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The Light Millennium - Global Diversity School Project
Manifesto-III/Part-II, May 2004

Updates - February 2004  

An event: Feb.25 - NYC
- "Camera or Gun?"
How to produce your own programs to be aired?

by Clifford JACOBS

Place: The Marmara-Manhattan

An Upcoming Event: April 2
The fourth emerging power in the Middle East
Redefining the Turkish Media's Role & Future
A Conference & Power Point Presentation
Introductory and hosted by: Edward FOSTER
Place: Kidde Building (central campus)
Kidde lecture hall, 228 Kidde>
Stevens Institute of Technology
Hoboken, New Jersey
For Turkish Media Release>>>

Updates - October 2003  

- Timeless City Istanbul (Media Release)
A Watercolor Exhibition by Omer MUZ
Openning Reception: November 4, 2003

The 8th International Bienale
- Poetic Justice
by Dan Cameron
- Opening Ceremony of the 8th International Istanbul Bienale

When Peace Comes
A Multi-Facet Poetry Project for 2004
A Call for Poetry Writing & Reading

- How to Enter?

Baris Geldigi Zaman
(Turkish version of the poetry project)
Siir Yazmaya ve Okumaya Davet

- Nasil Katilabilirim
Çok yonlü siir projesi - 23 Nisan 2004

Updates - August 2003  
LMTV: Crescent & Star: Turkey Between Two Worlds
Updates - June 2003  
Art Submission Guidelines for Estrogenius 2003 New York was a scene for an evening of poetry
"On Peace & Woman"
Updates - March 2003 -

Two giants of the 20th Century's Modern Art met
at the MoMA-QNS in New York...

Turkish Producer Arif Mardin Wins
•Producer Of The Year Award• at the 45th Grammy Awards

First Comprehensive Survey of Beckmann's Oeuvre
in New York since 1964…

Opens on June 26, 2003

Light Millennium TV Series - QPTV
To Many More Millennia Dear Nazim...

March 13, 14, 20 & 21, 2003

Together We've Been Making a Difference:
TrueMajority Is Having an Impact

Ben Cohen, President of TrueMajority
March 6, 2003

Fugen Gulertekin has decided not to file for "Clemency"
but to continue to strive to prove her innocence...

by Nancy S. ERICKSON, Esq.

Updates - February 2003 Updates - November 4, 2002

The Truth about the Apocalypse
by Barbara PARKER

* Egogram 2003 of
Sir Arthur C. CLARKE

Warm peace breezes from Sri Lanka and
New Year Wishes

Colombo, December 31, 2002

* Light Millennium's Upcoming Annual Meeting & Events
* An Event of Joy & Harmony, on Wednesday, December 4, 2002

News from Chicago
- October 10, 2002
Interest in all things Turkish is more pronounced this year then ever before, starting with the number of groups traveling to Turkey from Chicago. 

- October 10, 2002
Closing reception on October 17, 2002

Turkey Deserves EU memberships more than Central and
Eastern European Countries

- September 27, 2002

Exhibition September 27, 2002
New York Subway Walls by Burhan DOGANÇAY

* * * Light Millennium is granted "Tax-Exempt" status:
501 (c) (3)
September 27, 2002

Silicon Dance Project
September 27, 2002
State Opera and Ballet - Ankara's Modern Dance Turkey

Ilhan Ersahin's Love Trio
Light Millennium's First Fundraising event - September 18, 2002

Updates - September 9, 2002

Updates from February 26th to June 8, 2002
Upcoming Events, International Issues & Media Releases

To Many More Millennia Dear Nazim:
New York: Nazim Hikmet's 100th Birthday
Anniversary Celebrated...

The Search For A New Beginning


"Desperate Hours"
Turkish-Jewish Documentary Premieres in Chicago

Sel Erder YACKLEY (media release) April 16, 2002

UIC Awarded $7 Million NIH Grant
For Research in Reproduction


TACA's  Women's Branch Initiates Monthly Activities &
Art Show


Sobiesky, Faulkner & Pamuk: March 16, 2002
"To Uplift Men's Hearts"

Latif BOLAT's Multi-Media Presentation in Chicago

Sel Erder YACKLEY Mart 14, 2002

Orhan Pamuk Is A Hit In Chicago March 10, 2002

An Urgent Need for Yaprak DUYAL
, Feb 26, 2002


Bush-Putin Deal:
Making the World Safe for Nuclear Weapons

by William D. HARTUNG, updated on June 8, 2002

national Justice, War Crimes and Terrorism:
The U.S. Record

Conference at the New School University, NY
April 25-27, 2002

To Many More Millennia Dear Nazim...
Upcoming Event: A Poetry Reading Night in NY,
on May 2, 2002.

ATRC - March 2002 - Update I: Stopping Drugs,
Fighting Guerrillas or Protecting Oil?

ATRC - March 2002 -
Update II: War On Terror Expands
at Expense of Human Rights, Future Stability

The New Nuclear Danger:
George W. Bush's Military
-Industrial Psychosis by Dr. Helen Caldicott:

Discussing her New Book at the New School University, NY.
April 18, 2002.

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