The ABC's of hopless romantics

For Peter Meinke

Apples divine
Bob for truth and oneness
Clean from evil
Drink in soap bubbles
Epitaphs are meaningless
For conjuring them up
Gloats misery
History reminds us all
If I had not jumped from the cliff of formality
Kids glazed over pupils stared with

Laughter in their jaws
Mimic me
No longer in the confines
Of oval optimism
Pleasing human kingdoms
Sensual breaths serenade
To toilet stalls
Unifying the disgust of flesh and bone
Venus women|
With plump bellies spoke, playing a
Xylophone to the trickled tears
You don't need to cry, love
Zeus will be back soon to steady your balance on Cloud.


Things to doe with God and husbands

I must admit I do not know
How to love you

Pleasing another has never been my forte
I wake early to conjure up new images of
Sancitity and God
For the blossoming days

I am thinking if I treat bodies
Like temples amassed with spires
Of Turquoise jewels Ruby sones
Gold bars laced in silver
Then maybe I'll be okay

I do not know how to say things just right
So I am assured of
Love back
I become speechless when we
Inch forward to close
Because I don't like the feeling of lost

This you see in the roundness
Of my belly button
Place your thumb in the
Center to feel a palpitating breath
Overtake my bones

This is how I love you
Pushing my branches
As you water the leaves and roots so new eyes
Can partake of this kingdom EARTH

I do not say anything nor you
But I know you want to say Thank You
For loving me this much


This issue is dedicated to contemporary Turkish artist Erol AKYAVA┼×.
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Winter 2001
Winter 2001
Winter 2001
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