We have only one WORLD yet! If we destroy it, where else will we go?
Winter 2002: 8th issue - **2nd Anniversary**

Hello dear participants and readers:

WELCOME to the
Light Millennium's 2nd Anniversary...

We have reached our 8th issue and Second Anniversary with your
participations and support.

We have been in a progress to finalize the "Tax-Exempt" forms in order to submit to the IRS. This is going to be our second major step in terms of establishing our not-for-profit organization.

The Light Millennium e-platform has been visited over 42 thousands people in 83 countries. This is a great achievement to compare to last year. During our "First Anniversary" issue period, in Februay 2001, the platform visited by 6000 people. The difference is very obvious...

Our aim to reach several hundred-thousands of people with each new issue and in most of the countries globally.

With each new issue, we have gained new representatives in the US, Europe as well as in Turkey. Still, we need some technical supports and a constant seed crew in order to improve this platform much better, activate other projects soon, avoid all delays, and structure and produce this project much more effective and powerfull... For this purpose, we have worked very hard to continue and improve this platform with the global participation and expansion. Still, we need to accomplish many more which are announced in the PROJECTS and the SPONSORS pages.

You will recognize that our banner has changed greatly. Turkish artist Ayhan M. Duman is desinger of our new banner. It is much more completed and unites the concept of the Light Millennium. He also joined to our 'volunteer team' as on-line "Art Director". Thank you to Ayhan for the new Banner and welcome to the our "Volunteer Team".

After the Fall issue, our new representatives are:
Babur Albayrak, Turkey
Gonul Cagin, Los Angeles
Evrim Sel, New York (Youth)
Hande Gumuskemer, Coordinator of the Turkish & Greek Synergy

Welcome to all...

The Light Millennium's standing point:

The Light Millennium's publishing policy does not discriminate against any age group; written or visual product submissions ranging from any age group, creed, race, ethnic background, whether one is an amateur writer or a professional one, is encouraged.  The Light Millennium's magazine encompasses many unique characteristics involving people from all walks of life; the professional field, publishing, literature, poetry, artists and etc.  

We also encourage people from different religions and people that speak different languages to join us on this diverse platform promoting peace and understanding among each other.  In each issue of our magazine, there will be two main subjects that we will deal with; "Freedom and Global Understanding."     

Our aim is a humanistic one bringing different communities and cultures to the forefront of our Internet platform.  We lay our foundation on friendship, peace and love amongst all people's of the world allowing them to bring their ideas and thoughts without any political propaganda or pro-war sentiments. 

Submissions are presently in English and Turkish and we welcome submissions in different languages.  Thus we are seeking editors from different languages in order to represent those languages in our platform. We invite and urge everyone to forward his or her work to us as well as joining our 'volunteer editors team'. 

We hope to have on this platform people from all over the world contributing as much as they can for a better understanding of the world and humankindness. In short, we have to create our good imaginations in order to realize them. If you still don't have one, then why don't you start now to develop one! Therefore, we are waiting for 'your good imaginations' and expectations from the world in order to share and expand those ideas globally...

Be in peace, love and light,
Bircan Unver
Letter of the Winter 2002

This issue dedicated to such distinguished poet & composer as (alphabetical order):

We have been celebrating our 2nd Anniversary.
Thank you very much to all for being part of the Light Millennium.
Submissions any time. For recent updates please visit our new page TODAY.

This e-magazine is under the umbrella of The Light Millennium, Inc.,
which granted a NOT-FOR-PROFIT organization
status based in New York since July 17, 2001.

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