collaborations and an ongoing exchange of lectures, seminars, conferences, art exhibitions, and special screenings to be produced and presented jointly, starting in the two regions but not limited to them.

10. Light Millennium’s Turkish & Armenian Synergy Initiative will foster jointly-produced film projects, documentaries, books, and arts and culture programs.  This media will serve to rehabilitate and reconstruct.  Through these projects, citizens of both countries will feel naturally that they can re-embrace each other’s traditions, rich cultures, and values. The mindset around this reunion will be one of presenting culture to the global market.  The mutual benefits will create a cultural and economic synergy in both countries; they will also contribute to a global culturalization process.

11. Light Millennium’s Turkish & Armenian Synergy Initiative will develop joint, collaborative projects and programs through universities in Turkey, Armenia, the U.S., and the E.U.  Provided collaboration and funds are available, these projects and programs can span to many countries around the world.

12. Light Millennium’s Turkish & Armenian Synergy Initiative will focus on, develop, and encourage positive ideas about how to recover from the serious damage in both communities born from decades of negative perceptions.

13. Light Millennium’s Turkish & Armenian Synergy Initiative will target time frames, focusing primarily on when the two communities lived with open dialogue, harmony, and peace.  The organization will highlight similarities and foster respect for their differences.  This proactive encouragement of a functional relationship for Turkey and Armenia will be designed with the following goals in mind: rehabilitation, reconstruction, joint development, and sustainability.  These countries have long-standing, mutual interests which, when shared, will contribute to a global culture of peace.

14. Light Millennium’s Turkish & Armenian Synergy Initiative will be open to all globally responsible citizens of the world.  The organization seeks to collaborate with the Department of Public Information of the United Nations in conjunction with all non-governmental and civil-society organizations that do not have pre-conditioned mindsets, in order to begin a dialogue of pure intention.  Additionally, this network will grow to encompass the private sector, government agencies, and universities in Armenia, Turkey, the U.S., the E.U., and the rest of the world.

15. The Light Millennium aims to launch this project at the United Nations.


* Willingness to work to diminish violence, negativity, hatred, and prejudice.

* Willingness to work to stop creating new obstacles.

* Willingness to channel energy, labor, skills, and resources into the rehabilitation process and the promise of re-embracing coexistence.

* Willingness to focus on the development of positive approaches, strategies, and projects.  

* Projects must spring from at least three nationalists dedicated to represent Turkish, Armenian, and American interests; however, participation is not limited to these nations.  The organization also aims to gain a European country representative and at least one member from a related UN Agency.

* The Board of Directors of the Turkish-Armenian Synergy Initiative should include at least two non-governmental/civil society officers, two government officers, two private sector officers, two university officers, and two student (high school or college) representatives.

* The Turkish and Armenian Representatives may be Turkish-American, Armenian-American, native Turkish, or native Armenian.

* The goal is to launch in the United States, Turkey, and Armenia simultaneously. 

- Edited by Emily Alp
- Copy editor: Emily Bunker

- For Part 1; Part 2 & Part 3

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This draft of PURPOSES & CRITERIA was written by Bircan Ünver as an open proposal to all potentially interested individuals and institutions/organizations nationwide and internationally, and does not necessarily represent the opinions of the Board of Directors or the Advisory Board of the Light Millennium,  The Board of Directors, Advisory Board, volunteer representatives, and all interested individuals (including UN, NGO/CSOs, private sector workers, and government agency representatives) are invited and welcome to contribute to this draft.

Note: This DRAFT was written as a first draft on 4th of July, 2007, for the idea of "a Turkish & Armenian Synergy Initiative" to be formed under the Light Millennium Organization associated with the Department of Public Information of the United Nations, effective on December, 2005. Second Draft: November 11, 2007

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