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“I dream of becoming one of the best artists of the world.”
El Salvador Mission to the UN Celebrated Universal Children’s Day through “Art Inspiring Project”
Photo: Courtesy of Permanent Mission of El Salvador to the UN

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To strengthen and support the campaign to End Violence around the world, United Nations along with other supporters and partners around the globe, November 20, 2013 is the celebration for the “Universal Children’s Day.”

One of the most important and inspiring event in collaboration with this celebration is the “Children Arts of El Salvador in New York: An Art Inspiring Project.”

The evening of November 21, 2013 Thursday, at the Permanent Mission of El Salvador to the United Nations in New York, the Children Arts from El Salvador exhibition was opened, and the exhibit were for view on the walls by 15 children painters and as total 45 paintings.

H.E. Carlos E. Garcia Gonzales is making Opening Remarks of the exhibition
Photo: Cora Fernandez, The Light Millennium

One of the outstanding children painter, “I dream of becoming one of the best artists of the world,” says Evelyn Yaneth Hernandez Mejia, a talented 11 year old artist. According to her, painting is one thing that brings out joy in her soul. Evelyn, is loving, kind and thoughtful and lives with her grandmother. She loves to study and wants to be successful so she can help her family, who is struggling from financial distress. Through her artworks, she hopes to gain support from those who are fortunate ones, to help her rise through her difficult circumstances.*

Ruben Eduardo Diaz, dreams of becoming an accomplished artist, too. His art teacher helps him realize his dream by encouraging him to pursue his painting skills and gives him a sense of hope that his talents can provide him a brighter future. Ruben takes his artworks to the streets of El Salvador to sell them. It has been his source of income for his family. With his paintings, he also hopes support to uplift him from financial difficulties and be able to help his family as well.*

The inspiring paintings of Evelyn and Ruben along with their peers travels from El Salvador to New York for the people to know that they have a vision, a mission, an inspiration and a dream that they want to relate to the world and to make known that their exceptional skills and talent can actually make a difference in their lives and the lives of all children around the globe.

Even in their absence from the exhibition, every viewer can certainly feel the presence of Evelyn and Ruben as well as the other children painters by way they convey themselves and speak through the magic of paintings. Every work of art silently narrates a story, a story that will awaken ones imagination and echo each narrative in one’s own interpretation art.

From abstract to realistic paintings, the exhibit hall fill the ambiance of brightly colored work of arts where inspiring message depict the stories of these very talented fifteen children, in their own artistic way and the as the message from “We the Children” has also inspired their work where art transform their lives forever.

“We were all children once, and we all share the desire for the well-being of our children, which has always been and will continue to be the most universally cherished aspiration of human kind.” (excerpt from “We the Children”)

The Inspiring Art Project exhibited prodominantly Evelyn and Ruben’s expression of themselves and the stories of their own lives and the environment as well.

The showing of video about the story of these two young artists, and the school where they study, wows the crowd of approximately more than a hundred attendees t the opening, which include some of the United Nation ambassadors, diplomats and other dignitaries.

H.E. Carlos E. Garcia Gonzales, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of El Salvador to the United Nations, highlights the event with his keynote speech. Along with the other United Nations' diplomats and Non-Governmental representatives, the event bring light to the world and the message that every child has the right to express themselves in any form of art.

The Art Inspiring Action Project presented in coordination by Kausha Siriwardana, Helping Hands Inc., in collaboration with Helping Hands Youth Council, The Light Millennium Organization, with Bircan Unver as the President and Founder of the organization; in association with Department of Public Information of the United Nations, “Models Doing More,” and the El Centro District Italia School, El Salvador.

(* excerpt from LM media release)

Students - The El Centro District Italia School in El Salvador
Photo: Courtesy of Permanent Mission of El Salvador

- "With the eyes of our heart we see the colorfulness of life.”
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- Posted on December 20, 2013 by Bircan Ünver.

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