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Winter 2002: 8th issue - **2nd Anniversary**

To Many More Millennia Dear Nazim:
Nazim Hikmet's 100th Birthday Anniversary Celebrated...

Light Millennium

(New York) After UNESCO's decision on international  celebration of Nazim Hikmet's 100th Birthday, many events took place in Istanbul, Ankara, Paris, a play in London and just recently on April 14th in New York the celebration as "Unforgettable Poet: Nazim".. The second event was on Thursday, May 2nd  organized by Bircan Unver, The Light Millennium (http://www.lightmillennium.org) with cooperation and support by Turkish American Federation in participation of  21. Turkish Culture Festival acitivites: http://www.tadf.org

Opening remarks of the "To Many More Millennia Dear Nazim" event presented by Egemen Bagis, president of the Federation of Turkish American Associations.


28 readers participated on this wonderful evening, "To Many More Millennia Dear Nazim" with the anticipation of the musicians Tayyar Akdeniz, baglama; Erol Israfil, guitar; Yasin Uygunca, piano and Scott Wilson playing oud. About 160 guests attended and it was specially worth listening the American readers' selections by Nazim once again proving how well Nazim is known in the US. It was a quite interesting experience for Turkish audience to listen Nazim's poems in English as well.

Julie Mardin's introductory speech, "A Child of Twentieth Century" R. David Robinson, "On The Twentieth Century" & An exerpt from opening section of the "Human Landscape".

The evening started by listening Nazim's poems "Gunesli Gunler Gorecegiz Cocuklar/Nikbinlik", "Yirminci Asra Dair" ve "Stransium-90" by his own voice followed by  Egemen Bagis' speech, president of FTAA, saying "Federation is the insitution for all those living in US and represents each ideology" . 

Bagis completed his speech by reading  Nazim Hikmet's poem , "Davet"  and how he truly believes and agrees on each line. "Kapansin el kapilari, bir daha acilmasin/ yok edin insanin insana kullugunu/ bu davet bizim./Yasamak bir agac gibi tek ve hur/ ve bir orman gibi kardescesine/bu hasret bizim."

Julie Mardin introduced the Poet to Americans who are not familiar with him & his works in her speech  "Nazim Hikmet: The Child of our Century" . Nazim's poem as mentioned in Mardin's speech "On the 20th Century" read by R. David Robinson.

Yasin Uygunca, "Rain", piano
Celebrating Nazim Hikmet's 100th Birthday, (center, Isitan Gün, Pinar Senevli (right).

Refik Erduran, professor and writer, joined  the evening with a special message he sent from Istanbul saying:
"Nazim Hikmet was full of hope of the creativity, favoring freedom, that is present in the American Nation despite the many disagreements he had with some behaviorual patterns of the American governors. Additionally, he was not granted a visa. It can be said that because of the people like you who has filled the Turkish House, tonight, Nazim has finally overcome the walls of political conservatism God bless you all." Refik Erduran, Istanbul

During "To many more Millennia Dear Nazim"
event's opening, Light Millennium's message to Nazim Hikmet's 100th Birthday:

"Our friends of the new global continent, while reading the poems and listening to the music compositions created for the poems, as well as the birthday messages written in his memory, we celebrate his 100th Birthday today. The continuous light you bring forth, humanity: more and more will become brighter. In thousand years, every generation and every culture, will be more rooted, and with desire will draw together, in particular when our hopes have blossemed in real time,, every time with the fever of lighting a waterfall, we dream of celebrating this."

Sebnem Senyener, "Kiz Cocugu" James Bone, "Straw Blond"

Nusret Ozgul also joined the evening with a message he sent from Brussel.  Ozgul's message  inspired on Nazim's poem "Voice" :   "Nazim Hikmet, dinsiz degildi. Inancliydi. Belki pratikan degildi. Salonda su an bulunan sizlerin her okudugu siir, sarfettigi guzel soz, pencere disinda; havaya karismis, onun icin bir mevlutten daha kiymetli. Cunku, o "Ses" siirinde tasvir ettigi gibi, sizlerin sesini duyuyor, ben de 6 bin km. Uzaklikta, Bruksel'de; Turk Evi'nden yukselen seslerinizi, Nazim ile birlikte isitiyor ve bir baska dunyada, onun da katilacagi siir geceleri dusluyorum."

"Nazim Hikmet was not an infidel/atheist. He was a believer. Maybe not a practicer. Each poem, each beautiful referral read this evening,outside the windows; catalized into the air, will be more ritual to HIM than any pray. Because as
he means on his "Voice" poem, he is hearing your voices, so am I here in Brussel far and away for 6 thousand km. hearing your voices with him and dreaming of other poetrynights in his presence."

Ilhan Mimaroglu, "Sairin Bir Dakika Tembelligi" Richard Mover, About My Poetry", "Letters from a Man in Solitary" and "On Living I, II, III"

The event's surprise moment made by Federation General Secretary, Isitan Gun by blowing off the Nazim Hikmet'in 100th Anniversary cake before the audience on joining event message on "To many more Millennia Dear Nazim".

"To many more Millennia Dear Nazim" musical introduction made by Erol Israfil by accompanying the reader, Sebnem Senyener "The Girl/Kiz Cocugu" playing guitar.   Nazim wrote this poem back in 1956 from the victim girl's words ten years after the Atomic bomb in Hiroshima. This poem and Nazim's many other poems reflecting his worries on atom bombing and anti-nuclear issues such as  ("Japon Balikcisi") unfortunately could not found in English translation, quite interesting!!

When Nazim Hikmet escaped to Moscow in 1950, he started worrying in name of "Great Humanity" to be correctly executed in former USSR under Stalin regime and canalized his creative energy into "international peace" and acitivities concerning atom bombing and anti-nuclear and the poems he wrote at this period are still enlighten and guiding/warning us today. Altough we were not able to provide these poems in English to present in our event ;  his works and leadership guidance on these issues was pointed out in the introduction.  


Arif Mardin, Latife Mardin and some of the guests of the event Sule Ulgen, "Olume Dair"

The main objective of the event was as mentioned in Nazim's poem:  " But I don't want to listen to a song any longer...
I want to sing...
"  to provide a platfform for the audience and readers the same meaning.. The event reached its goal with anticipation of 28 poem readers and 4 musicians. Some of the readers, Turkish and American, representing a wide range of professions and age group were as follows: Theater players R. David Robinson, Richard Mover, London Times, New York representative James Bone, the famous writer and composer Ilhan Mimaroglu.  

Gungor Mimaroglu
who also organized another Nazim Hikmet event in NY prior this evening, shared the memories of Guzin Dino with the poet. 

Ugur Ugural
successfully presented Nazim's poem "The Epic of Sheik Bedreddin" with  Tayyar Akdeniz playing baglama and received a huge audience appraisal. Some parts of Nazim's modern novel  "Human Landscapes"  was performed in English successfully by R. David Robinson. 

Ceren Aslanbas, "Ben Senden Once Olmek Isterim" Elif Ozmenek, "Yasamaya Dair I", Medine Gul,
Yasamaya Dair II"

The other poetry performers of the event were; Pelin Aksu, Oben Atila, Ferhan Arpacik, Ceren Arslanbas,  Medine Gul, Murat Gulay, Gamze Ilkay, Utku Marangoz, Elif Ozmenek, Medine Gul, Buket Sahin, Evrim Sel, Fatma Basoglu Takil, Mine Takil, Mehmet Uca, Sule Ulgen, Ulku Unsoy, Ebru Unal ve Selcuk Yalcintan.

Canalp Caner co-hosted of the program. Bircan Unver, "Gunesi Icenlerin Turkusu".

The english presentation of the evening performed by Canalp Caner, who is also assistant of Turkish Amerian Federation.

In the last section of the evening; a poetry written by AynurDurmus sent from Istanbul as well as Bircan Unver's own poem dedicated to Nazim Hikmet's 100th  Birthday named, "To many more Millennia Dear Nazim" performed both in Turkish and English.

Arif Mardin, Latife Mardin, Angela Dogancay, Ilona Akyavas, Haluk & Nehla Velidedeoglu, Erden Arkan, "Unutulmayan Sair Nazim Hikmet" co-producer Serdar Ilhan, also New York Turkish Consul Sedat Onal, Culture Attache Emire Renda, Press Attache Tevfik Unver and many representatives from Press were among the attendees.

Ugur Ugural, "Epic of Sheik Bedreddin" Tayyar Akdeniz, Baglama

At the end of this three-hour-long exciting event, some audience members from different age groups expressed personally to organizer Bircan Unver, "We somehow heard about Nazim but were not familiar with his works. Thank You for presenting such an event introducing this great poet to us" . Some of them also extended their appreciation to Egemen Bagis, president of FTAA, on his team's support for presenting first time ever such a well participated event in Turkish House.

We would like to extend our sincere thanks on their valuable help to Evren Ay, Pinar Senveli;   John J. Culkin on video production , Gul Mendez on photography, Ebru Unal ve Ender Ulgen.

(Translated from Turkish by Buket Sahin)*

* * * *

Below poem dedicated for 100th Birthday Celebration of Nazim Hikmet, and also inspired to the selected poetry reading event from Nazim Hikmet with the same title:

To Many More Millennia
Dear Nazim...

You're always in our thoughts, dear Nazim
With your poems, your dreams,
your desires, and your passions...

Even more than yesterday,
In multitude and in profoundness...
You're living in our hearts...
and in our lives...

Because no one, no one...
could explain US to ourselves
And in our dreams,
a little piece of you is in us all.

To love, to envy, to separation,
to happiness and to better tomorrows...

Your poems and great hopes,
will help carry us along time!
To many many new generations...

We miss you very much Nazim!

It's like missing a very old friend.
Just like how you miss your country Nazim
Just like hoping for better tomorrows!

To many more millennia Dear Nazim...

Bircan UNVER, March 3, 2002, New York.
Translated by Yesim OZEL

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